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Wednesday, March 2, 2016



How many people understand socialism and understand it's destruction of America?

By Rufus Leaking the 3rd
                    I invested in GM in the 50's and taxpayers cleaned up the toxic waste from production facilities. Then I got a job at Dow Chemical where I made a lot of money from the government, designing methods to deploy napalm in Vietnam. After that, I invested in a high profit company that obtained numerous government contracts and when we got caught pouring iridium down a well, we got fined peanuts. As this nuclear waste found its way into the water supply we all laughed and clipped fat cigars at the country club.

              But then I realized I didn't have quite enough money, so I got together with an old friend in the late 70’S, and we took great delight in bulldozing forests to make suburbs. When the sissy state I lived in started cleaning up the rivers, and made my friends update their smokestacks with those coercive clean air laws, I moved to Florida.   I got involved heavily in sugar production, making gargantuan profits in the 80's as Americas seriously began to overeat and sugar was a tremendous growth industry.

        We emptied the Lake Okeechobee watershed and farmed the rich mud. By farming I mean applying lots of chemicals and depleting the rich soil for our huge profits.  We were on a first name basis with many Florida legislators, Marco Rubio being the latest.
               Taxpayers are now paying for a 2 Billion dollar cleanup of the Everglades and I still have 5 homes.   Last week toxic goop from Lake Okeechobee was released and ended up on the beaches in the middle of the tourist season.   
               These days me and my fourth wife go out to Chez Gougeeng every night in our Rolls Royce and there's a rags to riches story for you. My newest wife grew up in Appalachia with coal dust in her fingernails and asbestos in her hair and then she joined the army.  One of 30 million veterans getting extra benefits regular citizens don't get.  

                    She got lucky because for 18 of her 20 years of service, all she did was sell boots and shoes at the commissary and now she has a lifetime pension and free medical care. They gave her a golden shoehorn when she retired.          
                         She doesn't really need the benefits because we are so rich, but it's nice to know it's there just in case Obama takes from us rich people who have worked hard all our lives. Why should a smart man like me be penalized for making all the right moves in life? I was in the right place at the right time and played a tough game when I needed to. Why should my profits go to do nothing layabouts and ne'er do wells?  They all got Cadillacs don't they?

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