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Friday, June 1, 2012



      Once Upon a time I wanted to write a story about earthlings visiting a planet that was ruled by trees.
The trees lived much longer than the animals, they gave fruit and food and air and held the soil-but most Important of all, the trees were the only ones who could communicate with everything that was alive. 
     The trees could understand the whales talking out in the bay. The tree could know why the owl hunts, or console those with disease or sick plants on a photosynthesis feeding tube with the other plants. The tree roots go deep in the earth and they are connected to each other.   

           Then the humans came
 These first earthlings couldn’t perceive that there was a greater intelligence than them on this new planet “It’s just like the Earth” the astronaut said climbing out of the pod. The news of course showed people yelling and screaming at the bar and holding their beers up.
          Back on earth they cheered!  They made it! The year is 2126  and this year would live forever in human history. Another world had been found, another world to inhabit, just in time. The natural world on earth was exhausted with terrible accidents, diseases and dangers of every sort; criminals, tyrannies and genetics gone wild. Not the kind of gene pool you want seeding the universe, but they decided to anyways.
"So sorry, only those with Zargon 3  citizenships are allowed to stay."
          World population peaked at 18 billion in 2089, and then crashed back to 4 billion during the attack of Fungus-X. This disease was an irascible attack on the human body, even spreading with the rain and through the air-it was everywhere; the Death Fungus.         

             News of the earthlike planet was initially hailed as a miracle, only a 15 year journey in the SLP –Speed of Light Pod. Now that all tests of the atmosphere have been completed, plans for settlement will begin in earnest.           
             In 2019 we had accidentally released an ancient horrible disease, an Ancient Fungus, hidden for 29,000 years, becomes airborne but was only a minor problem till it began mutating. The disease drifts through the air infecting many of those that breathe it. The disease had minimal impact on the hunter gatherers 29,000 years ago, but in 3 years, 14 billion people needed to be buried. 2092-3-4, the years of the Great Sorrow, cities were abandoned.  Worse than the Black Plague it was simply called Fungus-X which didn’t cause a horrible death. ""Wiped out by the X, I'm afraid." You got dizzy and eventually lost consciousness: dying when breath stops. "maybe I won't be able to go", was the grunt of the day, "but at least my granchildren will have a chance to create a new earth."
           Take a lesson from the trees. Quietly giving us food and air, fully integrated into the worlds ecosystems, in fact, the anchor of most of our ecosystems, managing the environment with their roots in the ground, branches reaching for the sky.     
             Maybe god is   pleased with the leadership of the trees and displeased with the planets biggest mistake—the humans. The world worked very well, and the entire planet was self sustaining……  evolving naturally till man abandoned his hunter gatherer roots and became “civilized”.  Truthfully some large mammals became extinct by being over-hunted but the rapid return of an ebbing ice age caught many in valleys they couldn't escape from. Many species were halted by rivers they couldn't cross. This is why I believe there were many more people in the world 10,000 years ago that we are led to believe.
          Stewardship and management of wild lands, greenways, forests, riparian and estuarine areas should eventually be intertwined as part of the social fabric. Who do we think we are overrunning the earth? Seven generations of resource extraction in one. Our symbiotic partners on earth-the trees-turning our carbon dioxide into oxygen. 

                      Our wildness, the rushing rivers and the primeval forests have been given to the Capitalists by weaker generations of myopic opportunists. 

                     Maybe our God or Creator is just a renegade God, Someone in the galactic witness protection program. Banished, but somehow he managed to sneak out some building blocks of life, someone who simply should have been locked up in the Psycho Psychic Prison. 
      This seemingly vengeful God has released Aids and monkey pox and anthrax, smallpox and other delights on an already embittered and embattled population trying to survive a parade of tyrants. Petty despots stealing our lives for their fortunes.

          The rebel Gods theory is that people should go through the purifying flame of a difficult life before achieving heaven. Whereas all the “normal” law abiding gods in other galaxies make life as easy as possible with its primary soul equipped creature.

       Who can say what God is, other than dog backwards? Hopefully there is an afterlife that is our spiritual journey to join up with the Creator or The Force or maybe even the Corn Mother. We certainly aren’t going to burn in hell for 435,000 years (1 eternity) for what we do in this little life. Heaven or hell, religion tells us it will be one or the other for all of eternity. For one stinking lifetime on this…planet….the butt hole of the universe. I don’t think so! .  
Satan is the greatest hoax of all time and the finest tool for controlling the masses……. the bewildered herd...there is no devil for freakin' pumpkin sake. In your eye with a custard pie Satan, not scared of comic book characters.  

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