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Friday, September 23, 2011

Short Posts From Now on

Quotes from "The Final Slaughter"

“The clotted nothingness of todays liberalism and the venomous spewing of many conservatives actually represent only small slices of the American Pie; unfortunately, the only two that have a voice in the mainstream media. What about the independent viewpoint? The independents have no steadfast, limiting ideology. We develop our own viewpoints and philosophies. We are tired of coercive governments and corrupt corporations.”
"The American Revolution truly started with the 'despicable rabble' of Boston Towne; the rock throwing,   effigy hangin, bar room debating, restive roughnecks,along with their young apprentices were stout hearted Libertarians all"

From the book "wall street" americas favorite palace.
·         "William Duer was running for his life. An enraged mob was chasing him through the streets of New York. If they caught up with him they would beat him to a pulp ... or worse. Luckily for Duer the sheriff got there first. While his pursuers cried, "We will have Mr. Duer, he has gotten our money," he was hauled off to jail, where he would spend his few remaining years. Once a man of distinction and wealth, William Duer was now ruined, left to contemplate what might have been.
·         The year was 1792, and Wall Street had just experienced its first crash, for which William Duer and a secret circle of New York grandees were mainly to blame. They had conspired to speculate on the bonds just issued by the newly created federal government. Soon they found themselves deeply over committed and forced to liquidate their holdings, causing the fledgling market to collapse and its manipulators to flee-in Duer's case to debtors' prison; for the more fortunate among them to safer havens out of state

In the end, however, William Duer's insatiable acquisitiveness gave the game away. He and his cohorts viewed the new nation as an incomparable opportunity to indulge in the pursuit of happiness. For them, as for so many of their fellow citizens, this meant the pursuit of property. But it was precisely that fellowship of desire uniting the aristocrat with the commoner that comprised the Jeffersonian side of the dilemma. Smallholding farmers, artisans, and shopkeepers, the living body of the Jeffersonian anti-aristocratic persuasion, were themselves wholly invested in the same quest for propertied independence, albeit on a more modest scale. Time and again in the years that followed, struggling farmers, anti-monopoly small businessmen, upstart entrepreneurs in search of start-up capital, railroad workers, coal miners, artisans, and laborers suffering under industrial tyranny would single out Wall Street as their archenemy. Just as commonly, however, they would depict those rapacious financiers as if they were not so much a capitalist plutocracy as a blue-blooded aristocracy, an alien species, running against the American grain.  "

  • This is the collapse of Industrial Predatory Capitalism that you are WITNESSING. Socialism only works on paper and is a proven economic and environmental failure, but people tell  me that sustainable capitalism cannot work---there is no such thing, ----but I stridently insist it can be done. 
  • We can't restore fish populations for instance and only allow small business to fish? No more corporate fish production is only one method amongst many to wrest global resources from rapacious bottom line corporations. 
  • Prices will float up to a sustainable level, inflation won't last forever. Also, No more fishing licenses; A group of three or less people can fish all they want and many more families will be fed this way. Once ecosystem health is a priority and fish populations increase th6is can be allowed.
  • Like a dark hole this greedy form of capitalism that we see is in its death throes, and is swallowing itself whole and we have to build a new economy. Legalize barter and make it very simple to start a small business. We don't need stock markets or the GNP, we need food clothing transportation recreation and housing. We all have the products we need and all we have to do is sell to each  other. Let the rich eat their worthless paper money after the crash.  

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