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Thursday, January 15, 2015


8                  MISOLOGY AND THE INDEPENDENT MAJORITY    6044 words
     Written in 1995-”Rising above Washington Wall street, Hollywood and the Mainstream  Media” 6000 words
 WARNING: If you are stuck in an ideological rut, (Liberal or conservative), the incendiary rhetoric contained herein may greatly increase blood pressure. So please be advised! 
 Here in the emerging marketplace of ideas, the independent viewpoint needs to be heard.
   Originally written in 1995 I had hoped the emergence of the Libertarian and Green Parties was soon to occur, drawing from Democrats and Republicans equally. I sounded hopeful like reform was just around the corner, and my optimism is somehow still intact 20 years later, and in 2015, here is a rallying treatise for reformers.
“     The clotted nothingness of liberalism and the venomous spewing of many conservatives
actually represent only small slices of the American Pie; unfortunately the only two that have a voice in the mainstream media. What about the independent viewpoint? The independents have no steadfast, limiting ideology, and we develop our own viewpoints and philosophies. We are tired of coercive governments and corrupt corporations and many independents  are beginning to recognize the emptiness of the consumer culture and are striving to put communication back in our communities. In the past, many independents have voted reluctantly or not at all.
                              We don’t need term limits. We need easier ballot access for third party candidates and Independents. The Democrats and Republicans have our opinions properly stifled, even though independents are a majority. The political dialogue can change dramatically once the tsunami wave of modern populism hits.
                              The Independent majority:  a majority that crosses all class, gender and race barriers. Millions and millions of unique free thinking Americans and  many more around the world. Independents are not brainwashed into religious or cultural extremes, and we don’t like Republicans voting straight down the party line.   We are  unaccepting of the selected “reality” of Hollywood with its preponderance of sex and violence. (though I admit a weakness for Zombie movies).
                                Many are realizing that social security is a big pyramid scheme, andI’ve heard it referred to as a generational transfer of wealth . Along with all our other concerns about surviving economically, we see this problem looming in our future. Over ten trillion dollar of unfunded liabilities in the social security fund has been spent. Shouldn’t it be like, invested or something?
                              What about all the money going into IRA’s and life insurance? You can bet that they are spending or hoarding your money. What will happen when these come due? They are banking on our ignorance and insuring they have a lavish lifestyle. Have we forgotten the 500 billion dollar S&L bailout? (2015 edit. Young people may not remember this bailout from the 80‘s. The worst was yet to come.) Do you sincerely think that the banks and investment firms will have all this retirement money to be paid out in 30 to 40 years? In a collapsing society how many pension funds, guaranteed by the government, can be paid? Are state and local pensions all guaranteed by the government? Market crash, banks close. Good luck, welcome to the jungle.
                              We anticipate the logjam of the Liberal-Conservative debate to break soon and new ideas, independent ideas, will burst onto the media. A new culture has begun to rise up and its healthy greenery will grow a canopy over the dying, destructive, death dealing, war loving culture of Manifest Destiny. The Populist-Progressive era of 1890-1915 is being revised for modern times but progressives are mistaken for liberals. The star of the Progressive era was Teddy Roosevelt, a populist conservative, who was often at odds with big business. A true Conservative doesn't like the Bigs:  Big business big government, big religion. He was one of the few in power that was brave enough to confront the predatory monopolies head on and was also enough of a conservationist to have started the National Parks system.                                                                                                                                
                                 We will turn to Progressive Independents and Left leaning Libertarians because people are slowly waking up to the fact that 30 Independents in Congress and 10 in the Senate would keep either entrenched party from holding a majority and give the majority of people a voice again.  Progressive Left leaning Independents will investigate corporate greed while right leaning independents can root out government waste. The extremes can work together as I have finally figured out.
                              Don’t let the far right make environmentalists the scapegoat for the bloated budget. Voters, citizens need to set their sights on the greed spirited politicians who are opening the way for the final assault on the natural world. People need to “lock on” to bigger targets. (Rush Limbaugh fans love those military metaphors.) Medicare, military socialism and social security as a pyramid scheme,  and a generational transfer of income. Why have so many politicians been kissing up to the Christian Coalition? Then these Christians have nothing to say about the interest on the national debt and I would think they'd see bankers as evil. Bust the taboos.
I hope reform minded Americans will stop insisting there’s nothing that can be changed. To use a football metaphor we need to hold that line. Then block their kicks. Reduce government, of course, but have some common sense. Your food stamp recipient may be your media mogul in a couple of decades; everyone deserves to be fed. We all deserve an equal footing and access. We need a post office that goes to every American household. 2015 (And an internet every person can use.)
It’s time for active citizenship, maybe like it’s never been before. The Independent Majority needs to have our voices heard and and join in this limited debate between Liberals and Conservatives. Think and vote and effect change wherever you can and don’t cling to the monolithic party line and debate issues as they arrive. Independents are the opposite of a single issue special interest group, and it’s amazing how many thoughtful people convince themselves not to get involved with reform. Tens of millions that don’t vote. Their main problem? No real choice in the voting booth. I sympathize but I’m telling you to stay alert. Volunteer for committees that will run independents. This is why easier ballot access is very important.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
 The public outcry did not convince Congress that GATT wasn’t what we wanted. Are you kidding? A world trade bureaucracy? I don’t think so. No to GATT and no to the New World Order. Say no to a two tier global structure of struggling peasants and rich elite parasites and polluters. How much longer will the 20 cent an hour worker remain silent, docile and obedient? Workers around the world struggle every day with the knowledge that, in their heart, they know it's all  wrong when they have to work so hard under extremely difficult conditions, while a select few are clipping fat cigars at the country club. All these economically struggling workers need is a match to set them off, and I’m eager for the day when that will happen. If they unionized and protected themselves they’d be off to a good start but they are subject to job loss, family members kidnapped or being murdered for trying to start a union. Our placid over consumptive lifestyle will be badly shaken if the 20 cent an hour worker were to start making two dollars an hour. How about just 2 dollars  an hour as a worldwide standard to get started? Boycott any company that pays less.
                              Asian sweatshops that make our clothing would pay workers more and, voila, suddenly American made clothing becomes more competitive. There might be inflation for us with Asian produced clothes, but a more competitive market for our exports. What kind of capitalism is it that allows Big Business to swallow all small business?  Now that GATT is passed, corporations have the WTO (World Trade Organization) to further advance their exploitation of resources, and stomping of all small business that gets in their way. Human rights abuses of workers will continue and probably increase globally unless the privileged put an end to it. All in the name of low prices for us.
                              Where is the joy the Creator wanted? Tortured in prison or slaves at work, it’s a living hell for many in this world. Or is life brutal with no universal consequences? The boss who screws us at work--is it any different then the cheetah biting and tearing the neck of the Impala? Just a slower death.
                              With the computer, the decentralization of the media is occurring, good independent ideas will “infect” the population My favorite is called the Escalating Minimum Wage. I’d drop the minimum wage to 7 dollars an hour for small business as an apprentice wage. 10 dollars  an hour for businesses that have sales   of a million dollars or more, then 12 dollars an hour for billion dollar corporations. These uber corporations such as McDonalds and Walmart depend on minimum wage workers to build their empires and fortunes, but at twelve dollars an hour, so many more workers would have   disposable income and our culture would diversify with even more variety and freedom of expression. Use minor league baseball as an example, and bands and singers and musicians as another. Fans and audiences would better be able to pay for more entertainment with better pay for performers. Restaurants and Historic sites would see an upswing in the amount of visitors. Corporate kingpins such as the Walton’s that own Walmart would find their 75 billion dollar nest egg start to shrink.
                              The workers at Disney would rather have the cash than the “goofy” benefits they often scorn. Did it bother anyone else out there that Michael Eisner made 180 million dollars one year? That’s the way it goes! Can’t do anything about it? Can’t change the system? I think not. Reform will be a wildfire fanning out through the media as soon as we see the potential benefit to the billions of underpaid workers in the world. Less country clubs maybe, but many more people able to buy what they need to have a satisfying life. Hearts have been opened, change is on it’s way.                                                                                                                                   
       Reform is not revolution.                                                                      
                   Agribusiness  in particular has benefited from their own special form of pork. Working in this field during my younger years, I discovered that Big Agriculture doesn’t have to pay overtime! I guess because of the seasonal nature of it, but unemployment insurance was guaranteed so it‘s like the government is helping
 Agribiz by giving employees  an income during the off season paid for by taxpayers.  Kind of like how Walmart employees in this country collect quite a few millions of dollars in food stampsm, and is another example of the government helping large corporations . Mechanized Agriculture continues to swallow small farms and bury old-fashioned yeoman with this and other advantages.
                              With the escalating minimum wage concept, large agribiz would be paying twelve dollars an hour minimum, with overtime, and small farms could hire children and neighbors and the unemployed for a more competitive wage in a stunning reversal of fortunes. The escalating minimum wage would make stockholders cry, but employees and smaller competitors would rejoice. In the restaurant biz, big chains like Dennys and Red Lobster would pay their workers the 12 dollar an hour minimum wage and would find it more difficult to crush the small diners and family owned restaurants.
                 Get rid of that bullshit $2.42 cents an hour that is given to restaurant workers.  Never again work for less than minimum if you are a waitress or server, and let creative competition compete in this bland American sameness and cultural monoculture of the clotted corporate control of food. Many are now dependent on this Big Business takeover of our food supply, and why risk going to Mabels Diner when you know exactly what you will get at Burger King, they ask? Many recognize what has been lost and it’s not a social decay as much as the loss of the vibrant small businesses. The Klondike Capitalism of the early 1800’s and the Mom and Pop Capitalism up to World War Two. They are gone and Big Business (Wall Street) has since sucked the life out of Main Street.
                              What other false messages have the corporate media put out? Has inflation really been low since the 80’s? We hear the stats. Inflation up 0.2 percent the announcer says about the past months inflation. (2.4%) yearly. But what is the guide? The Consumer Price Index? Does it show that car insurance has tripled the last 10 years. Does it include the hyperinflation of health care the last 20 years? It’s a faulty gauge of inflation we have come to believe. The whole Predatory Capitalist system is dysfunctional, anti-family and anti-liberty.
                              The fault lies not completely with the white collar crooks but for all of us for allowing this kind of greed. How many times have I heard, “you can’t beat the system.” We are absorbed in the daily grind, and many people have no time left in their day for active citizenship and volunteerism. What would Thomas Jefferson or Teddy Roosevelt say to our modern dilemma? They’d say reducing government is required but it’s not where all reform should be targeted. There’s corruption, fraud and overpricing in medicine, insurance and especially banking. What would Jesus say? He’d say reform these paracidicidal industries and speak out loud the taboo code word, USURY.
                              Usury is unusually high interest rates. Once upon a time they were unlawfully high, even sinfully high. Would Jesus have a credit card, I don’t think so! Once upon a time bankers were evil and this is why he went into the temple and flipped over the bankers tables. He’d pull his hair out seeing how people have let this oppression fall upon society. Bankers running our economy, lawyers running our government; the most cold bloodless types of people are in charge.
                              Do we revolt or reform? No, our answer to paracidicidal price gouging and usury is to take on second or third jobs. Too busy, too busy. No time for spiritual renewal or healing or voluntering.  No time to slow down the destruction of the planet the Creator made for all of us. Lawyers, bankers, insurance profit pigs and health care price gougers, bureaucrats and criminals. Do they make food or fuel? Do they actually produce something of value. Like vultures on our shoulders their job is to wait for a dollar to fall out of our pocket so they can take it.
                              The Industrial Age has given way to the paperwork parasites now that there are workers willing to work for virtually nothing, or enough for some family members to eat. To a monolithic system of big business built on risk, exploitation, large losses, bankruptcies, where a select few make money. Where a Michael Jackson gets a 30 million dollar contract while most musicians are broke. The 30 million dollar baseball player while there are too many minor league players that are broke and hungry who have to give up their dream and get a ‘real job.’
                              Economies need to be based on workers protection and the easy movement of unions where they are needed. Escalating Minimum Wage….hmmmm…… experts would say that as wages rise, so would inflation. The Federal Reserve, a private corporation, wouldn’t like this either, but we need a good dose of inflation right now to take some pressure off some artificially low prices, and to raise  long stagnated wages.                      For many American families, the dropping of wages coupled with the leaping prices of the paperwork parasites, has led to stress, family breakups and more. There’s hardly even time to talk and be together. Mothers and fathers taking on more work. Successful career? That includes a lot of staying late, and working weekends. Where are the children in all this? Inflation is not accurately reflected in the consumer price index………..nor are children counted in the Gross Domestic Product. That’s the part of family values they are missing. Predatory Capitalism is anti-family, and they pray to false gods in Wall Street and the demons of the GNP.
                              Considering now that both parents need to work to pay for all the effluvium of life, I think it is finally time to go to the 35 hour work week. In many cases it would coincide better with school hours. More overtime, less latchkey kids.
                              Where are the liberty seeking patriots? They aren’t the ones in the militia all fired up to fight a war with the government. They aren’t those big business sycophants who are holding up the crumbling façade of Manifest Destiny. The real patriots are the Independents. We love this country but are enraged at the antics of the Greedmeisters. The Libertarian spirit of 1776 has been crushed and replaced with manufactured demand and the culture of the warrior elite. The War Culture. The tree cutting culture. Veterans feel they are patriots because they risked their lives in Europe and Asia and wherever else, but George Washington might not agree with the patriotism angle. He’d ask, ‘what have you done lately other than drinking away your pension at The Tiki Bar?’ He often spoke of avoiding foreign entanglements and would find that bomb bomb bombing Iraq isn‘t the same kind of effort he made at Valley Forge.
                              The older generation has been brainwashed to worship all coercive authority. The boomers work ceaselessly to keep their heads above water or are deeply into the greed machine. The youth are looking ahead but don’t understand some of the old American traditions. We don‘t want militias or Unabombers. Did Mahatma Gandhi belong to a political party? Millions of us transcending generation, race, gender, and class barriers need to be unafraid to discuss the taboos, and were once  aware of our right to speak out.
                              Individuals may have free speech, but when many are united in the associations and organizations we belong to, it gives  us a weapon to use against coercive authority. The big boat is starting to turn it’s course, so be prepared and look over the next ridge. Help is on the way. Be prepared to snap out of our national coma and be ready to burn the ticks, fleas, leeches and parasites off our wallets and/or pocketbooks. Get independent, get in the majority. Don’t focus so much on presidential races but congressional and senatorial races where we should elect independents. I have a formula for real reform. It involves the three major third parties (1995), Ross Perot and United We Stand, the Libertarians and Green Party.
                              If you have seen the platform of the Greens and their true concern about the richness of our communities, the sustainable resources approach, and their many good ideas on health care and education; I think many people would vote for Greens locally. In state elections vote for the United We Stand candidates. We’d have our ‘citizen legislators’ cleaning out the influence peddling state capitals. Then thirdly, we should vote for Libertarian candidates for the federal seats of power to bring about shrinking the influence of government. This is my vision for the decentralization of the entrenched interests; local, state and federal government fueled by citizen initiative. But who’s got the money, time or temerity to be independent and face down the Democrat-Republican monopoly. Our constitution demands we protect our liberty.
                              Apathy needs to take a back seat for a while. The low voter turnout in previous elections indicates our dissatisfaction with the real lack of choice regarding candidates. The revolution of 1776 was won by the bullet, but, the intention of the 1776 patriots was to use the ballot to retain our freedoms. America needs to stand alone and take care of our own. Forget Europe and the Middle east and places on the other side of the world. China and India are one third of the worlds population and need to bring dignity and balance to their people and individual freedom in that part of the world. Limit immigration in the Americas so these people stay in their own countries to fight for change and freedom. We’ve been the safety valve for all the worlds discontented. We can lead by example with the continued full flowering of our constitution.
                              Don’t confuse American values with Christian values. According to my favorite historian Richard Hofstadter, at the time of our revolution only one in seven had any religious affiliation. Yet the same one in seven are the ones screeching and whining as they take over the media. They wrap themselves up in God and Country but us reasonable folk recognize their hypocrisy. We know it’s a façade hiding avaricious amoral despot wanna-bees. Authoritarian control freaks. Obsessive compulsive greedmasters. They feel ”the people” are a mass of immoral idiots or sycophant chumps that need to be controlled. Not really concerned with individual property rights  but the ability to sell merchandise and control behavior.
                              The best American era will emerge someday when we embrace our diversity and see everyone else as equal, and letting adults do what they want, if it harms none. Legalize what we can and let people have the maturity to control themselves. How many people gamble in this country? 80 million? Then legalize it. The more laws taken off the books the smoother the society will run. If Christians don’t like it let them start their own villages like the Amish or Mormons.  And have everyone live together like Ozzie and Harriet. What a tourist attraction! People from around the globe would vacation in Christianville and buy handcrafted lawn ornaments.
                                The good Christian men shooting buffaloes from a train or stealing land that wasn’t theirs, have a lineage that continues today with the IVEGOTMINE, bible- guns and money crowd.   Will everything get better if forests continue getting clearcut and wetlands are all filled in? More dams, more clearcuts, fish the oceans clean and pull apart every strand in the web of life. Great for that stock portfolio, but many generations of the future will curse this short sighted greed.
                              The older generation saved Europe but have since looted the country. They created  an illusion of prosperity by selling anything that could be sawn or skinned or dug out. The love generation of the 60’s found out that what they really loved was money. The consumer culture has zombiefied many of the youth. The illusion of prosperity is the false prosperity of predatory capitalism.
                              I don’t mean to say the young are zombies, quite the opposite is true. They are aware of a lot of things. They thought school was bad, but then they discovered the corruption and dirty tricks of the working world. They have stepped back and are observing the bankruptcy and morals of the business world and would be enthusiastic supporters of reform. A golden age of real prosperity lies ahead in our future. The ideal of equality finally realized. We’ve all hoped for that. Most of us wish we could work less and find more time to live. Gotta work too much to make a buck. The richness of life is beyond our grasp but the daily grind enslaves us. Hopefully the pendulum of greed has swung out as far as it will go and the people the masses, the “bewildered herd” will circle the bandwagons. The entrenched special interests will dazzle you with convincing propaganda but keep going, we’re all fighting for each other in this.
                              I hope you don’t take this narrative as a bunch of doom and gloom, but as a focus on problems that people are afraid to talk about. A focus without any sugarcoated nostalgia from a conservative conservationist, yearning for some bygone past. Like a person who has grown up and wants to start anew, all we have is the future. Laugh out loud as we speak taboos like my favorite, “we need a good dose of inflation right now to take pressure off of artificially low prices and raise long stagnated wages."
                              Our life will be a cakewalk compared to what union organizers in the third world will face. The worldwide revolt of the 20 cent an hour worker is inevitable. Entirely new principals of thrifty, fair, war free governments needs to be developed. The totalitarian capitalist despots and socialist coral colony of do nothings will be on the run. Extraneous laws wiped off the books. Lawyers will make 800 dollars a week instead of 100 dollars an hour. We will all be able to afford fair representation in our justice system. Maybe if enough laws are eliminated, people could get a law degree at like, a community college or something. Cool
                              A cleaning  of the barn doesn’t say it any better. Ross Perot drove to the heart of our dissatisfaction with that statement. Paradise lost to the parasites. They exploit the hard working people of the world and we act like faithful dogs.
                              Techno goons of 2012 imposing Martial Law as World War Three breaks out despite our growing awareness of what a peaceful world can be about. We bleet furiously but realize we are already fenced in, “for our own good.” Push aside the liberals and conservatives. America waits for her sons and daughters to react. The Independent Majority has arrived. Focus…wake up….get involved.

             Illegitimate leaders
Christian Authority  in the American colonies collapsed around 1695, following the hysteria and negative publicity from the Salem Witchcraft trials. Soon after, people even demanded an end to mandatory church attendance. THERE WAS A PSUEDO REVIVAL, A DEAD CAT BOUNCE, in the 1730's, but  by the American Revolution, religious  zeal was conspicuously absent. Finally, after 1300 years of dominance, Enlightenment and Liberty were coming to the fore in the new  era in the European New World.  No revival or awakening is going to modernize Stone Age dogma and bugaboo.

              Then there is Islamic Extremism, and with that thought, try to imagine  that you are a Muslim atheist? A female Muslim Atheist who is left handed?  Oh shit.  At that point, Armageddon is your only hope, you quietly pray for goddam Doomsday.  .  The basic concept is about respect for the women of the world, and I call Shenanigans on Muslim men. Protect the women, don't terrorize them you half men. Women should have the freedom to choose to wear a burqa or not, and not feel like a second class citizens.  The freedom to spell burka any way they want also. The freedom to be an atheist if they choose.,,, right?
There is another side to the burqa story. Islamic extremism has  ruled THEIR  part of the world for 1000 years,  1014 A.D. to 2014.   Muslim Atheists must constantly face death threats, injuries and harassment, torture and murder. So I ask again, imagine the life of a left handed lesbian atheist in Lebanon? 
In Christian private schools, students that tried to write left handed were ostracized and the nuns were bashed their hands with rulers.   Don't tell me religion doesn't change things much, don't tell me religion is about a relationship with Jesus. Many still suffer the trauma of that religious education as my wife will attest.
 Should women be overly modest with burqas, or overly vulgar like they are on American TV?  Maybe there is something to think about here. How about somewhere in the middle?
                Wearing a burka, I am told,  forces men to look at a womans face and deal with them and not create some psuedo-sexual flirtation incident, that gives creepy despotic men illegitimate authority, as they do in western society.  This is the response to the accusation that burkas are a subjugation of women. Theoretically, modest dress is a good choice.
               Women need to feel comfortable and safe so they can bring out their intuitive and sensitive talents to the main table.  This is the time when women can bring peace to the world and end the cycle of atrocities and violence. What kind of men would hurt women and children and think they are close to God?  We all know this is sick, and many American men look at Muslim men as a bunch of cowards when they let Islamic extremists bully their wives, daughters and sisters.  With the scimitar always hanging over head, they will perpetually live in fear, unfortunately. Killing a "shamed" female of the family appears to be part of their dogma.

               Freedom to Create a Life for yourself , that is separate from over-arching governmental authority, and a liberation from religious dogma that often trumps self-determination .  This  search for personal freedom and individual liberty, motivates my writing efforts. Many freedoms are desperately lacking in far too many situations around the world, and ideas for a world constitution will soon surface in the media.   
 Conspiracy nuts will be falling out of the tree with the fear of Big Brother and a Techno Totalitarian Tyranny; the anticipated   New World Order. But I see a peasant revolt looming, one of peaceful anarchy, and one that embraces the agrarian, and a return to the belief that the " of authority derives from the free consent of the people..."  Many of us have evolved beyond religion and government. Anarchy Agrarian Authority--a world constitution that aspires to be a high thread count in the fabric of Liberty that will effectively break down illegitimate authority, and send it into the sewer where it belongs. 

               What many people would like to see is a decentralization of authority-the anarchy part of this equation.  Anarchy is not chaos but an absence of coercion. The freedom to grow food on small farms -this is the agrarian part. A village or union or a civic group ---authority begins there, with our civic groups. 

Can you have a world constitution without global authority?

  Can there be a peasant revolution around the world where farmers take back the   stewardship of the earth?  In some countries farmers are burning "free" Monsanto seeds because they don't want genetically engineered anything. Many countries are ostracizing these criminal corporations, and yet, the United States can barely get a GMO labeling law on the ballot.

                  Otherwise, there are many positive trends towards keeping traditional seed varieties, and growing these non-patented varieties to take back the market.  Markets that are being separated from the superstore hegemony, that has taken over the last 50 years.
               Seriously consider boycotting companies that YOU  have an ethical conflict with. Corporations now wield power via the authority they command, and particularly the 'manufactured demand' that Noam Chomsky famously discusses.  
Is pollution lessening and are fish populations increasing? Is the atmosphere pretty clean? Mother Earth may need to apply some discipline because air and water quality around the world is degrading fast despite regulations. She may choose some indiscriminate justice with earthquakes or Frankenstorms or most likeliest of all, volcanoes.  Bozeman the storm from 2014 seems like a warning to me.
In my story The Purple Rose, Mother Earth moves tectonic plates to limber up after her long sleep, and completely disrupts world trade. That's my myth. One of many.  The truth is that when Mother Earth feels herself heating up, she lets loose volcanic explosions. The cloud cover created by ash keeps the sun out and cools her off.
This is a place to separate atheist greens and polytheist Pagans. Is the earth a her or a thing?

 Christian and Islamic patriarchal mythology infests our libertyand misology is a word that means the hatred of ideas and open discussion, and misogyny is the hatred of women. There is absolutely no need for the three patriarchal religions to repress views contrary to their self-limiting ideology. Instead,   we can expose the hate speech coming out of the mouths of preachers, pastors and priests from their pulpits of hate, and expose their nonsense to the sunlight and kill it.    Weirdo Baptists and their fantasy world filled with Jesus the Warrior, fighting demons and saving the faithful.

 Is there any stopping the mad rampage of the Capitalists with their thirst for selling energy, and why is rational preservation of resources   scorned?     
            This brings me to misology. Not found in very many dictionaries, it means the hatred of ideas. The revulsion of reason, argument, or enlightenment. 
               The spirit of 1776 has been crushed and replaced with the aforementioned manufactured demand,along with the culture of the warrior elite. The War Culture, the tree cutting and ecosystem destroying culture, and they have been on a rampage against nature these last 200 years.

               The profits of previous five decades have given us the weapon saturated world we have today, and nuke waste is still waiting for its 10,000 year storage bins. There will need to be a multi-billion, if not trillion, dollar effort to decommission the nuclear power plants that created temporary, cheap electricity.  Another trillion for all the other toxic waste sites the alarmists proclaim.
              U.S.Veterans feel they are patriots because they risked their lives in Europe and Asia and wherever else.   Remember, the Constitution says the military would "provide for the common defense." And that's it!. How did we get this 800 billion dollar offensive war machine?  Call it what you will, but it was once known as Liberal Totalitarianism. Managing the world (for its own good).
             In 2015,  President Washington would also discover that the “unprecedented” post war prosperity of the fifties and sixties was fueled by rapacious plundering, such as the many forests that were clear cut to ignite the suburban housing boom. Then government subsidized the nuclear power industry, and other weapon manufacturing jobs, giving people great pay back in those "greatest generation" days, but now we have that trillion dollar toxic cleanup that no one wants to talk about. Something to think about as you work for minimum wage at McDonalds or WalMart, and your conservative Uncle touts his "values system" as he asks you what you are doing with your degree.
             Tons of dangerous chemicals at military sites and biohazards  at weapons of mass destruction assembly sites need to be taken care of. Fuck your uncle.    The Greatest Generation got cheap electricity in the 50’s, 60’s & 70's, but left the problem of storing nuclear waste to generations unborn. That is a values system? Judeo Christian ethics? If God is love, it's a toxic dysfunctional love.

                   A rising tide of enlightenment will eventually drown the meanness, prejudice, bigotry and hate of the grossly misnamed greatest generation. They will disappear into the fetid cesspool of ignorance they created. The Corporate Authoritarian Despots (c.a.d.'s), that they bow down to, will no longer control our economy, once Progressives get motivated and small farmers and truckers unite.   Unite in  spirit without hierarchy.  
                    This older generation has been brainwashed to worship all coercive authority. Boomers work ceaselessly to keep their heads above water ,or are deeply into the greed machine, and their stock investments in polluting corporations to keep them docile.  "can't change things, may as well play the game.  The youth are looking ahead, but don’t understand some of the old American traditions.   Around the world, millions of us are transcending generation, race, gender, and class barriers;  and we are unafraid to discuss the taboos. We are uniting without a coercive hierarchy. Trust is anarchy.

The clotted nothingness of todays liberalism and the venomous spewings of   conservatives are the only two that have a voice in the mainstream media. As comedian  Lewis Black says, "The Democratic Party is the party of no ideas, and the Republican Party….. is the party of bad ideas."

          Let’s give ourselves the chance for a new start, with the rejection of violence and discrimination, and a time for  ushering in of The Dawn of Civilization.
 What about the independent viewpoint? The independents have no steadfast, limiting ideology. We develop our own viewpoints and philosophies. We are tired of coercive governments and corrupt corporations. We are in the Tea Party and we are in Occupy Wall Street.
        We believe Churches serve quasi-governmental functions, as do the Cub Scouts, the Rotary, Homeowners associations and Garden Clubs. Government should be our solid edge and border maintaining our Constitution, and all these civic groups are a high thread count in the fabric of freedom.
A storm is brewing

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