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Monday, August 4, 2014


 “Come York or come Hampshire, come traitors or knaves,
                   If ye rule o’er our land, ye shall rule o’er our graves.
                  Our vow is recorded, our banner unfurl
                      IN THE NAME OF VERMONT 
            WE DEFY ALL THE WORLD”  

   The world should model the attitude of the Green Mountain Men IN THE YEARS BEFORE THE American Revolutionary War, and fight for what we want to preserve.  During the period of 1750 to 1776, Vermonters pushed back greedy New Yorkers, and land grabbing New Hampshirites to form their own Republic in 1777.  They were an ally of the Colonies, and no longer part of it as their own country.
Not only fighting for their own liberty, but helping the 13 colonies to establish THEIR independence. Without the Green Mountain Men and their activisim at Fort Ticonderoga, , American Liberty may have succumbed to the managed liberty and Enlightened Despotism of that era.  The Green Mountain Men remained free and became a  rowdy contingent in George Washingtons army.
                           Early in the Revolutionary War, they captured the cannons from Fort Ticonderoga that were used to initially to drive out the British from Boston, while establishing their hard fought territory of Vermont as a Republic from 1777 to 1791.  Texas is the only other state that started out as its own country.  If a poll was taken it would shown that The Colonies were evenly split regarding separation from England. With single payer health care and a ban on GMO's, Vermont may hear secessions call, but will stay in the United States as best they can.

            Green Ethics and Polytheist Spirituality will EVENTUALLY emerge together one day.  Will it be a potent brew or strange bedfellows?  Hybrid vigor or invalidating opposites?  The Green Cult feared  by right wing Dominionists? The brainwashing is so complete by Christians these last 1600 years, that the word pagan brings up evil and/or negative impressions with probably 85% of the population, 85% of the time.

                 Pagans are known for their freewheeling antics in their American pursuit of happiness. Greens however, are often antagonistic to spiritual beliefs, generally because Christianity and Islam are so patently objectionable to logical people.   So remember, at first glance, Paganism seems even sillier and even more illogical to an atheist green and they never get past the costumes to get to the content
                   Most Greens find Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the book of Revelation as preposterous, and Islam is so, a thousand years ago; that it is given virtually no credence or relevance.  There are Muslim Greens, thank Allah, and I hope they come to prominence these next couple of years.

               Pagan gods and goddesses just seem like so much effluvium to many Greens. Aren't they over the Greeks and Romans yet, the Green Atheists ask? They don't know about the thousand other pagan religions and white people don't realize how many meaningful deities existed before Christianity. Black people don't know they believed in a triple god pantheon in general.  Africans and Europeans really had much in common during the years Before Christ. BC. 
                  Crazy wheat planting people from the middle east took over both continenets, killing millions of pagans in the process. Many greens have no connection to the divine and that’s fine with them, who cares and why waste my time they ask? The simple fact is that the greatest generation and their lackeys have done 7 generations of resource extraction in one,  and to say that a deity told them the earth was theirs to plunder, is simply, stunningly, dysfunctional, and seriously, not reality based. Logical people in the 21st century need to call them out on it, which Greens often do. 

                        When Greens see pagans wearing antlers or flowers, they are dismissive of us also.   But after I got my article "This is the Folk Magic" published on the Witchvox website,   I discovered there are many people like me who have our own independent belief systems.  They agreed with me that "traditional", horn wearing, costume adorning paganism is not to their liking.  As I like to say, "Halloween is what I do once a year, not all year". Similar to the way the priesthood attracted pedophiles, paganism seems to attract the Dungeons and Dragons and Renaissance Fair types. Dress up fetishes I call it, but to each their own of course. The plain pagans, the dungaree druids, that's the rest of us..


 The Bible, Koran and the other one is too much about people and not the earth.   It's a world where the chatty loudmouth  huckster   dominates our economy, and where the ten commandments carry  far more sociological weight than it should,  continues to undermine  Liberty. The nine noble virtues listed below, are far more relevant to a pagans life. Vikings or the Norsemen have a belief in the old gods still, and in modern times they are known as Asatru or Asatruar. I wonder what has ever happened between meetings of a follower of the Norse, and a tree hugging atheist environmentalist.

       For that matter what do greens think of Buddhisms eightfold path?    Add the Greens 10 Key Values to the 9 virtues and that makes 19. Then add the Unitarian Universalists 7 guidelines   and there's 26 GUIDEPOSTS that are far more relevant than the 10 Commandments.  My contribution are the eight directions of Druddism.
       THE EIGHT DIRECTIONS OF DRUDDISM                       "1……Encode Liberty ….2……Embed equality…3…. invalidate injustice …..4… Ostracize criminality  ….5….humble the mighty …6  …, vanquish cruelty ….7 ….    cultivate opportunity and …..8…..initiate "Unity Without hierarchy"  

       Asatru finds a way to help people stay strong with the everyday reality, and the eightfold path of Buddhism  lights the way for many in the world. So to the greens, I’m asking you to rethink the role of religion and spirituality. Consider the more reasonable outlooks of various religions you may not be familiar with, the stories of the conquered people and folk cultures around the world, that have fallen to the cross and scimitar. There has never been a history of the world from the Pagan point of view. (So I wrote History of the Pagans Fall of 2014.)
     Maybe greens are jealous that all those TV preachers experience miracles and they are just jealous, I'm tellin 'ya. Well, tell ya what, pagans experience miracles too, and I’ve had my own Christian miracle of the brown scapular. But no one blithely gives god credit for all these variables in life, most of us know that god doesn't.  I want Greens to know that Pagans don’t try to describe the nature of the universe or the miracle of life as christians and islamics do.
     Preachers, pastors and priests all telling us in their mega churches what god has told them. Imagine, the TV evangelists are sending blessings and miracles over the airwaves. “And god, ah knows you be busy" Richard Pryor, but Doris in Kansas City has just sent a generous donation for our building fund and wants you to cure the paralysis………in her brain from listening to me.” Is this any way to run a country?
      Christians finally realized they are no longer able to kill or harass those who are heretics and heathens, so they embedded themselves in the political systems of the United States in the last 30 years. Their attempted coup wants to make us subject to 3,000 year old lies. Go away, you have no power here. The Great Spirit that has ruled this continent is returning, Growing a green canopy over the dark heart of Capitalism and its Christian apoligists.
     I object very strongly to this glennbeck initiative to inject god into our country. Freedom of religion means that you live your eightfold path or follow the nine virtues, and no one can harass or ostracize you. We all add strands of diversity in this tight weave of our American style freedoms. Our social and civic groups are the high thread count in the fabric of freedom. 
     Some of us have other gods such as Perkunas, Boreas or Zeus, or in my case all of the above along with 20 others. I’m a polytheist but I have to hide this fact because of the book burning, book banning, pitchfork carrying purveyors of the “word”.   Pagans and Atheists in the Arab world try to shield themselves from the exploding anger of clerics and their crazed followers. 
       From 600 to 800 AD, there was the zeal of Mohammed and the initial conquering, but then there was a period of hybrid vigor between 800-1100 AD when science, art and invention, derived from  a pagan repressed populace, allowed the Moslems to lead the world in innovation during the Christian Dark Ages. They went too far though when they invented algebra. It was their fundamentalists the last 900 years that continue to thwart the advancement of their culture, then and now. The early years of The Dark Ages missed them.
      My main point is that Pagans keep the United States on track with a form of patriotism not often discussed. How would Thomas Jefferson be spending his days in 2014? He would love the diversity of our modern life, and would have fun exploring the technology, and would be engaged in the lively blogs of the day.  He would have contempt for the continual attempt to stuff everyone into this christian box of conformity, and would probably have a show to directly oppose glennbeck 's bottle of funky fizz.  
        Contrary to the killing done in Jesus and Allahs name, polytheists have never been actively engaged in conversion except for the Romans who really were the prototype for early Christians. Pagans have always believed in  freedom of religion, and there is no preaching about  punishment in hell in their sacred places. That sounds like a familiar phrase, freedom of religion….where have I heard that before. Oh ya, the Constitution of the United States. 
      So if you are a green atheist, I can understand your antagonism to religion. Churches put giant billboard messages for you to read on your way to work. 'In god we trust' on the money, and it all must seem an abomination to many atheists, not to mention the uninvited right wing christian intrusions into our lives and their cherished talisman that will keep them from Hell.
       Atheist greens say two hands planting a tree is far more practical than any 100 hands clasped in prayer. Why does it even matter that people pray? But it gets back to our American Freedoms, respect your neighbors religion and keep the ridicule to yourselves. Our diversity is the high thread count in the quality of our constitutional fabric of Unity. Liberty was the vanguard of the American Revolution. Religion is so much pollution in the eyes of many, and here is what the Progressive Pagan Patriots intend to do. Fight for our freedom. Not in Vietnam or Afghanistan, but more similar to the civil rights activists demonstrations in this country. Religion can be the purest form of moral high ground hypocrisy and contributes to our disconnect with nature, and thwarts our efforts to keep wild places free. What we are calling Deep Green Resistance.
       Pagans and polytheists have ceremonies that connect them with nature, and atheists find it ridiculous. I find the Lord and Lady ceremony and the twirling athame in the dark as irrelevant to my life, but I do have a couple of nature respecting ceremonies I’ve made up. There is no “Gaia cult”, and media personalities such as radio star “Mancow”, are preaching that there is some dangerous “green cult” that is going to reduce the world's population by 90%.  There are greens, and there are Gaia lovers, but it seems thus far, that never the twain have they met.

     Future headline? Progressive Green Wiccans declare war on Asatruar Patriot Warriors. Not likely!  Paganism and the Constitution symbolize freedom in the importance of trees. Anarchism represents how we all would co-operate for the best of all  The Charter Oak of Connecticut and the Liberty Tree of our Revolutionary Ancestors, and all the other oak trees which signaled planting time to the Native North Americans. This should remind us that war has no legitimacy any longer, the world and its life are important.  
     Covenants and Constitutions are followed by the civilized people of the world., and I am calling everyone to work for our common goal.  A dignified life for all. The Great Yggdrasil and the AXIS MUNDI as the umbilical to our spiritual selves. Back to the cave, back to the seed . Hail the Constitution.  We believe what we want but act in harmony with our community. Be Kind.  You can dew eet. See previous 34 commandments if you are puzzled and often say there is nothing we can do.
Thank you muse and inspire me now,
To reach the souls who have gone dead and cold.
The evil conspire to deceive the lame,
But clarity of vision is ours to hold.

We stand together to exorcise and train;
While Libertas holds the lamp aloft to see.
Temerity we seek with hope to claim,
A life worth living for all to be.

The otherside embraces and awaits our return,
And with shield and sword we discard our name.
Swirling the whirlwind we ride tonight,
V for victory and PEACE for all to claim.
In America We Trust.

Eric the red was the first to arive in America

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