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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


"Try as they might to make mass murder acceptable and patriotic, deep in our collective American hearts, we know it's wrong."

Americans demand recreation areas and protected forests and estuaries nationally, and parks and walking trails locally. They appreciate being supplied with good facilities for their travelling adventures, in this system of national and state parks. That would seem logical for a country that includes "The pursuit of happiness" in the preamble to its Constitution. Then why does 800 billion dollars go to war every year, and only 800 MILLION goes to enhancing the national park system?                                              
          Making a 2 billion dollar fighter jet is absolutely more important than anything nature has to offer, is what the government is telling us with this lopsided budget.   Why should taxes go to a park ranger explaining the difference between red squirrels and brown squirrels during a guided tour? How is that a priority?
What about the supply and demand Republicans are always braying about with our economy? Our National Parks have a dearth of facilities and maintenance is spotty, but crowds continue to grow. There is a big demand from the people of America,  --- the supply part of supply and demand, you know. Park expansion, safety and preservation has been subverted by corporations that profit from war by the army of lobbyists in Washington.. THE PEOPLE WANT PARKS NOT WAR.
The American people are out there trying to have a grand vacation visiting the big spots, only to find stinky bathrooms, traffic jams, tour guides swamped with crowds. Not only are you creating recreation for today when land is purchased and preserved, but wild space for ever and ever.  Pondering all this, how does a 2 BILLION dollar fighter jet ever make sense?

          It makes sense because everyone has gotten fat off the government the last sixty years, and now they slap "my guns my god and my money…you keep the change" bumper stickers on their cars, not realizing the markets that government encouraged created their prosperity, from markets as diverse as Dairy and Nuclear Energy.  The capitalists slipped America a roofie, 60 years ago, and have not stopped ravaging her. They can't believe that no one has stopped them, so they keep taking from her.
        Making weapons and selling weapons is profitable and creating wars to destroy them, so they can make more, .  Making weapons is a dirty income and many of these tea baggers profited, and perhaps you are too with your investments. Now that they’ve got their pensions and social security, they are quickly closing the barn door so no one else can share this wealth they stole indirectly from our natural resources. Dear reader, if you invest, then divest of your poison stocks, because it is time to think about the next million years on this planet. Invest Green best you can. The Klondike Capitalism of the Green Movement needs to be regulated as little as possible.  Raw milk producers want regulations eased but Big Dairy is firmly in the drivers seat. A long battle lay ahead.

 War is good for the economy, it creates JOBS we were told our entire childhood. "World War 2 lifted us out of the depression", is another myth that has become reality. The truth was that the explosion of innovations after WW2 was actually possible because of all the scientific improvements made in the 1930's. In radio, refrigeration, electricity, and all the other fields of science and innovation, knowledge rapidly expanded. A real prosperity was developing and  lively cultures were booming again in many cities, then the war disrupted everything. Good times were on the way, as the world retooled itself after the Great Depression.Then we are told the Big War created prosperity, when all it really did was create devastation and misery. Brainwashing of the highest order, World War 2 as being good for the economy is a complete lie, but 80% of Americans believe it's true. Reducing our 800 billion dollar a year Pentagon budget would "make us weak" and "could wreck the economy" we are told in 2013.
 Do you truly believe we are preserving American freedom by the wars in Korea, Vietnam, proxy wars in Central America, and 2 wars with Iraq and the furthest away of all, Afghanistan? War may help the Gross National Product and is lucrative for people with stocks in weapon manufacturing and oil companies, but it doesn’t work in real life anymore, unless you are getting a pension from your Weapon maker job. If your conscience doesn't propel you to divest away from companies that pollute our planet or degrade any part of humanity, then the falling stock prices of companies that come under fire as regulators investigate fraud, surely will make you sell those stocks.  Falling stock prices of companies that are effectively boycotted, will be another incentive.
Try as they might to make mass murder acceptable and patriotic, deep in our collective American hearts we know it’s wrong

The Greatest Generations antiquated notions of how everyone has their place, was put to the test and failed.  The boomers saw this world filled with racism and sexism that existed with our young hopeful eyes, and collectively our disgust level was so high that things were changed the last 50 years. Thank you to all who have stood up for equality, you are the actual patriots. Why couldn’t a black guy or a woman be hired for any job? Why not pay the woman the same as a man? Whazzup with that? We didn’t get it.
                 Will there ever be a disgust level with war, which will help us change? Not until societies embrace the feminine, it seems. Women are always trying to fit in, but most cultures do not mix the masculine and feminine very well. How can a smooth polarity of the masculine and feminine be achieved, as cultures constantly chafe as an exuberant maleness continues to slow  us down.
                     Incivility and brutality is the result of the warrior elites dominance of most societies the last 2500 years. The incivility and wildness is not the primitive paleo wildness we have forgotten, but the  authoritarian despotism of manipulative men, and the fealty of the sycophant chumps that ring their bell while they stockpile ammunition. This has led to a false patriotism, the War without end.  Always enemies to kill, God bless you.
            America is here as a place for you to breathe free, to be anything but ordinary if you choose, and to help hold the light of liberty for all who strive for freedom. I encourage all countries to create new covenants with people to create equality and freedom. For people that want to escape repression, we need to create safe havens for refugees. Not a global order, but decentralized spheres of influence with minimum standards for all to follow voluntarily.   
        We  must upgrade our earth manners and safety nets for all.   Your good efforts will be returned threefold as the momentum of all of us working toward a humane humanity, is finally on our side. It is the darkest before dawn.
                  The theme to most American movies, the good guy wins in the end is all fine and dandy, but they have all been pyrrhic victories.  Life has to be more than vanquishing enemies. They won’t be real victories till we can encode liberty, embed equality, ostracize criminality and vanquish cruelty in all the countries in the world

             Let’s give ourselves the chance for a new start, with the rejection of violence, and we will usher in, at long last, The Dawn of Civilization. All of us together in every country: Out of many, one;  Unity without hierarchy. We are ready.

THIS is my suggestion for a 28th amendment Henry David Thoreau, "A free and enlightened State recognizes the individual as a higher and independent power, from which, all its own power and authority are derived."

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