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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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new ones 2018


New ones 2016...>>>

A happy place to go when you work outdoors in the summer

West Virginia seceded from the confederacy in 1863 and this was our flag.

No no I said food and clothing

The nightmare of cultural appropriation

Hurricane Pumpkins

Ivy in the forest

Makes a great black and green backround

Grimhammer goes into battle

Antifa helmet from Franco Era Spain

The North will win again

Battle Stations


Lampy always makes me smile

Right wing Revisionists have no vision

Separated from the land our spirits are in crisis

Service or sacrifice

Greeting people of Zargon 3. Do you have a Starbucks?

Cultural icon---Lampy

Saginator trying to eviscerate evil

Add caption

Dream destination

Enter the Realm of Peace

Goddess inspirations at the founding of America

Near death experience

Cat already pulled off other tassel

Dr Phil antidote

Being our own media

In your eye with a cream pie Satan. 

People of Wal Mart

Thank You to people who do animal rescue. 

Anarchy grows where my Rosemary goes

Check for onion sets and seed packets

Stainless steel bra not included

More Nonsense faces facts

Time to withdraw our influence  from the part of the world that is furthest from us.

Tenacity and Temerity

They won't stop

Your world is money, mine is the earth.

Head hits desk

Metal is the life force of rock and roll

Just get your money back

Judeo Christian ethics, the curse of America

Islamist extremism is one of the pre-eminent dangers of our planet. Womens bodies compel them to rape and artists words compel them to kill. 

Researching for the original religion. It's called Oxoheartsvoken


Ashamed of my generation, the Love Generation. Turned out what they really loved was money.
God is working on everyones purpose in life   NOT. God has a plan for me. God wanted my dog to get hit by a car. God will see me through my troubles. No no no and NO!

Where's the first aid kit?

The Green Cult is planning to drain trillions of dollar from tax havens and will use this money to restore watersheds and ecosystems. Food and shelter for all is what we pray for with our secret rituals. But ssssshhh. This is carefully embedded in this obscure blog so the elites don't catch on to our nefarious plots

The secret of Oxoheartsvoken. Destroyed by "civilization"

Photographed 1920-1940. From the future?

The Enlightenment will vanquish the bugaboo of bullshit and we will move forward

Johnny Hucksters Product line

I  evolved so can you

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  1. Ha! Hope you made it through. Yes I know, not enough Grumpy Cat.