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Sunday, October 16, 2011


 REFORM                       PLATFORM
From November 10, 2010 Reform Platform post in the Grimoire of Greenhammer blog
Condensed and updated
I proposed a  10  10  9  1%  plan long before Herman  the Huckster Announced his  plan.           There are two people that I know that are economists and I welcome them and others to do the math on this plan.   
                   First, the 1 in the plan. A 1% National Property Tax on all properties valued over a million dollars. One half goes into infrastructure and the other half goes into preserving land.  Wall Street economy has allowed many people to accumulate far more money than they  need and income   not    earned but stolen.
                   Remember the real estate credo; Buy land, they ain't making any more of it. The uber rich have accumulated a lot of land around the world, and I want to suggest that all countries charge a 1% National Property Tax so there is nowhere to hide.
                   Then a 9% state sales tax to fund all government functions. All states need to eliminate their state income tax which is complicated bullshit that wastes people time. Also the federal government freezes its budget at 3 trillion dollars. Within 5 years income would be up to 3.5 Tril with surpluses as the norm. A uniform higher state sales tax for all 50 states is needed so the Federal government over reach can be curtailed. The Department of Energy and Education can be eliminated. These are state concerns.
                    10% Flat tax will be enough. Here is where I need economists; Imagine GE makes 20 billion in 2011. Will it be like last year where they get a refund,........ or pay 10 per cent? That would be like, 2 billion in taxes dude! No deductions, no more gobbling land grab purchases as tax losses. Every company with over a billion in sales pays the flat tax, no bullshit--just layoff the tax accountants and send a check starting in 2013. No write offs or deductions. Remember, GE will  also be paying a one percent property tax on their buildings and land.  Five billion in real estate would yield another 500 million in taxes. Wal Mart is in competition with the Vatican as one of the largest landowners of the world and would contribute a lot. There wouldn't even be a need for lobbyists anymore. Vaporize the tax breaks
       That reminds me, I am a tax the religions advocate and would subject them to  the Federal Property tax and ten percent flat tax for all revenue. The tax code assumes religions are do gooders who will help people. Balderdash! No  more 501-c's. Pen should be hitting paper all you math minds, have we balanced the budget yet?
          The next ten is ten dollars an hour. For all companies that have over a billion dollars in sales and revenue. Eight dollars an hour for all companies whose sales and revenue are over a million dollars and a six dollar an hour minimum wage for small business under a million. Call it an apprentice wage to get more people working and trained. Also restaurants all follow this 10-8-6 plan. No one makes less than six an hour. McDonalds over a billion pays 10/hour.  Smaller chains like Applebees pays 8 for a minimum and Mabels Diner on the corner pays $6.00. 
          See where I'm going here? Small business is reborn and the one deduction will be all businesses under a million in sales has a deduction of their first 10,000 dollars of income. Anyone making less than 10,000 a year doesn't have to declare taxes..period! no exclamation point. The Household Industry exemption   idea was inspired by Peter Drucker. Uh huh, that Peter Drucker.
The 10 -8  6 plan is called  Escalating minimum wage.  
Solutions to problems may be simpler that we realize. Woodlot management and paper recycling will  be my baseline for this research and decentralization times infinity. Reduce power as much as possible returning it to people "the foundation of authority rests with the free consent of the people."

       The Occupy Orlando General Assembly tabled a motion to list companies to boycott because maybe honorable companies should be encouraged instead.
     Have  a group that posts companies that are polluting or harrasing labor or involved with animal cruelty or other crimes. Let's say Voortman is paying workers in it's cookie factory 75 cents an hour. As difficult as it may be, we have to boycott Voortman and not buy any shortbread cookies till wages go up to the minimum of 2 dollars an hour.
               Smithfield Farms had a giant spill of pig feces and excrement overflow. It got in the river and there is a fishkill.   Kimberly Clark clear cuts a Canadian Forest and hopes no one notices, but we do. Boycott Kimberly Clark because we need to make corporations tend to the full price of a product. The clear cut degraded ecosystems of the last 50 years will take at least 100 years to restore to  halfway mature ecosystems.
              You see if Kimberly Clark is forced to follow international guidelines  that say no more than 3 trees per acre per year can be cut, the quick easy profits of the past are gone. Clear cutting is  w hy recycling hasn't taken off the way it should. Till Greepeace started a boycott against them, they found no problem with grinding up a 150 foot spruce  for toilet paper. Grind up a whole hillside of them and then there is erosion and another degraded ecosystem. What will happen is the following; recycling becomes viable and woodlot management begins to grow as a burst of small business activity begins.
               People are out there on their properties cutting up to three trees an acre per year  and they are sold to a mill to make lumber. Instead of the really large trucks with many tons of trees on them wearing out our roads there are many people starting businesses that have medium sized trucks that start taking logs to the newly opened mills. There are alot of trees out there but they are being recklessly clear cut and in another 35 years there won't be any mature trees left at this ferocious pace of clear cutting. Prices are unnaturally low because of this extraction insanity that occurs. A few make a lot of money and not many are employed by these few because very large machines are used and alot of fuel etc.
                    Small business begins recycling in earnest as price per pound determines the market. All capitalism here, no socialism or government needed so far. Jobs created, recycling and reusing and sawmills open up again locally in most communities and companies begin producing mulch with waste wood, lumber with bigger trees and fine furniture from the best wood. Furniture makers return to American communities as we boycott furniture made by companies that are on the boycott list who pollute, or violate safety standards or minimum wage standards or use an undue amount of natural resources.
John and Jane Doe create a business called Diversions. Various service oriented entertainment, catering, flower arrangements and other activities. John Doe cuts 50 trees a year on his 40 acre homestead. Total income for the year was 98,000 dollars. Minus the 1-0,000 and we are left with 88,000. 8,800 is due for income tax .
 And that;s it! No accountants or lawyers or investment brokers or depreciation or deductions or pe alties. We begin to eviscerate the parasitical white collar class. With computers, how hard would it be to kept a track of taxes due and payments received? If the total owed goes over 100,000 dollars you get a visit from the IRS to investigate to see if you can pay.  
A registry to qualify for the simple plan. Diversions registers and all those tax headaches float away like smoke from a doused fire. All you have to do is keep track of sales! No exemptions or deductions, just a record of all sales. Receipts and such. Imagine then how many people would start their own business in this country. Hiding income wouldn't be fair play, an honor system where we pay our fair share. 10% isn't enough to run the government you say?
The cheap food policy is destroying our resources and gives us an illusion of prosperity.
                     So here is your teabagger complaining about the priceb of Cod but bought cod 500 times from 1950 to 1970 when they w ere overfished and relatively cheap. Star Ki st had cute commercials with Charley the Tuna but they killed probably millions of dolphins selling the ir product. Tea bagger buys stock in Star Kist and makes out very well as profits are through the roof and stocks rockets up in price. What underlies the whole foundation of it all is overfishing and pollution and reduced fish populations worldwi de and less people able to survive. At least our world should be able to have people catch fish to eat, but ecosystems are so degraded by dams and sewage and waste that survival is no longer viable. 
                       Natural flowing streams and rivers have become ditches or "retention ponds" and are no longer real systems becasue so mmuch profit has been made that I feel that most wealth is illegitimate
, hence the National Property tax.
Inflation is the problem here you are beginning to realize, but it's what I call the Float Up theory of economics. Prices of goods will float up to a realistic level as people around the world begin to get paid a better wage and damage to natural resources begins to level off. 

“yar” JETTISONED RUSH, “Throw me them pataters ya piece a crap”
      Hannity threw the platter of potatoes then grabbed the jar of caramel syrup and began   chugging it down, squeezing the sauce down his throat. He threw the empty plastic container in the fire.  “Run toxic fire. Ha ha ha ha.”
           Chris Matthew was invited to the party for balance, Anne Coulters plan was to get Him off balance by hitting him  behind the knees with t  a baseball bat. When he was on the ground grabbing his knee in pain, she squatted down and started farting on his head and everyone had a good laugh. But are these appropriate dinner manners for a dinner party?
           I’d say it’s not, but this is how republicans treat the environment. Nature is for us to plunder, our time here is short, and Armageddon has to happen soon.
         Tuna is probably the most popular fish to buy. Everyone had to experience it because of the cheap cost. But how did tuna stay so cheap? Last year I got 2 cans for a dollar. Great for me and anyone on a budget but many of those years there were these mile long nets catching the tuna And killing dolphins and birds and turtles and this is so completely wrong.
         Many compromised ecosystems and many people around the world unable to catch the fish they were used to. It’s as if we still don’t see how the world works. Thank the goddess the kids understand and every generation will be more inclined to a gentle stewardship. Nets were banned   but a lot of poor practices persist.
            imagine how tangled up a ten mile net can get.  Sometimes the seamen had to cut away parts of these monster nets to get everything back on the ship. So here are these 1000 foot pieces of nets floating around the ocean entrapping plastic garbage and  killing sea life.  These floating webs of death are called ghost nets. Then some right wing gasbag says th6e Vikings depleted the ocean of Codfish and the bobbleheads all agree. Dipshitheads.
           So here is your teabagger complaining about the price of Cod but b ought cod 500 times from 1950 to 1970 when they were overfished and relatively cheap. Star Kist had cute commercials with Charley the Tuna but they killed probably millions of dolphins selling their product. Tea bagger buys stock in Star Kist and makes out very well as profits are through the roof and stocks rockets up in price. What underlies the whole foundation of this wealth is overfishing and pollution and reduced fish populations worldwide and  less people able to survive. At least our world should be able to have people catch fish to eat, but ecosystems are so degraded by dams and sewage and waste that survival is no longer viable. 
           Here’s your American guy out fishing tells his kids   that plastic comes from th e earth as he throws tangled line into the water. Why should he care or recycle when the big guys don't do this? (Note: see the lesson here? With corporations as high profile examples of behavior?  Why should he care about a tangled line? “What, maybe one fish will get tangled in it. In five years it will be deep in the mud, besides plastic comes from the earth anyways.”
         “Yeh in a hundred years,” his child states. “There’s styrenes and PCB’s and other chemicals created in laboratory's that the earth will have to assimilate.”
      “All right” he says reaching into the water to retrieve the twisted ball.  He did more research and found out that many towns were installing fishing line recycling tubes.  He called and the parks director got them approved for all the fishing lakes in town.
        This is green ethics, this is cultural reform.  With the way things are now we are farting on Mother Nature when she’s down.  Digging out diamonds and metals, scooping the ocean clean of fish, reckless clear cuts when recycling is going to be able to take care of 50% of our paper needs if we can manage
       Our whole perspective of priorities is skewed. Look at what I am suggesting. People cutting trees sustainably on lots they own.   a family company making money off trees on their properties.
People at recycling centers turning trash into recyclables and People growing kenaf or hemp because of the high cellulose content. Small paper companies starting up. Small business is the answer. The high carbon footprint corporations can be taxed 1% per year for all property *buildings and land) that is valued over 1 million dollars. White collar wealth is an invisible economy with imaginary money, but it allows them to buy up the land of the world. We need to teach our children the value of the land not land values.
           Ghost nets, we need to replace legacies of greed with Lessons on sustainability. Ghost nets.

TAX THE  Rich  


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