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Thursday, May 3, 2012

THE way of The BIRDS

                1    The way of the BIRDS


We love the birds and plant our gardens in consideration of them. They symbolize the spiritual wings we grow after we die when we return to our innocent spiritual counterpoint, our actual immortal selves.
 In his  book, Sand County  Almanac, author  Aldo Leopold wrote, "Amid the endless mediocrity of the commonplace, a crane marsh holds a paleontological patent of nobility, won from the march of eons.
         We create, FROM VIRTUALLY NOTHING, and produce ABUNDANCE. To clear cut a forest  for profit Is to deny LIFE to others. The secret OF LIFE lies WITHIN A  SOLITARY Seed.  It grows into a mighty oak or maybe A cherry tree. 

          To deny any life of it's  food and home is to invalidate YOUR own Existence IN the universe.
 The material existence is  made to be enjoyed. To deny yourself joy during this one lifetime, is to waste the time of your spirit. To create abundance is what you are here for. Not to be constantly sacrificing like a martyr or keeping the devil at bay with busyness and  business. 
The accumulation of assets have drastically compromised earths ecosystems and watersheds and now even the earths incredible oceans. We are all poorer because of this greed, and generations unborn will  be paying the price of living with damaged watersheds and biotically dead farmlands. Greed is a very big ship that will be slow to turn around.

In this world of endless diversity, we are supposed to experience all the flavors and scents and tastes of this wonderfully diverse planet, along with the many emotional and loving interactions with our earthmates  
           I challenge all to take this journey. To the Atheist, I believe your denial of an afterlife is as invalid as a religous Zealot denying an afterlife to those who don't follow bible or torah or koran rules of subservience.  The Way of the  Birds Is that which we cannot know.
                      The Way of the Birds;   the tiny seed rectally jettisoned to land somewhere to begin life anew, is the secret of life. Religion is bunk. Faith is a form of madness where people transfer their authority and responsibility to priests and preachers and pastors and mullahs and rabbis.  Clergy sell faith like a car salesman sells cars.  "Let me talk to my manager and see if we can lower the price."
Maybe Earth is his next stop

         Save trees and plant seeds.  Are we jut a bug on the windshield ? Splat you're dead .....and that's it? Our life  on  Earth should not be affected by what we believe or don't believe; but what we do. I've polled atheists on various forums, and almost half of them believe there  can be some sort of after life
       To take a Cherry or Apple tree seed and grow it till it fruits Is the true responsibility we have. To give children an environment where they can enjoy what the world has to offer. To sell the fruit is the simple form of capitalism  that will take us into the future. No offense socialists.

                                      Celebrating 100 years since WW1 began. Tuba cannons.

To discharge banned chemicals deep into the earth for energy is beyond my comprehension. 

          Reality is not some deity in heaven blessing those who are trying to make brownie points for the afterlife.   Reject the imprecise dogma of religion as well as the precise bullshit of science.

                              THE AFTERLIFE SHOW 
                                                 EPISODE 1

         A Heathen and a Christian both die at the same time and let's SPECULATE on what could happen. There are many heathens, followers of the Norse or Northern Tradition and let us suppose   he wakes up as if from a dream when his physical body dies.  He  begins to see a green pasture coming into view.  Was it……Summerland...maybe  even Valhalla? Then he realizes he is able to fly and was about to take off   when the Christian comes along and says "Hey, where's Jesus? We're dead..... right? Where‘s Jesus?”

            The Heathen paused and then said,"Let's go find 'im dude. No appointment calendar here".

        A flock of birds go by and the two join them easily lifting into the air. "Hey , where's Jesus?" the Christian keeps repeating to the flock.    
                                                                                                               "This is the way of the birds" one of the birds said, and then, "Fly with us."     

                 "Where is St Peter, and the angels?" The birds fly away and the Heathen realizes this Christian is somehow getting stressed out in heaven and may need some help.

                      After many adventures together, they are fortunate enough to meet many of the gods and goddesses, and when they are talking to Sedena, she says,“That is Greenland off in the distance. This is how the Vikings discovered Greenland. They saw the land reflected in the sky and sailed for the land that appeared on the horizon.”

A secret they learned is that to live to live forever, you only need to wish it. Later a Goddess in a Gold gown says, "wish for anything you  want . You  can never go back and change anything, but you can do what you like here.”

            “Can I have a bag of runes then?” asked the Heathen.

    A bag appeared in his hand. “Elder Futhark I presume.” noted Mary mother of Jesus.

           The Christian was wondering about his wife and how she was dealing with his death and then remembered about his mom and dad. “Mary…can we see our relations that have passed on?”
    “Yes, eventually, if they are still here or the level above.”
             “How about our pets, I swear my dogs were better humans than many of the assholes I met in life,” added the Heathen.

              “In some form they may be. You will find them if they are here. Love is all you need .”  
          “Is Jesus coming back to Earth soon?” the Christian wondered.

     “Yeah, what about  the end of the world?” Added the Norseman.

        “Even up here we don’t quite know what will happen. Everything in the past can be viewed, but the future is not for anyone to know. Shamans have been summoning the mother and she will awaken soon. We know she will not be happy and there will be earthquakes and volcanoes, and the sun will have His most energetic cycle of solar flares people have seen in a long time. There will be chaos but the humans will survive, this much we know.”

       The Heathen put his hand on the Christians shoulder and said, “This could be where we part company. I have a lot of history I would like to see and our souls need to….I don‘t know, recharge? What IS next?”

          “I don’t know either. Do what you like, I’ll wander off when I’m ready.” Said the Christian who was now getting his afterlife groove going.

 "Faith is the absence of reason"

                      “I’m going to  invoke    a goddess, I wonder who we haven’t seen yet? Venus -Diana -Hecate,” he began repeating, “aid me in my magical quest.” Then, they both heard a voice.

           “You need to journey back to yourselves.” The Heathen was gratified to see that a lot of what he believed in was sorta true here in the after life, but appearing in front of him was a truly impressive goddess. Sunlight moved around her and the winds were visibly swirling around as they looked at her. She looked like Glinda the Good Witch, and the Heathen asked, “Who are you then?”

            “I am Dexsiua of the warm, life giving, southern wind. I travel everywhere and am part of everything." She waved a wand and people started gathering around.
  “We are definitely not in Kansas anymore,” said the Christian
and they both laughed.
          The newly dead gathered  around and and DEXIUA began to speak "I   will sift through your minds and answer as many questions as I can. Just relax,” she intoned, “…as we fly.”

           This was the big history ride, and they saw dinosaurs and beatniks and Socrates and Jesus and Druids and the signing of the Magna Charta and thousands of other scenes from the past. 

       It was days and they rested, recharged and experienced these great moments. They saw snapshots of their lives and other peoples days on earth learning very much in a short time. When they were done flocks of birds would occasionally fly by.  

  “They fly beyond the solar system and the Milky Way. The Universe waits for you and your source also waits. Join them now and find Nu-Kua. Go the way of the birds.”  

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  1. This is the Orientation Room when you get to the Heavenly Veles. Stay for a while if you like and watch Episode 2 of the Afterlife Show. Or go, life on Earth will seem more and more like a dream and your horizon has no limits any longer.