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Friday, October 10, 2014


Facebook Upgrade
   Some quick hints for being on Facebook
           Contribute when you can. Double check all sources and be cautious with friend requests. If I friend requested you, chances are it was because of something brilliant and incisive you said, somewhere. There are Facebook things all over google and yahoo that refer back to FB.
          On the other hand, I deleted 4 friend requests because with three of them, there were no friends in common (not enough by itself), and no real indication of what this person was interested in or why they friend requested me. One was a known habitual Republican and was given the hook.

          I'd say 75% of the people that use FB are hesitant to make comments online.  Some only know how to be trite and others don't want to make short, gee whiz comments. Most people use Facebook to read. Cheaper than a paper or magazine, and now we have this interactive human contact. My rule is if you read an article, like it.  The person who brought something interesting like this to the table is not doing it for their sake, but to pass something along.  What's good should be liked and shared  and what isn't can be ignored.  
What has happened is this. We now have an electronic means of helping the cream rise to the top. Raw algorithms.  I remember that I was completely baffled by Algebra and Geometry in school, but this algorithm stuff sounds like something useful.
          I saw how this system works with a video called KOKO meets Robin Williams.  When Robin Williams died, I knew I could quick do a quick scan to find something clever amongst my friends and pages that was posted about him.  Some friend recommended it to their friends and I happened to watch it. The video had 15 views at 7 in the morning when I found it, 1200 by noontime and 700,000 by the end of the day.  I predicted its algorithmical rise as people found this video appealing and sentimental, as many dealt with the loss of one of the entertainment constants of their lives.
          So everything you like gets a boost as these numbers go tumbling around in the matrix of our computers. It isn't about waiting for the news at six thirty anymore, it's about making our own news. Likes is not a popularity contest, but a fundamental form of democracy and general assembly for all the people in the world. It really can be much more than we realize. Many people are too good for FB and often say, "I don't have time for that, I have _______ to do. 

          Security issues-to be able to study(eavesdrop) every like a person has liked on FB is what the NSA seems to want to do.  Neo-Liberal for our own good nonsense. Sounds unconstitutional but it's still a grey area. Could be a terrorist hiding a bomb. Let's track (NSA monitoring in progress)  his activity. 
            Do you think the FBI and CIA is making  lists of subversives to monitor?  Do you hesitate to have a presence online because you fear the government? More likely, it is the KOOK factor that keeps most from commenting and liking. You know, you make a little comment and someone comes back with, "HOW CAN YOU AGREE WITH THAT! YOU MUST BE FUCKING INSANE." Yelling at you in caps.

          I think of the nice little old lady friends who hesitate to post on my page because of the grumpy old men on my page that think arguing is communication. Be cordial , introduce yourself  before you launch into a devastating amateur analysis of someones character by one comment . Even a trite little, " I agree"  could be met with jettosining snarlitudes . Cooler heads always prevail, and there is no need to engage in an argument.  I think it's polite to walk away when someone comes at you with a broken bottle attitude.  There's a safety in anonymity, but people have different outcomes for different situations when it comes to KOOKS. Someone becomes obsessed with you or follows you around the internet. Whatinthefuck do you do?
How do you ditch the stalkers? How can you stay safe from psychos?  Women are unfairly attacked and can't express themselves fully, and maybe stepping in from time to time to harass the harassers is necessary.  How do you idiot proof the Internet?         

  Bring something to the table is my theme. 
Share the knowledge, write an article.  Everyones got a blog.  I got a shit fucking awesome news feed because of the interesting people from around the world, that post interesting shit.  Some don't use their real names or a recent picture, but I know they are real people.  Anyone suspicious at all can be unfriended,  
I don't worry if so and so hasn't been on line, that's their business.  About 10% of my friends have become actual friends because we back each other up, we send a quick note to each other and we have had some good laughs or gave advice. But I am very fortunate that we all secretly agree to be brief, concise and calm. My KOOK factor is practically zero. 
Facebook is a modern version of pen pal networks.  It really is not so strange and I know people hesitate to use it. So if you got this far in the article, why don't you give this post a like. When one of us writes something   clever or catchy, it will get passed around and this is how we can make the cream rise to the top. In with the good out with the bad. Instantaneous communication, instead of an occasional letter you might get from a pen pal.   
After 5 years it seems various people cycle in and out and this has to do with likes, comments, favorites and over tweaked algorithms. It's got to do with people being busy like I will be till the end of the year.  But I like the challenge of posting something interesting or a new angle and lately videos of animals being friendly to each other, .  
On the other hand I am a confirmed anarchist and post my viewpoints of liberty. I want to self publish my first book, Paul Revere and the Liberty Tree which is a pagan perspective of American Revolutionary history. I am a heretic and I also use Pinterest. Bring something to the table, have some goals. I would like to be the Thomas Paine of the American Counter Revolution. Bring something to the table is what I am saying and share what's really good and like what you like.

I mean it's creepy…. you post a picture of your cat and then an ad on the side announces the sale of cat food. You post a gymnastics thing and suddenly there is an ad for weights or something related.  The whole freakin' thing is creepy that I will admit.  I do a search for something obscure, and it finds 3 million references in a billionth of a second. I seriously can't comprehend that. I can comprehend 400 million  star'suns  that   Hubble has photographed, but don’t know how a computer does what it does. 

                       This article needs more thought and more precise advice but this is what I have to bring to the table. We can supplant the violent tyrannies with our own anarchic peaceful vision. Here is the code of my DIY religion. Some precepts and ideas I am bringing to the table because most people think I am just critical of everything, but I am really concerned with the future and want to be in on the change we know is inevitable.

THE EIGHT DIRECTIONS OF DRUDDISM    "1……Encode Liberty ….2……Embed equality…3…. invalidate injustice …..4… Ostracize criminality  ….5….humble the mighty …6  …, vanquish cruelty ….7 ….    cultivate opportunity and …..8…..initiate "Unity Without hierarchy"  

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