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Saturday, April 28, 2012




              Environmental wacko is  the term used by Rush Limbaugh who thinks that the only good tree is a dead tree. Furniture, decking, house frames, sports equipment;  trees are a product exclusively to conservatives. All good utilizations, but many of us feel trees need to be forests, and not just baseball bats. Not row after row of chemically treated Georgia Pacific trees. Without healthy ecosystems there won't be a sustainable planet for earthlings. Keep in mind the sun should last another couple million years.


            Being green meant more than planting a tree back in the 80's. It meant being prepared for the battle with the elitist industrial tyrants who are bent on wasting our earth. 

             There are experts that claim we are hardly using the earth at all, and this planet could hold 15 to 20 billion people. Yikes! Our ecosystem resource base would be decimated or destroyed on this path of uncontrolled birth explosions. Unimaginable  destruction of the earth as we know it.

                   If you know anything about ecosystems and agriculture and water resources, you know there has to be a population cap.  Being green once meant rejecting the chemical dependency of the food produced on factory farms; while promoting, purchasing and producing organic food.  

                      One of  my favorite memories of my young adult years is the one where I would ride 13 miles on my bicycle to work at the food co-op,  and come home with my groceries in a backpack. How did I turn into a high fructose syrup eating, energy drink guzzling  fat American? My habits are shifting back to where they should be and hopefully, I'll get back in shape. The organic industry is growing ten per cent a year indicating a dynamic shift in peoples thinking and I want to suggest a way to create sustainable capitalism.
            The first thing you will hear is "there can never be a SUSTAINABLE capitalism." It is all about how a person interprets what capitalism and socialism is. If the biggest farms were replaced, topsoil depleting corporations would be replaced by healthy soil stewards. How can a person possibly object?
        I know what a lifeless farm looks like--no insects or life of any kind. Many of our cheap crops grow in biotically dead zones. Sprayed for so long without regard to microbial life in the soil profile or to ecosystem activity with birds and fish and streams and mammals of various sorts,(not canals or ditches).
The Ag corporations think we have accepted the fungicides and weed killers and pesticides that get on our food because; as the small farm system of food production is nearly subdued and large farms dominate markets, prices for food have begun to rise precipitously in many countries. The organic industry seems expensive now, but inflation won't be severe in the future because organic products are priced because good earth practices are used instead of the cheapest way to increase their product units.                       
   Our goal should be to prevent doomsday, not stall it, or as Blink-182 states, "let this train wreck burn more slowly." The Next Credit Collapse will clear the path for the final industrial and military destruction of what's left, that's any good. This will be The Final Slaughter and it is in the world ruling elites  50 year plan. Bankruptcies and resource depletion will be our grandchildren’s ironic birthright, and they will merely be a pool of workers to pay off bank, insurance, automaker and city government bankruptcies. Help support government guaranteed pensions knowing they will never have a pension.
      While at the same time a land grab by the banks as they foreclose on one third the homes in the U.S, is on the drawing board with the next engineered crisis. Workers of the 21st century will be a herd of toilers for the industrial tyrants and the government pensioners.  Poop collectors for the elite and their backyard zoos.
 Humans have challenged the mother earth and the mother has to ask herself , 'how much discipline' to apply. Is Gaia always angry like the old testament God:  exploding in fury and basting us with his special angry sauce before He burns us in Hell for eternity. Is Gaia wise but sees us as no better than wildebeests and mountain goats and would think nothing of wiping us out in another one of her mass extinctions? 
                Courage and foresight will be needed in the transition, and voter/citizen/workers will be called to make their voices heard. We can't hope the other guy does something because we need to be the other guy this time. Open minded, thinking, independent people without agendas are not participating in the outline of liberty that is being drawn up for the future. Neither right nor left, only forward we stride and despite its failings, Capitalism is the germ for the new economy in the future.
             Communism was happily disregarded in the late eighties and this chalkboard utopia proved to be disastrous to the environment. Predatory Capitalism will falter and collapse; swallowed whole by the debts of banks, insurance companies, and governments. Unfortunately in that scenario, tyranny would fill the social vacuum. Techno goons imposing martial law as World War 3 breaks out.   
            Our best hope is to take the capitalism that makes the most sense, what has been called Enlightened Capitalism. I prefer to call it sustainable capitalism and it's a place where all goods are sold for what they are worth and all resources are self-sustaining and wages respectable and fair; and working conditions  for all are relatively safe.
            One very important aspect of sustainable  capitalism is water usage. Are  landfills around the world lined to protect the groundwater as they mostly are in the United States? 

         Will Americans continue to use billions of tons of dangerous chemicals that run off into our waterways? Will the Chinese continue dumping their garbage right in the ocean? 

         We learned about the Soviet bankrupting of the soil and their horrible stewardship of the land under socialism,  so I suggest A movement for change, a movement away from democrat-republicanism and Islamo-Chritianityism, a movement that respects all life on the planet-The Earth Movement. 

          Half the fish in the world may have mercury in them,  how did we got into this state? How can the people feed themselves when corporate interests drain the oceans of fish and poison the rivers?   The Green Cult is no commie plot or Masonic takeover of the world. When you can look at our society from a sociological point of view and have an understanding of the resources left, you have to be frustrated. Here’s where we can lead by example and we can utilize the electronic bully pulpit. You know, the computer and social networking.
          The Predatory Capitalists won the Great Economic War of the 20th Century because socialism just won’t work in most

 countries.   Predatory Capitalism will continue to falter and, swallowed whole by the future debts of banks, insurance 

companies, pension funds, the National Debt and other 

unfunded liabilities,  you will see  most stocks and investments

circling the drain. The only money left is in the upper middle

class who have been patting themselves on the back for all their

 wise decisions in the Game of Life. They better nail down what

 they can because anything loose will be taken.

             You may think I am kidding because the world of finance seems so solid with guaranteed bank deposits and guaranteed pension funds and ...oooops. The elite rich are hoarding all that is good and solid in the world as the final slaughter of capitalism begins. the morals of big business; do you think all your policies and pension funds and IRA’s and 401 K’s are all safe?I mean seriously, all this invisible prosperity is built upon our trust of bankers. Bankers who are worried that if the minimum wage goes up it will cause inflation.  

           No change is forthwith. Why can’t there be good incomes for skills and trades. You know,  the people who actually do the work and not the overlord mangers and CEO's. Imagine an entire world where Mom and pop stores able to thrive again. Where service becomes more important than “price per unit”.  Where it's easy to sell from your home. It’s balls to the wall materialism till this gig shits the bed however with the sheep.

          Agriculturally damaged farmlands in the Midwest cannot survive an extended cyclical drought. How was the Sahara created you ask? A medium size desert was there. (Like we have out west), and  Tribes farmed and dammed the few rivers of Northern Africa thousands of years ago, and they dried up. Diversion of water, too much cattle grazing and soil erosion as the trees in that formerly semi-arid area in North Africa were cut down for firewood or fences. Our ignorance is not without precedence. Humans naturally deplete resources and think the earth will somehow not be affected.

          The last 60 years have seen our taxes go to   pay for western farmers to water their crops, and this is how Americans no spend as little as 15% of their income on food where it was once 35%.

          There is a bigger cost to pay for this prosperity is my point. Two billion will be spent to repair  the Everglades that was wrecked by Gentleman Farmers, southern aristocrats that believe god gave the world to them. Why did we almost destroy the “River of grass?” For developers to build homes on the coasts for that burgeoning pest-the humans. For farmers to make profits as they farmed the rich soil of the Norther part of the Everglades?              

           Are you seeing a pattern here? People get taxed to set up an enterprise, and taxed all day long yet corporations get “relocation incentives”  and rarely subject anymore to environmental reviews as exhibited by the 24 billion in bribes Wal Mart paid to Mexican officials recently to overlook regulations and stifle competing smaller Mexican markets looking to expand.

              Cyclical disasters in nature will happen and I expect more are to come since pollution affects the atmosphere more than we want to admit and taking natural gas  and oil out of the deeper depths of the earth may affect the tectonic plates. The credit collapse   will clear the path for the final industrial and military destruction of what’s left….that’s any good. Resource bankruptcy will be our grandchildren’s birthright. THEY WILL MERELY BE A POOL OF WORKERS THAT WILL PAY OFF BANK, INSURANCE, AIRLINE, INDUSTRIAL AND GOVERNMENT PENSIONS.   

 Let's see if we agree here on step one to support the earth movement.  People call me a eugenicist if I suggest one though. I am suggesting a voluntary cap of world population at 9 billion, or 25% higher than current population and have this leveling off at 9 billion be permanant, You would have an older, less criminal prone, more respectable seekers of knowledge instead of  young people gone wild. We must have a voluntary population cap and I propose we make 9 billion the cap and give ourselves till 2040 to accomplish this. With 7.2 billion now, it would be capping the future increase of humans by 20%.  Every country would be encouraged to comply, but not forced.  The United States with 310 million would cap it’s sustainable permanent population at 375 million. Seems like a reasonable goal doesn’t it? People point to the Georgia Guide Stones and say I am one of them. The people who want to reduce the world population to 500 million. What it means is that only 500 million people need to be aware enough to move us sociologically into a sustainable future.
          Step two is making a sustainable planet in perpetuity. I firmly believe there can be prosperity and sustainability. For instance, Florida could replace citrus with cattle because grass grows here naturally all year long. I'm not in favor of beef production, I would like to see cattle taken out of semi arid lands, that's all.  Sustainability needs to be our reality but it will take some work because people understand so little. Just a word like desertification baffles most people. A population cap is so critical as a first step  to carry into the future and a planet that can feed and house no more than 9 billion sustainably.

          What gluttonously foolhardy, shortsighted, plundering psychos and rapacious idiots we have been the last 150 years, with promoters of manifest destiny telling us they need to subdue the earth and tame all the wildness out of it. How many natural brooks and streams have become culverts and ditches during the expansion of suburbs?  Countless compromises with those who believe land values is more important than the value of the land. Are we going to continue to be the head nodding milieu, sycophants to developers and resource exploiters? 
           Organic food is priced where it should be. Mass produced, generally unhealthy food is cheaper for now. We have cheap bacon, as an example, but spillage of manure ponds after heavy rains at pig farms has contaminated many waterways and nearby soil. This is the quotient I call 'the unseen cost.' What gives us the Illusion of Prosperity while natural streams and rivers are 90% less productive of wildlife and waterfowl because of corporate pollution, strip mining and clear cuts of old forests.

       As green awareness mainstreamed, everyone planted a tree. Maybe stopped using plastic bags at the supermarket and using less water when you brush your teeth. You walk more and drive less and now you get the cigars with the wood tips instead of the plastic ones. These are all needed efforts but we can bust a gut recycling and saving energy but the production of many of our products creates the most waste and pollution. The simplest thing is to buy only durable products. To buy USA Canada Mexico only to cut down on fuel costs. Or look to Western Africa for natural products because western africa is closer than Europe to American ports and colonialism has wrecked those markets that could have emerged.

My friend ’John Doe’ told me about a Ford plant he worked at for 30 years and he enumerated to me about the toxic waste they dumped  right into the nearby Hudson River, sometimes with a wheelbarrow.  

                I was dismayed as I researched many pagan paths looking for the green ethics. I would post something on a pagan site about an environmental issue, forests or something, and there would be dead air. Talk about healing light and pink candles however, and you’ll have some responses.  Why is this?
I came across an article by Dr. Susan Greenwood in the book, Pagan Visions for a Sustainable Future, and her view had me nodding in total agreement. "Paganism is a philosophy that would join ancient and modern values in a religious way of life that would allow a regaining of kinship with nature. A religion that venerated nature would consider the protection of the earth and the restoring of nature as paramount. I thought people would automatically be interested in the natural world, however I found through research that there was more emphasis with ritual and psycho spiritual internal nature as personal experience, rather than a connection to, or even an interest in the environment. 

       Margot Adler in the 80’s wrote that there was a split between Pagans with ecological principles who called for a change of lifestyle and those with a religious vision that change would evolve by itself.”
  In this article I intend to show that conservation of land  and sustainability of resources is the key to long term prosperity; the battle between the value of the land versus land values. A real prosperity, not a house of cards paper prosperity, and we can create value instead of encoding debt as money.    
The press has co-opted the word “green” as an umbrella for all environmentalists. A hardcore green doesn’t want  ANY of the old large trees to be cut. My particular view is that all clear cutting can be banned and our paper and wood product needs can be satisfied with selective logging, growing of high cellulose perennials  or annuals such as hemp and kenaf . 

Woodlot management is when landowners sell selectively  cut trees and there is no real net loss of canopy. This is the key to the sustainable Capitalism that I talk about. Yes it’s true, inflation for wood  products could  increase 10 percent a year as clear cutting is banned around the planet,  till prices “float up” to where they should be in a sustainable economy. 

If small family farms make a few thousand a year on thinning out their trees, there is no loss of resource but income for families. Low prices and greedy resource extraction directly robs generations yet unborn and hampers small business.
The old green mocks the label on the plastic soda bottle that says “environmentally friendly.” There’s a certain understanding that nearly all plastic is an abomination. In 2011 we now have smaller caps and this is eco-friendly. The 67 trillion bottles made last year are now thinner and "environmentally friendly." The production of  plastic has created billions of tons of toxic waste, and poisons spread in our water systems with dioxins worming its way around our aquifers and underground water 

        Communism was happily disregarded in the late eighties and this chalkboard utopia proved to be disastrous to the environment. 
Predatory Capitalism will falter and collapse; swallowed whole by the debts of banks, insurance companies, and governments. 
Unfortunately in that scenario, tyranny would fill the social vacuum. 

    Techno goons imposing martial law as World War 3 breaks out.  We can do better than that.





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