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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


EARTH                     MOVEMENT

          John A Almada  
                 © 2017  

            John A Almada                       

18,000 words This is my submission for the 92,000 word E-book I am finishing called The Earth Movement.
           I am responsible for what I have written, not for what you think I wrote, or meant.  Simply stated, the opinions expressed herein, may at times resemble facts, therefore… always double and triple check before you let incorrect facts loose on the internet. If you DO quote from this book, you will find my most implausible and unbelievable facts are actually the ones that are the most fully researched and 100% true.  It's wise to be skeptical, especially now with our viral information overload.
This is not a guide for dummies and idiots, and you need a working know ledge of history, ecosystems, workers' rights and  a freewheeling spirituality in order to understand the problems I present, and to comprehend the possible solutions I suggest. I believe it is consensus that we seek, not confrontation. 
 This treatise of gloom called The Earth Movement is actually comedy,   and the humor is subtly embedded within the tragedy of our times. There is a sad reality that there are billions of people living in misery on what was once a bountiful, clean planet.  It’s as simple as that.
 I respect your intelligence and therefore have hidden jokes and vague cultural references throughout this book that different people will get at different times and in different ways.  
                             You also must be willing to contemplate new perspectives, because    the voter/citizen/worker needs to lead now, and follow no longer.     Let me guide you around some of the seemingly intractable dilemmas of our modern era and offer  solutions.


               MY FAVORITE QUOTES FROM                         THE EARTH MOVEMENT
               " The founding revolutionaries of the United States excoriated and eviscerated religions creepy grasp on the VITAL ENERGY OF DEMOCRACY in the United States."
                'The best way to keep Sharia Law out of this country is to keep Biblical Law out of our laws, AND for gods sake, stop forcing politicians to use the Bible for oath swearing, and we are NOT one nation under god either."
            "A series of fires by Christians, Caliphs and Romans at three separate times assured that ancient pagan history would not see the light of day again."
                "…the inexact nonsense of religion and the precise bullshit of science."
                "Wall Street was consuming Main Street with debt, knowing when times were tough, the small business will fail, but the large corporations just gets bigger; an incremental growth strategy that worked. "
                " Unborn intellectuals will discuss the myopic wisdom of 20th century economists, who were unable to see the rapacious plundering of the earth and how it was going to have a negative impact on future prosperity and resource sustainability. I'm proud to stand with Progressives because the First Progressive Era brought Americans into a modern age of invention, convenience recreation, and safety. "
            "Eventually, the preachers asked, do we worship the Creator or the Creation? Most preachers seemed to think we must worship God and to hell with the animals and trees.  In 1636, Roger Williams said the king had no right claim native lands and was banished for his efforts.  He went south to Rhode Island where he started his own colony through legal means, purchasing land from the Narragansets at fair value. "
               "The longer we allow the Predatory Capitalists to maintain their ferocious pace of resource depletion, the more difficult it will be to try and achieve a sustainable prosperity in the future".
                "The American ancient forests were ignominiously sliced and sold like cheap luncheon meat as Canada’s Boreal Forest is today. Around Earth, too much habitat is being lost with no public outcry because of the media blackout of important issues.  The #weakstreammedia"
"Millenials will be a pool of workers to pay off bank, insurance, automaker and
city government bankruptcies. Ironically supporting government guaranteed pensions and social security, knowing they will never have either."
          "Survival of the luckiest is the actual reality. If California broke off tomorrow due to an earthquake in a similar catastrophe, you would be lucky to survive it. It wouldn't matter how fit and agile or clever you were."
           John A Almada

                                              CHAPTER 1    
                              THE WAY OF THE BIRDS
You’ve read the trite memes, they all say, basically, grin and bear it in a thousand different ways. Be like the armless and legless man who climbed Mt Everest, never give up.   Keep the body pristine, while deceiving the spirit.
Type A personalities are always in the accomplishment mode, and that's fine, but they shouldn't be chastising those who pursue art, music, gardening, poetry, poor eating habits and other "unproductive" distractions and diversions.    

                 To deny yourself the many simple joys during this one lifetime is to do the worst type of damage you can to your spirit.  We are actually meant to enjoy this, our only life perhaps, and our life should be about diversions and experiencing as many physical and cerebral pursuits that we can. And Love. For some, Love is the only religion and for most of us, LOVE is what we need to stay immortal.   When our planet is blown up by our exploding sun, your former molecules will be blown across the entire solar system and you become part of a solar dust storm.
                     I don't want police cars to say In God we Trust.  I don’t want them to say In Allah we Trust either.   When our gracious Islamic brothers and sisters want to kneel and pray 5 times a day at work or in the public commons, I have every right to object to this practice.  I don't want my grandchildren to see "In Allah We Trust" on the dollar bill neither. Your constitutional rights end where mine begin.   I can pray five times a day too, and I guarantee you, it is disconcerting to hear my freedom of religion. I pray to my Metal Gods at full volume.  
               My focus is on the earth and on gathering advocates together to fight for environmental justice. We can see in our lifetime how much has been lost, and how much plastic garbage, as just one of the problems that have been accumulating along with toxic waste stockpiles that have been ignored for decades.  The #weakstreammedia won’t even mention the nuclear waste problem. And our polluter-in-chief wants to make it worse.
                 Yearning for permanence, we ruminate on how many flip phones must be in landfills by now.  We want environmental justice and it is not an Agenda 21 idea to desire pristine watersheds and diverse forest lands. The Polluter-in-Chief and his scorched earth pals intend to make a lot more money without regard to Mother Nature.
                   I just want to be an inspiration to those ready to spur onwards into the future.   The main emphasis of my book called, "The Earth Movement," is to explain that   2017 is the time to stand up for the earth before Toxic Terrorism by corporations makes her uninhabitable.  The Earth Movement is about all of us doing what we know we need to do and the resistance by the Standing Rock Water Protectors of the Oglala Aquifer is the kind of battle that needs to happen.  The first gathering of the Rainbow Warriors and it’s the template for revolution, unlike the Bundy bird sanctuary occupation which was white privilege spreading their wings.  
                Bird populations are critical during climate change, because it was the birds that carried the seeds to new locations during other geological disturbances.   Small songbirds carrying endemic and rare seeds to new locations are absolutely crucial in saving every precious plant species and keep threatened endemic habitats from being destroyed. Every nut and bolt of Nature must be preserved, as Aldo Leopold insisted back in the forties, so we know what we have. 

            The thieves, maligners and the destroyers of nature are CONVERSELY, the heroes of capitalism. They neglected to invest in people and this is what you feel in your gut. This is what is wrong; your earth is rapidly being degraded beyond repair and there are too many poor, working people in the world.  Capitalism fails and flails as the façade of Manifest Destiny crumbles away.  Meanwhile two billion more sweatshop workers were born the last 50 years, thanks to the mis-named Green Revolution.                      
            We have 75% less habitat for migrating pollinators to deal with during this change of climate.  This is real. The Stock Market and money isn't quite as real.  Will the stock market be here in 10,000 years? This is an important question because Nature still needs to be here when the prosperity of Wall Street is long forgotten, and there are no ifs ands or buts about it.           
    The next step is how to spread abundance to all. Should it be Capitalism, with its waste and competition? Should it be socialism with the government coming to our apple orchards to count and confiscate our products for the good of all?  It's neither, and we know that.   We need to discuss how we can open markets for real, and re-invent the family farm for all the people in the world. Green Resistance insists that profiteering from earth destruction has to end, and all food production must be sustainable.
 We create abundance from virtually nothing with the simple seed.  It is so critically important for the future that we have as large a seed base as possible. We should be able to create networks to grow enough for all and the surpluses are directed towards the needy so we can all eat.  The environment is quite real, God, maybe not so much.  Hunger is real, salvation maybe not so much.
  Look no further and nurture a seed within yourself, and grow where you are.   Take a sabbatical from how things are supposed to be, and spend 2017 growing a movement, an Earth Movement. Grow a green canopy over the crumbling façade of the illusion of prosperity.

                              CHAPTER 3    TAROT IN THE PARK
A Pagan confrontation with the three patriarchal religions.
Thomas Jefferson believed in a god of nature. George Washington was a Mason and so was Paul Revere, and they were inclined to talk about Goddesses such as Liberty, Minerva, and Victory more often than they talked about the Bible.  An unknown fact, sigh, but certain to be true.
Many American Revolutionary heroes were Unitarians and Atheists and, along with the well-known Deists, and all these independent thinkers did not allow religious bugaboo to cloud their clarity of thought.  Freedom of expression, personal liberty, social justice and the pursuit of happiness were the ideas that propelled our American Revolutionary Heroes, the actual greatest generation, to separate Church and State.  American freedoms are not compatible with a religion that had killed heretics for OVER a thousand years.

                     4    THE INDEPENDENT MAJORITY PARTY      
     “If you are stuck in an ideological rut, (Liberal or Conservative), the incendiary rhetoric contained herein may greatly increase blood pressure. Please be advised that in the emerging marketplace of ideas, the independent viewpoint needs to be heard.” Excerpts from the zine, “Conservative Conservationist” (1985)     
This chapter goes to the core of workers dignity and personal Liberty, and seeks economic and environmental justice. To find peace in this chaos is to be enlightened.        
The clotted nothingness of liberalism and the venomous spewing of many conservatives represent only small slices of the American Pie; unfortunately the only two that have a voice in the mainstream media. What about the independent viewpoint?   Independents have no steadfast, limiting ideology and we develop our own unique viewpoints and philosophies. We are tired of coercive governments and corrupt corporations.  
The next wave will be a Progressive initiative to reform capitalism into a system that the world can work with forever.  Now, thanks to Bernie Sanders, people finally realize it's called Democratic Socialism.  I think it could also be called Democratic Capitalism, being America and all.  
               The Independent majority is about the many millions of unique, free thinking people around the world; a majority that crosses all class, gender and race barriers. Independents are not brainwashed into religious or cultural extremes. 
            In a collapsing society or IN A DEPRESSION, or when the dollar is no longer the go-to world currency, how many pension funds, guaranteed by the government, can be paid?  How much money deposited in banks can be insured? Tea Party enthusiasts don’t realize they are one government guaranteed pension fund away from dumpster diving, and the government is backing far more than it could possibly support in a large market crash.  This is why Wall Street got bailed out in 2008.  The government didn't have the trillions to pay depositors and investors if they went under, hence too big to fail.
             We anticipate the logjam of the Liberal-Conservative debate to break soon and new ideas, independent ideas, will burst onto the media. A new culture and economic system has begun to rise up and its healthy greenery will grow a canopy over the dying, destructive, death dealing, war loving culture of Manifest Destiny.  This final, demented phase of Capitalism that wasn’t IMAGINED by Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Oligarchy with their rose colored greed glasses.  In their world, the rich should own everything, for our own good of course.   Authoritarian Totalitarianism.
            Theodore Roosevelt was one of the few in power that was brave enough to confront the predatory monopolies head on.  He saw what grappling beasts the giant corporations could be, and how Mom and Pop Capitalism and our traditional rural culture were suffering from corporate bullying in the market place. He was also enough of a conservationist to have started the National Parks system AND the National Estuary Program.        
                Maybe we should shift the military pension to start after 30 years served, instead of 20 as it has been.  Everyone is tightening their belts---except the military. There are many people today that are biding their time, milking it, so they can get that 20 year pension.  Then you find them at the Tiki Bar spending freely and drinking bigly. Then later wobbling towards their flag bedecked Cadillac. Let them retire, and then start phasing out all this gravy. Then there are the paper tigers in the Pentagon, the pencil pushing pensioners with plush payments in perpetuity. 
 Sixty years ago there were three times as many hiking trail miles as there were logging road miles. Currently the opposite is true with three times as many linear miles of logging roads compared to hiking trails.  But then how can you amass clear cutting profits to spread around with your rich friends? Republicans are poised to launch more forays into our ancient forests. 
AND IN 2017, REPUBLICANS ARE READY TO SELL NAMING RIGHTS OF OUR NATIONAL PARKS TO CORPORATIONS if not outright sell the parks to mining companies and other polluters.  It’s not about global warming, stupid, it’s about pollution.
            How much longer will the 20 cent an hour worker in third world countries remain silent, docile and obedient? Asian sweatshops that make our clothing and other items could pay workers a livable wage and in a few years, voila, American made clothing becomes more competitive.  Their product costs more, but workers have much more to spend. You are told of the down side of inflation by economists and Wall Street who only care about their investments, not how 80% of us struggle with the cost of this modern life that has been forced on us and how the violent paradigm of the war culture creates havoc with families of soldiers.
              ( #bernwallstreetbern )  All American products become more competitive when wages go up in the poorest parts of the world, and suddenly these same people will be able to afford other workers products.  Float up Economics is simple and part two is to tax the funny money of the wealthy and turn paper profits into housing and food for people. Promote good pay and safe working conditions around the world and a new economy will emerge. There might be inflation for us, but a more competitive market for our exports. 
          John A Almada  
                 © 2017  

            John A Almada    Big Business (Wall Street) has sucked the life out of Main Street and I think the whole Predatory Capitalist system is dysfunctional, anti-family and anti-liberty. We need a good dose of inflation right now to take some pressure off some artificially low prices, created by the corporate nanny state, and to raise some long stagnated wages.
            The spirit of 1776 has been crushed and replaced with manufactured demand and the culture of the warrior elite.  Bloodthirsty foreign actions with drones and jets dropping bombs on numerous Middle Eastern countries, 27,000 bombs in 2016 it’s been reported. Trillion dollar wars encouraged by misguided people who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security back home with our surveillance nation. They are the War Culture and the tree cutting culture.  In 2017 they have accomplished a coup and are going to dramatically increase the military while slicing much of the safety nets the less fortunate depend on.
  George Washington might not agree with the patriotism angle, and would find that bomb bomb bombing Iraq or Vietnam isn‘t the same kind of effort he made at Valley Forge. Our first President would also discover that the “unprecedented” post war prosperity of the fifties and sixties was fueled by rapacious plundering of natural resources.  
               People got cheap electricity in the 50’s and 60’s but left the problem of storing nuclear waste to generations unborn.  There will be10,000 years’ of storage problems in the future, another face palm moment because of the ass backwards greatest generation. 
            The older generation had been brainwashed to worship all coercive authority. The boomers work ceaselessly to keep their heads above water or are deeply into the greed machine. The youth are looking ahead but don’t understand some of the old American traditions.
            Who’s got the money, time or temerity to be independent and face down the Democrat-Republican monopoly? Our constitution demands we protect our liberty…how will we do it? This has to be the time Independents and Greens and Libertarians and others unite to create an umbrella third party. I suggest calling it the Independent Majority Party. IMP
Paradise has been lost to the parasites. They exploit the hard working people of the world and we act like faithful dogs, lemmings and sheep. We bleat furiously but realize we are already fenced in, “for our own good.” Push aside the liberals and conservatives. America waits for her sons and daughters to react. The Independent Majority has arrived. Focus…wake up….get involved.
                                  5    THE NORTH WIND
“Rigatoni #23 verse 9. Though others may pass through my strainer and into the void, thou whost believeth in me, will stick to my teeth as oregano clings to a meatball."   Pastafarian Bible the Flying Spaghetti Monster Speaks
Paganism will test America’s sincerity of its freedom of religion braggadocio, but will the blood run again as the crosses grow, stirring up the ancient hatreds of those brainwashed to fear the Pagans? Zombies trained to search and destroy all forms of pagan expression.  I’m here to tell you that Paganism is everywhere. Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh and many video games, Mother Nature, Yin and yang, the Tarot, the Olympics, illumination and enlightenment of eastern religions, the four directions of the Native Americans, Yoga and chakras and Tai chi and karate and talismans and dream catchers and Kwanzaa and Zen gardens and innumerable other examples that will make people realize our whole society is Pagan inspired anyhow, the entertaining parts of it anyhow. Yearly festivals and seasonal fairs and gatherings are Pagan inspired. Imagine a world run by Christian and Islamic fundamentalists?                                                          
 Back in time we go to the burning of the library in Alexandria which contained 100,000’s of “rolls”, papyrus scrolls of scripts and stories. This ancient knowledge blew away with the wind from the most heinous cases of arson in history. It didn’t just burn overnight either, but reputedly took quite a long time to reduce all ancient Pagan knowledge to cinders.  
 Gaps in history can be attributed to the Goddess oriented societies that were given   the History       Eraser …….Button.          Lost in Alexandria......lost to the winds. The world was once ours.
                                     6         DO AS YE WILL
Given the choice of a 20 dollar shirt from a company in Bangladesh, that pays its workers five dollars a day, or a 30 dollar shirt from a Swedish manufacturer that pays its workers handsomely, which should we choose?
      Take the example of Lucy in Bangladesh, she was taken out of school at the age of 9 to work in a sweatshop and now at 19 her hands are so sore and worn out she doesn’t know how she keeps going. No doctor to check her injury, not enough food to keep her going at her best. Every waking minute is torture and she is unable to see the gift that life is and like many working poor, she is vulnerable to Christianity and Islam’s message that it is okay to live with coercive authority because of the heavenly rewards promised by DELUSIONAL clergy.
        Lucy’s despair deepens; it seems like the End of All Hope. UNION IS ANOTHER WORD WE DARE NOT SPEAK. The fact is that if there was a worldwide minimum wage of a dollar an hour, a pair of sneakers, for instance, would only increase from 70 to 75 dollars. Even though the workers wage has quadrupled the price only goes up 7% because most of the cost of the product goes to corpulent executives and transportation costs.

                                                         7  Druids, Vikings and Darwin
Like the Druids, the Templars were no strangers to travel and knew better to hide out in the Ancient Forests after escaping. Some say the Templars are the source of some of the secret societies and their exemplary fortitude was not destroyed. They await the day to rise again.      
                 Darwins anti-creation treatise called, “The Origin of Species”, mentions that there are great gaps in the evolutionary parade, and if they are not found in the future then some of his theories would need to be updated. Links between fish and walking terrestrial creatures are being found in Greenland recently, but that’s it!   Most evolutionary links have not been found and you really need to also question the “truths” of Evolutionary conventional wisdom.  
  I think Darwin would give pause to “intelligent design” if he were alive today, and would wonder why certain things still don’t add up. For instance up till a certain point in time; there were not any flowering plants. Flowers lead to seeds and fruit, flowers and pollinating insects, flowers and bees—get the picture? Like, the whole cycle of nature practically. Fruit needs pollination and flowers are crucial to the diversity of life on this planet. Scientists cannot clearly find the links between non-flowering and flowering plants and it is disconcerting to them.
Darwin was a genius at observation, and if we brought him to our present day he’d spend a couple weeks studying, then would announce in our modern times.” I can see some sort of intelligent design occurred on this planet. There was no POOF!! Abracadabra, Youuuuu are now a planet. But some sort of gentle nudge from the uh… Unseen Source.

8 Paul Revere and the Liberty Tree   
a) The Great Elm
b) Riotous Revolutionaries
c)  A storm was brewing along with the beer
d)   Disperse ye Rebels
 E   Liberty in Ascendance of Religion
 F   Libertas Holds the Lamp
             Although far out to sea when he went to school, the undetected and untracked hurricane had picked up speed, slamming into the Connecticut coast around 3 o’clock with 115 MPH winds.
            The winds were still blowing over 90 MPH as the dangerous quadrant of the storm went through Hartford where my dad lived; his mom, sister and he looking out the window as trees flapped like the neighbors laundry on the clothes line,  my grandmother barely having  time to bring hers in.
              The Great Awakening in the 1730’s was a "spiritual revival", and a decade when preachers were out of the tent and off the chain. They were desperate to grow their congregations and keep their easy jobs amidst a steady decline of interest from the public. Preachin' Gods word was also a craft, and one of the few that didn't need tools or made you dirty.
 During these many riotous celebrations, remember it was liberty that was the moral vanguard of the Revolution, not the Ten Commandments. Freedom of thought and choice and association and assembly were newly burgeoning traditions anathema to organized religion.
A direct contrast to illustrate to all Americans why we are not a christian nation, despite their Machiavellian efforts the last 400 years to subvert democracy, and create a Theo fascist state. It was a blue collar revolt, a Freeman peasant revolt, that occurred from 1765 to 1775 in New England and that should be the model for us today in 2018.
                     The government manipulation of markets by big business in our modern times would make Theodore Roosevelt wince, and our lack of courage and temerity would make George Washington face palm himself and say "WTF! Why did I even bother?"
              What God is this then that he called upon? Thor, Perun, Boreas or others?  Seriously! Can you hear me Asatruar? This is "not a Christian nation, but a nation of diversity," as President Obama noted early in his presidency assuring the world the Crusades were over. As Josiah Quincy gave this rousing speech, the local business people had dressed up as Mohawks and were headed for the 300 chests of tea sitting in Boston Harbor. The real Tea Party had begun.
                      Colonial Privateers were capturing British food cargo vessels late in the Revolutionary War. The Redcoats were dispirited despite their large numbers. Who would fight against another's freedom after all, especially when you were tired and hungry?    George Hewes had escaped his captors in the bay near Boston and informed George Washington of the demoralized British troops.
Whether reform becomes revolution, And the separation of church and hate,
Calls to us to secure our means, And cling to freedom to bring change to the state.
Falsely accused the righteous will plead, The veiled will scream and clamor for justice,
The gift of life falls from our grip, Game over friends; it’s the end of bliss.

 Section 2   UNITED SCAPES     
 9    BEHIND THE MUSIC OF SUPERBOWL 1     1966                                                   10   POLITRIXTERS AND PROGRESSIVES                                                                                                                                                                                                                               11    PROUD TO BePROGRESSIVE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  12   THE PEOPLE WANT PARKS NOT WAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
    13   THE FUNDAMENTAL ORDERS                                                                                                   
      14    STAY ALERT PATRIOTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           15    ANARCHY is the absence of coercion
16    SOCIALISM IS FOR LOSERS                                                                                                         
                        About the influence of sports in my youth
Off to the doctors we went with my mother horrified to see I bloodied myself again, and it was the eye again. The first time I hurt my eye it left a scar and this second incident left me with choroiditis, (scarring of the retina).
          During the first day of school, the rumor had gotten around that I got a rocket in my eye. Team captain John Kennedy came up to me to get the definitive word. Not rocket. "Rock" I said.  "Jackbag Jimmy Pierce threw a rock at my eye. I'm out for the season. The doctor doesn't want me playing football or even baseball for one complete year. Shit needs to heal and I don't need another severe jolt or my eye will pop out. "
In 1895, children were working in factories and Protestant CEO's took great delight in hiring the Catholic wave of immigrants that arrived in America from 1875-1895, and WASP Capitalism recreated European feudalism in the cities of America.  Fighting the forces of Oligarchy, Progressives forcefully cleaned up state and federal legislatures during the Progressive Era. 1890-1920.
 Occupy Wall Street in 2011-12 was partly about protesting the absolute corruption of large corporations and a demand for authentic democracy and accountability for polluters. The General Assembly of the Occupy Movement was what Thomas Jefferson had in mind as the best way to govern most like a Republic.  Protests at GOP town halls are very much what they had in mind if citizens aren't happy with their representatives. If you can’t get the proper action in your local General Assembly, then you go to the county or the state.
                Big Business has Small Business on the ropes, manufacturing our demand as Noam Chomsky would say, and creating a society where an unsustainable vogue of products prevails.  Endless repetitive commercials pound you into compliance and submission to their glorious products.
            The cheap food policy was actually the Big Profit policy. The simple fact is that 3% of Americans are now currently employed with the corporate Agri- Biz "farming" that we have today. But if 15% of our population worked in farming and food distribution as it was in the 50's, the unemployment problem would be..... What?  That’s right…..disappearing.
       Low prices are where your jobs went too. Mechanization, along with slave labor wages in overpopulated countries, is where the jobs went. 
       So I say the best way to raise wages in the States, is to raise wages around the world. Less for CEO's to hoard and more for workers to spend. 
 How do lawyers earn 200 dollars an hour? Honestly? We allow it. The gardener and maid and plumber and electrician, and everyone else put together who works at the lawyers home to maintain the lawyers luxurious lifestyle, do not make as much as one lawyer, with all their blue collar incomes combined.  I charged a client for 6 months of work maintaining the small garden of a historical home for $250, realizing a few of the people in that office building make that much PER HOUR!
This is a smash and grab robbery of the middle class in their pursuit of proper legal representation.
 My reform is to create a two year law degree from community colleges. Graduates can intern as public defenders because public defenders are rapidly being cut out of city and county budgets.  Let these Community College Lawyers intern for 25 dollars an hour, and not for free. Then charge 50 an hour after their time as an intern is done and they can practice, and the competition would break the stranglehold lawyers have on our government and our courts. Most court cases don’t need complicated preparation but they still charge for it.

                             11    Proud to be Progressive
Revolutionaries understood it, even the clergy of the day went with the enlightened trend.  Religious zeal had been replaced with logic by 1776. The Progressive era grew a healthy canopy of honesty over the unseemly underbelly of the moral high ground hypocrites of the Victorian Age.    
Left to their own devices, big business will pay as little as possible for good wages,     and are unconcerned about the sustainability of raw material, and make safety important only when forced by legislation. This is why you don’t abolish the EPA. 
Progressives want to end the blood sports encouraged by the warrior elite, shooting everything in sight these last 200 years.  To be manly in their eyes you have to kill things.
Women’s right to vote in 1920 rode one of the last waves of Progressive Era reforms. WE THE PEOPLE was important to Progressives then, and they proved it.  They implemented the clarion call of the Fundamental Orders which stated, “Authority is derived from the free consent of the people.”
Freedom and Compassion got married and their firstborn was named Liberty. 
Progressives were middle class business people, writers and reformers, social justice advocates and all those who were being marginalized by wealthy oligarchs in many small towns and big cities across the country. Wall Street was consuming Main Street with debt, knowing when times were tough; the small business will fail but the large corporation just gets bigger. An incremental growth strategy that the 1% used to wear away small business, and bury the Yeehaw of Klondike Capitalism.  
         Wall Street has always tried to control Main Street and the Reagan Era of Greed has accomplished what oligarchs in the 19th century only dreamed about. 1981-2016, let’s hope the era of greed is finally ending, and the modern Progressives will work towards the liberty and compassion, justice and freedom that every human on earth should expect. We are not GO USA but GO World!      #theorangeageofcomedy …a  new era of greed. The final slaughter of                              
          The Illusion of Prosperity will be the cause of many higher prices in the future. The blame will go to Progressives who are trying to correct obvious flaws in our markets. Savor these low inflation rates because our reality, in the future, will be shortages and price spikes. 
           To state that there has been low inflation is a joke. House insurance is up 30% in Florida. Medical procedures go up 20% a year and costs of many items have increased dramatically while the government tells us there is low inflation.  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is our guide to inflation and it is simply no longer accurate.  Neither is the GDP that was created shortly after the Great Depression. The Gross Domestic Product does not really reflect what is going on in the economy.
Nobody can tell me there is low inflation. Veterinarian services are up 20%, car repair is rapidly getting more expensive. Plumber’s rates have increased 50% in the last 5 years.
Briefly, regarding the word Progressive, Republicans are trying to associate what was once a good word, into something that now means hippies, blue collar dinosaurs, unions, conservationists, and all those other code words and dog whistles that tell the Rush Republicans that Progressive means anti-profit, anti-private property and that they are free thinking weirdoes.
The muckrakers at the beginning of the 1900’s were finding avaricious and hexcretous wealth in the lives of the greedy and gluttonous. The grandiose and grotesquely rich saw nothing wrong with rat meat in the commoner’s sausage. The amoral excessively wealthy were responsible for making my grandmother, and millions of others, work 12 hours without very few breaks when she was 12 years old.  Workers were practically chained to their work stations, and the result was 12 year old girls peeing their bloomers.  Or people adjusted as they always do, and didn't drink anything all day to please their bosses by not using the bathroom. Then they became dehydrated and passed out. Then they were fired.
Thomas Jefferson promoted the idea of the citizen legislator, where a broad spectrum of workers and crafts are represented in the federal government; Carpenter, blacksmith, nurse, teacher, fireman, lunch lady. The idea was to always have a representative sample of the population, not what we have today; where 40% of Congress are lawyers, an army of law making psychopaths and idiot savants with more personality than brains, in lockstep with their oligarchs’ agenda, and nary a working slob among them.   
 They will have retrospect in the future I’m sure. Unborn intellectuals will discuss the myopic wisdom of 20th century economists, who were unable to see the rapacious plundering of the earth was going to have a negative impact on future prosperity and resource sustainability.  Environmentalists are despised by right wingers, but the Greens are trying to save the best of the Earth for all future generations and intend to prevent the final slaughter of nature. 
            I'm proud to stand with Progressives because the First Progressive Era brought Americans into a modern age of invention, convenience recreation and safety.  Denizens of the alt right think the mass of people should be working 16 hours a day at 5 dollars an hour.  We all have to claw and scratch our way to success. Go to night school and become a fiduciary if that’s what it takes. Women have had to endure every  degradation at the workplace with men and their “locker room talk”
Many have gotten fat off the government the last fifty years with weapon contracts and high paying jobs in the military industrial complex War has become more important than recreation, subverting our “pursuit of happiness” and countering the primary capitalist precept of supply and demand. We demand recreational areas but we are supplied with war instead.    
 These war loving men have taken control of most societies for 2,500 years.  War is not really normal human behavior anymore, wouldn‘t you say?  It is time to evolve and stop sending the healthiest off to die overseas and develop spheres of influence where many countries contribute to peace in a region. Europe, India, China, Australia and others need to step up to the plate with organized relief efforts in their sphere of influence, and we need an authentic effort to end war.
Making weapons, selling weapons and creating wars to destroy them is the plan. Rocketing stock prices enable the military industrial surveillance matrix to keep a revolving door of lobbyists and elected officials to curry their favor. 
Then on Monday, get to the office and agrees with the old guys that this Elvis character was Satan in disguise, “We’re burning his records Saturday, why don’t ya show up?” 1958 was scary with many international conflicts brewing and there were commies everywhere. General Eisenhower tried to avoid war his first term, then came the Eisenhower Doctrine which began his second term.
I'm proud to stand with Progressives because the First Progressive Era brought Americans into a modern age of invention, convenience, recreation and safety. 
Vietnam was “a policy of containment” but you didn’t enhance my pursuit of happiness with the Vietnam War. In fact, the last six years of school was tainted with the looming presence of the military draft.  Did my graduating class need go to Asia to kill people we had no real quarrel with: to stop a world takeover of communism? Sounds kind of loony in retrospect doesn't it?
We didn't get it, it seemed to be a severely dysfunctional world filled with prejudice and inequality that we had been born into.
I realize too, that many blacks are needlessly prejudiced against whites also. Young black people hearing bad shit about white people their whole childhood, creates the same anger white racists passed on to their children.  Let’s end this please.
Many of today s teabaggers are formerly corrupt union democrats.  They are often pensioned from a war production facility, and this authoritarian loving; heaven bound generation were the biggest sellouts to coercive authority there had ever been.
Why can’t a black guy be hired? Why not pay the woman the same as a man? Whazzup with that? We didn’t get it.
They won’t be real victories till we encode liberty, embed equality, ostracize criminality and vanquish cruelty. Let’s give ourselves the chance for a new start, with the rejection of violence and the ushering in of a new Dawn of Civilization. Demand Peace and cut the military budget in half. If you are not embarrassed the United States have managed to drop bombs (for peace and freedom thanks for your service) on 14 countries since WW2.
                              13   The Fundamental Orders
    Death and injury brought grief and disruption to countless families over thousands of years of war, and most accepted their lives of toil and misery:  THEIR BODIES were no more than CANNON FODDER, their labor taxed heavily by the local despot be it the church or state.
            The despair of the working poor is captured in the 16th century phrase, “Thy life is a bitch, and then thouest dies.” In time, the pilot light of personal liberty had begun to flicker, and new lands were sought.                                                                                                  
          It wasn't until later that the elitists actively promoted the slaughter of the indigenous people. Faith based genocide, it was. The New Capitalists found easy money as they stripped the country of resources.  Elitist historians think our history is war; true, a war to stamp out the heathen polytheists, in any form! A war on nature. A war on life. Always war. Always fear. Fear of an angry god that needs you to obey coercive authority and fear Muslims, Mexicans, and Witches.
                They were instilling people with fear and damnation, and it kept them employed. There was always one religion trying to capture your mind and control your town or another sect of Christianity trying to maintain a congregation.
            Most of the population paid lip service to the preachers who were whipping up an anti-native frenzy. The new world was filled with heathens, the population was warned from the pulpits of hate, and a popular T-shirt back then in the church book stores, would have been, “So little time, so many pagans to smite.” They used scare tactics suggesting these Native Americans needed to be slaughtered. Never doing any of the killin' themselves, these moral high ground religious hypocrites saw the native population as troublesome and ungovernable and sought their extinction from the start and encouraged their parishioners to kill as many as possible.  Seriously, WWJS? To Hell with you!
            Roger Ludlow drew up a document for governing this new organization and called it The Fundamental Orders. He created what has been praised as the first practical constitution to declare, "The foundation of authority rests with the free consent of the people." Also at that time in 1636, Roger Williams said the king had no right claim to native lands and was banished for his efforts.  He went south to Rhode Island where he started his own colony through legal means, purchasing land from the Narragansets at fair value. 
  The Connecticut Colony was mostly taking care of themselves and also enjoyed unprecedented economic freedom. This was something new.  It was anarchy in a sense because of the completely decentralized nature of authority.  Don't get in the way of chimney and fence inspectors and if there were no religious kooks in the neighborhood, you could get by pretty well if you were good at storing crops for the winter and could get a good load of firewood piled up in time.
                      14    STAY ALERT PATRIOTS
This country was created by people who finally outsmarted the christians politically. Remember it was only 50 years previous to our revolution that it finally became illegal to kill witches and Quakers. Enlightenment was spreading fast, and true freedoms were within reach, and by 1776, most thinking people were no longer swayed by the religious bugaboo that kept people frozen in fear of an angry god.
     Critics of our founding fathers say that they were an elite ruling class. I tell these people that the evolution of personal liberty ‘had to begin somewhere and it had to begin somehow’.  How could justice and equality suddenly arrive full blown out of nowhere? Give these dudes some credit. It would be like complaining that Alexander Graham Bell should have invented a message machine when he invented the telephone.   
                        The Masons higher degrees understand and utilize Egyptian mysticism, among other beliefs. No real harm in that except it’s kinda like Paganism in my view which had been persecuted for 1300 years previous. You know, Poly theism with Gods like Neptune and Goddesses like Isis and Minerva and Liberty, along with muses such as Clio are among the deities they studied. I think there is some Pagan magic I can tap into in D.C. at the upcoming anti-war rallies.
                   George Washington’s beliefs had far more in common with the Native Pagan Indians than they did with some Puritan or Calvinist tightass ideal. If our 1776 ancestors talked about god, they were mostly paying lip service to the pontificating buzz killers who have fraudulently tried to turn America into a religious backwater the last 400 years.
     15   Anarchy is the absence of coercion. 

            Guess where all your money has gone the last 35 years?  Low prices here and low wages in foreign countries is the reason.  35 years of Reaganomics has led to tens of millions of bankruptcies and foreclosures, and layer after layer of white collar barnacles that has devoured our culture like an insatiable tapeworm.
     I've noticed fire trucks and police cars have had much louder sirens the last couple of years. I find myself wanting to put my fingers in my ears, unless I'm driving, of course. 
           I also note that police car lights are much brighter in the last five years with the encroaching police state; turning up the heat slowly so we don’t notice.

         I often note the many examples of corporations making billions of dollars, leaving industrial towns abandoned and decrepit, while creating toxic and carcinogenic pollution. We are somehow thankful of this and willingly PAY THE CLEANUP COSTS, unless of course, it's in Flint Michigan where nobody has public safety in mind.
      An unrepentant capitalist tells his story 
       By farming I mean applying lots of chemicals and depleting the rich soil for our huge profits.  We were on a first name basis with many Florida legislators, Marco Rubio being the latest.
            Then I realized I didn't have quite enough money, so I got together with an old friend in the late 70’s, and we took great delight in bulldozing forests to make suburbs. When the sissy state I lived in started cleaning up the rivers, and made my friends update their smokestacks with those coercive clean air laws, I moved to Florida where I got involved heavily in sugar production, making gargantuan profits in the 80's as Americas seriously began to overeat and sugar was a tremendous growth industry (and subsidized by government).
               Taxpayers are now paying for a 2 Billion dollar cleanup of the Everglades and I still have 5 homes.   Last week toxic goop from Lake Okeechobee was released and ended up on the beaches in the middle of the tourist season.   Them's the breaks right?
 Section 2   UNITED SCAPES     
   17     THE PASSENGER PIGEON AND SUSTAINABLE PROSPERITY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  18     SAVE THE FRESHWATER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
                    19     LIBERTY IS THE VANGUARD                                                                                                            87                                                                                                                                                                                   
    20     DESPICABLE RABBLE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
 21     PAGAN PROGRESSIVE PATRIOT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
   22     TABOOS EXPOSED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
    23      ECONOMICS 2101                                                                                               104                                                                                                                                                                                      
   24     ILL GOTTEN GAINS                                                                                                                    
            The economics of resource depletion
        The longer we allow the Predatory Capitalists to maintain their ferocious pace of resource depletion, the more difficult it will be to try and achieve a sustainable prosperity in the future.  The Illusion of Prosperity is a phrase I’d like to popularize, because today’s prosperity is due, at least partially, from stealing resources from the sustainable future.  Rule #1 should be "Keep the Earth intact," and this prosperity creates an illusion that the Industrial Revolution and “progress” are responsible for this affluence. But there's the hidden cost of exhausting land, compromising water quality, polluting the air, and stealing from other countries and continents by depleting their natural resources before they even get to use them.
            The baby of freedom got thrown out with the bathwater of false prosperity and never ending war. I thought we all wanted to end war.                        
                Once considered conspiracy theorists, stout hearted environmental alarmists have proven to everyone that oceans were being overfished and depleted.  There is plenty of fish in the sea we were told; not any more. There once was true abundance: with rivers filled with fish, and forests filled with game and a bounteous ocean filled with food to last forever.  The only problem is that it had to be maintained sustainably.  Instead the oceans were swept clean by thousand foot nets. The over fishing issue led to fishing restrictions and had your factory fishing fleets all groaning and complaining when stock areas were  finally closed  to restore fish populations, and then many places banned net fishing so regular folks got slapped with another poor tax by not being able to throw their nets out to catch dinner.
           Hopefully we won’t have any examples, IN THE FISH POPULATION, like the passenger pigeon, a population that crashed in fifty years, and an inexplicable extinction that still has scientists scratching their heads. 
The American ancient forests were ignominiously sliced and sold like luncheon meat as Canada’s Boreal Forest is today. Around Earth, too much habitat is being lost with no public outcry because of the media blackout of important issues.  The #weakstreammedia.
We suffer with low supply in the present for the profits of the past, and there are many more resources being depleted like this. America’s primary form of capitalism serves CEO’S and stockholders: with little or no respect for the diversity of life in the ocean or any of the other world habitats.
An entire network of small business would have remained intact, and every community would still have locally caught fresh fish like it was in the America that once was.
          If 50% of the topsoil has been lost in the last 100 years because of ignorant farming methods what will they be expected to farm on in 100 years? The cheap food policy has failed.                                                                                                            
                                      18    SAVE  THE  FRESHWATER
     This story is about Desoto Pond. A farmers long abandoned pond and disposal area that contained a Desoto (57 I think. 55 maybe, it was badly decomposed) laying in it.   "That there's my rotting pond. Everything goes in there and nothing leaves,” The problem with private property rights in this case, is that when his little pond overflowed with seasonal wet conditions, the oil and gas and toxic materials flowed into the streams and brooks, eventually to the Connecticut River.  Connecticut had to implement a 500 million dollar plan to clean it up because it was so filthy from factory waste.
Is it so much to want to keep toxins out of water supplies? Rapacious profiteers and topsoil strippers and watershed manipulators, I wonder how this kind of agriculture can be described as anything but bad farming.  It’s not; it’s profiteering, land speculation, and political manipulation. Then Conservatives complain when money is spent on cleanup or preservation. It is their constituency that is polluting our country. 
                 Imagine what lay in private hidden dumps across America as the Greatest Generation and their lackeys made the money needed for their toxic enterprises but an expensive future cleanup waits for Millennials.     
 I wondered at this point what it would be like to try and get hiking trail easements for this path I was developing.
                     19 LIBERTY IS THE VANGUARD  
          This chapter discusses how moral codes from various sources are far superior to Biblical Law. Sharia Law is just as bad or worse and hardly even worth my time.
                The Green Mountain men were not only fighting for their own liberty within their territory, but helping the 13 colonies to establish THEIR independence. Without the Green Mountain Men and their superior militia initiatives at Fort Ticonderoga, American Liberty may have succumbed to the managed liberty and the "Enlightened Despotism" of that era.  
               Many greens have no connection to the divine and that’s fine with them, and who cares and why waste my time asks the emerging atheism?  To say that a deity told them the earth was theirs to plunder, Vis a Vis the Bible, is the credo of pudden heads with no sense. Working or roaming the land; growing food and local hunting and local fishing was the American way. For 10,000 years
              The simple fact is that the greatest generation and their lackeys have done 7 generations of resource extraction in one, and have profited greatly. Hoarding more money than they need, they call themselves successful but they cheated plain and simple and were, at the least, enablers of greed. Immense fortunes and giant holdings of land keep the little people from owning land and hunting for their own food as we once did.
                 Logical dwellers in the 21st century need to call them out on it, which Greens often do.                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Christians were outfoxed by Washington Jefferson Madison Adams and others and if we can keep Biblical Law out of any legal codes in the United States we will also be able to keep out Sharia law in the future. No slippery slope, more like a plain spoken nope.
        Why was there even a civil rights struggle? Why did women have to fight for gender equality and gays for marriage equality? One simple answer --- Christians. Long agonizing battles my entire life because of obstinacy and obfuscation, prejudice and bigotry. Now the king of deplorables has been crowned their king.
 What’s nice are the Old School farmers and back to the land hippies in Vermont clinging to the mom and pop system of yesterday, and they have retained parts of the past that should not be abandoned.  There is no machine that is going to take the place of people tapping trees for maple syrup. No machine is going to set up a vegetable stand on the back roads.   
                                                   THE EIGHT DIRECTIONS OF DRUDDISM                   
   "1……Encode Liberty ….2……Embed equality…….3…. invalidate injustice ……………… 4… Ostracize criminality  ….5….humble the mighty …6  ……… vanquish cruelty ….7 ….    cultivate opportunity and …..8…..and sleep on the couch as needed
  The other side embraces and awaits our return,
And with shield and sword we discard our name.
Swirling the whirlwind we ride tonight,     V for victory and PEACE for all to claim.
                We can form a group like the Green Mountain Men and ally ourselves with the efforts that work towards finally eliminating racism and corporate monopolies, and creating our own peoples markets. With the Greens ten key values, the 9 Noble Virtues of Viking culture and the 8 directions of Druddism along with Buddhism's 8 fold path, along added to the 7 Principles of the Unitarian Universalists, and so now we have 42 modern and relevant guidelines that we can follow.  To build a future based on the Bibles rules is insufferably ignorant and we must allow Liberty to be the Vanguard of Freedom.
                                    20 THE DESPICABLE RABBLE
    The American Revolution started in New England with people like us; compassionate, independent, and outraged at ILLEGITIMATE AUTHORITY. It was in later years when George Washington, et al, came along to support New England's effort to oust the Redcoats."
 It was the roughnecks and the visionaries, the apprentice helpers, and the hard drinking lower middle class that became heroes in the initial fight for American Liberty, Not the Glenn Becks of the day with their chalk boards and deceptive half-truths. Not your clergy either, with their clean fingernails and collection baskets. In fact, in my research, I find very few references concerning ANY patriot preachers during the Revolutionary Struggle. In fact, I would say, they seemend conspicuously absent.    
               The Right leaning has absconded with the original Libertarian message of anarchy and self-rule, and this may cause some confusion to you.
                Maybe you can imagine George Washington at a Tea Party rally with his misspelled sign, but I can't.
21    Pagan Progressive Patriot                                                                                   Most of us are spiritual sojourners, and we never pull into any one religious port for very long. Like the Druids or Unitarian Universalists or Buddhists, it is about the path we are on, not any conclusive set of truths.
                   Then we get to the period between 10 and 20 thousand years ago, of which we hear nearly nothing. Archaeological discoveries need to fit into this little box scientists call conventional wisdom. According to Marija Gimbutas, the pre-goddess societies made pottery and built small houses. Presumably they built the first small towns. Agriculture didn't arrive suddenly, 9,000 years ago in the so called 'cradle of civilization', as we are led to believe, but small fields and experimentation added to the already bountiful earth for thousands of years previous.
Most of us are spiritual sojourners, and we never pull into any one religious port for very long. Like the Druids or Unitarian Universalists or Buddhists, it is about the path we are on, not any conclusive set of truths.
                        I aspire to be more than a piece of oregano clinging to the Flying Spaghetti Monsters teeth
This country was built with an ax, and not the Bible. The Puritans tried to create a theocracy but the independent thinking, roughhewn émigrés from Europe cocked a critical eye towards this violence. The hardy women and the men with sharp axes and big hammers settled this country, and it’s my opinion  the preachers followed the pioneer families and usurped the good labor of these hard working people.
    Critics of our founding fathers today say they were an elite ruling class. I tell them that the evolution of personal liberty ‘had to begin somewhere and it had to begin somehow’.  How could justice and equality suddenly arrive fully blossomed out of nowhere?   It would be like complaining that Alexander Graham Bell should have invented a message machine too.  There was further work to be done.
                The Patriots of the actual Greatest Generation of 1776 laid down a framework, whose basic structures survives intact, which is something no other large group of people have  achieved .
                                22    TABOOS EXPOSED
    "Something economists don’t see is that if that worker in the sneaker factory in Thailand or Bangladesh made a dollar an hour instead of 25 cents an hour, the price of the sneaker would only go up from seventy dollars to seventy five dollars because as we now know, most of the cost goes to the corpulent export executives and transportation costs.
            The global sweatshop has proven to have inhumane conditions, so why not pay 7% more for those sneakers so workers can have a livable wage and a life worth living? 
               If foreign goods began to go up in price because of higher labor costs then guess who benefits? We do! Get it? This is when inflation is a good thing; American goods still cost the same, while those sneakers from Thailand will cost more and the more. The more  these  Corporate Slaves in other countries get paid, the more competitive American products become. We can’t lose! It’s in our best interest to promote safety and good pay in all jobsites around the world no matter what the grumpy neocons may tell you. This is the secret corporate taboo no one is to speak of. Union is the word we dare not speak and Inflation is the sleeping dog of our economy.
Still today, too many employees are pushed beyond their endurance, but they have to keep going and going because they have no choice. Have you ever seen a 7-11 at lunch hour when there is only one employee? This cannot be the life the Creator intended and it’s very sad that so many people freely give their lives to enrich the few unworthy ones.                                                                                     
There’s no denying the extreme bravery of those in a war zone. But I ask myself, was it our victory in World War 1 (1914-1919) over the “Huns” that improved working conditions for my grandmother? NO! The child labor laws enacted during the Progressive Era and their enforcement as years went on was how her life improved; these labor reformers are the patriots to me. Fighting the corporations and eventually all this reform paid off with the prosperity of the 50’s and 60’s which the “greatest generation” primarily enjoyed!
        Of course we have advanced a lot further than many countries, like China, whose tyrannical communists have now conceded only one reform to labor activists.  Women are now allowed a 15 minute paid break to give birth. Then it’s back to work making “happy meal” toys for McDonalds.
                       23 ECONOMICS 2101
                                  THIS CHAPTER COMPARES FARMING IN 1917 AND 2017     
                                                                                                            TWO years go by in each time period and both businesses are doing well financially, in fact Melvin’s tax shelter, a failing egg operation has ………turned a profit. Uh oh, he flies out to California to look at a new tax loss, a citrus grove. When offered an orange from his new grove he refuses to take it. A trip to the chemical storage shed nearly made him sick from the stench of spilled powdery poisons and the chemical smells that bags cannot contain. He reminds himself to have the maid buy more organic vegetables, he can afford it after all, ironically, because chemically injected, his factory produced meat “Melvin’s Frozen Wonders” has been good for the bottom line and he buys the best of everything.
The Next Credit Collapse will clear the path for the final industrial and military destruction of what's left, that's any good. This will be The Final Slaughter.   Bankruptcies and resource depletion will be our grandchildren’s birthright, and they will merely be a pool of workers to pay off bank, insurance, automaker and government bankruptcies. Ironically supporting government guaranteed pensions and social security, knowing they will never have either.

                           24     ILL GOTTEN GAINS
This chapter is about replacing the warrior elite
Killing the buffalo would help reduce the redskins people heard from the pulpits of hate. Now tell me where the hatred of Gay people comes from? It's from the exclusionary bullshit of extremists within Islam and Christianity. 

            Workers / Voters / Citizens link arms and unite to show we are beyond color and gender and love affiliations. This is about the dignity of every living human. Our struggle is about income equality, the preservation and restoration of earth’s ecosystems, and the elimination of regulations for small business, so we can become self-sustaining as we were 100 years ago, before large corporations crushed markets that had existed........  since markets were born.

      Section     4   PAGAN TALES                                                                                                                                                                                                    
25   ANGELS AT THE INTERSECTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
 26     MASONS RUNES AND RITUAL                                                                                                          
27       THE REINDEER PEOPLE                                                                                    
 28      SONG OF OOOGLOK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
 29    QUIET AS THE ELVES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
30     ZORYA  ZEMYNA AND ZVORUNA                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
 31        THE PEOPLE OF THE SHORT CORN                                                                                                   
  32      BALTIC PAGANISM                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
                           25  Angels at the Intersection 
Discusses some after life possibilities
 The angel says, “Hey, step aside little league.” The spirit guide replies “over my ethereal shadow of mercy.” Can all this be happening? We seem to think so.
What are you thinking when you are praying for the light to stay green? It must be really congested in the “Otherworld” with all these angels and spirit guides flying around trying to keep up with all the wishes. How about the Bronx during rush hour?
  I list Fluffy the Cobra. He’s described as “light god-replaces hard to say light gods like Quetozaotacal”. I’m not making fun of Quetozaotacal. I’m trying to light a path for 21st century people who may find pagan paths a little too strange and easy to ridicule, and letting people know they can have some fun being a pagan.
                                                      26   Masons Runes and Ritual 
                        The Christians have always disliked the Masons who were very clever in disguising their organization. Christianity is a straight jacket for the mentally limber and Masons have always provided an outlet for thinking people and a way to hide Pagan ceremony. What about today, come on out Masons, Christians aren’t going to jail you or steal your property anymore, and we are a society of civil law. Come on out of the apron closet, eh? 
Masons believe in generosity and one fine example of a Mason doing good deeds is Danny Thomas. He put a lot of effort into the St. Jude’s Hospital, helping children in many generous ways. Harry Truman was also a Mason, and he was a hell of a guy.
                          The original stone masons were free men unlike the peasants and serfs and slaves and indentured servants they saw as they travelled about.
The original masons travelled from area to area, project to project, building things and they also built lodges that the freemen masons would stay at.  Currently I'm looking into whether the ancient dolmens that have been found across Europe may belong to the Masons or some ancient group of travelers. The name Mason may have been referring to the quarry's which were called freestone quarries. Masonry is traced back 3500 years by some historians and maybe the passing on of esoteric knowledge began further back than that.  How do we explain Stonehenge and now Goblecki Tepe, built 10,000 years ago?  Could an early form of the Masons have existed then, and the knowledge they supposedly possessed may have originated a long time ago?
Bird Ceremony. Just listening can be a ceremony, I insist.  Listen to the bird song a couple yards away, very nice. Further afield   begin to concentrate and hear a nice songbird whistle in the distance.  A murder of crows a couple thousand feet away dominate briefly. The trick is to not empty your mind completely like in transcendental meditation but to block out all other noise and only listen to the birds.  Keep listening and isolating bird song further and further away till you only hear birds. This simple ritual is so simple yet meaningful for me.  The way of the birds. Do I really think my prayers wishes and blessings reach the ear of a deity?  As much as anyone else's I reckon.  
The pontificating pustillades of Islam and Christianity wanted nothing less than pagan extinction these last 1500 years. They came close.
                No offense to ceremonial pagans but did you notice I didn’t use coriander dusted on the eyelids of an owl or some other ritual? I’m telling you, what most pagans do today are what the priests and priestesses did a long time ago and for many of us, magic seems more complicated than is necessary. I understand that emotion and feeling are important and it’s why women are naturally good at magic. But every once in a while I really get in the zone and these magical things truly happen. 
Yes you bastards, this is something the warrior elite have destroyed in themselves and their institutions…compassion.
27   The Reindeer People Pagan Fairy Tales 1
    Concerns a stone-age group of people with advanced skills and the first of four pagan fairy tales. 
  Not Darwin’s fittest, but survival of the luckiest is the actual reality. If California broke off tomorrow due to an earthquake in a similar catastrophe, you would be lucky to survive it. It wouldn't matter how fit and agile or clever you were.
The art in the cave paintings was not equaled for another 10,000-20,000 years. The bone needles they made were so sharp that even the Romans could not compare, as I said. So when I heard these Solutreans had migrated to North America I had to ponder the possibility. Scientists are finding more evidence that North America was settled by these Indigenous Europeans and South America by the Polynesians.
Could their lives compare favorably to ours in any way? Let’s see; wild meat has one sixth the fat of what present day meat eaters consume from the Super Market. Very likely they slept peacefully (snorers were thrown off the cliff).  No deadlines or reports to finish, and as hunter gatherers, there was not even crops to protect and harvest; can we assume it was the Garden of Eden?  
           28   Song of OOglok Pagan Fairy Tales  2
  Sophia Oxax, the firstborn daughter, began a clan of matrilineally led clans that whose names started with Ox, such as the Oxspryds and Oxhorkens and the root word of the first religion of Europe, Oxoheartsvoken.
                A journey of over a thousand miles and she was drawn to an area and stopped for the evening.  The sky was dark with smoke and the weather had gotten colder.  She felt she was close to her destination.  Gazing into the night sky she heard the Song of OOglak
Bearskin witnessed a Giant Snowy Owl take one of the last two kittens and made an extraordinary effort to save the last one that was meowling in fear.  After a rugged descent and climb, Bearskin scooped it up and carried the starving creature back to the cave, OOglak was a little startled at the first sight of the cat, because normally they dispatched apex predators and turned them into coats.
                            29 QUIET AS THE ELVES  Pagan Fairy Tales 3
Another Pagan fairy tale with an odd ring of truth
            “Even a gentle man needs to be hit upside the head now and then with the dull end of your spear, to keep him civil.” Skaslagnar 950 BC
Unsubstantiated manuscripts allegedly once in the possession of Gronyar Bloodeau Senior (1181-1259) told the tale of Groniger Bloodaxe, who was Gronyar Bloodeau’s Seniors grand grand grand grandfather.
                     Manuscripts from his standup Bard routine have survived. His incisive biting satire proved even deadly to victims as reports of heart attacks and death occurred soon after hearing his words. But then heart attacks and death occur after people brush their teeth, so there.
                         It’s grim prognosis heralded the end of the Pagans in Europe. His Book begins…  “It is all over now except for the dousing of sacred fires. Research reveals that Ragnarok did happen at the turn of the millennium in 999 A.D. with the fall of the Faeroes Island and the conversion of Eric the Red, and we are the last vestiges of the truth.  
                  There were many easy paths through deep forests and along rivers, including the ancient lost ports near the Courish lagoon in southwestern Lithuania. The rising ocean buried established villages over 12,800 YA (Years Ago) as a cold interlude of the Ice Age began after a long period of thousands of years gradually warming..
                                          It was near here the Great Ancestor OOglok Axox led his people to safety.
            What we must do is to form shadow societies that will promote peace and abhor violence. Peaceful pagans; we are the Heathenistas!  We will create traditions of love to help carry the worthy few to the next millennium when we will emerge with a new age of consciousness after 1999. Protect the women, the midwives, the herbalists as we see our sister’s burn as witches for what they practice. They say witch like it’s a bad thing, I’ll never understand.
                 Herbal health has given way….” The text ends here and the unknown middle half of the prophecy can only be speculated about.
            His book ends with the final words. "Stay close to our sacred roads along the rivers and be as quiet as the elves” his book concludes, and basic instructions to family members are given.
                      30      Zemyna    Zephyr     Zorya    &     Zvoruna
Pagan Fairy Tales 4  
The Ancient Mothers can trace back their history 400 billion years and yet they do not know what came before them. Some kind of "Men in Black" memory swipe they figure. Even the goddesses have their own different beliefs and are unable to come up with a consensus other than the original life force of the known universes was probably neither male nor female. This force was unlike anything they could actually imagine. Who is everywhere and nowhere at the same time goes the joke. This is about the soul energy of the God and Goddess expanding through the cosmos.
                As a youth I had made up a character, a superhero, called Zephyr the Flying Chuckwalla but I never fleshed out this character within the context of a story or a movie. So I pulled that one out of the air as I was putting together this story of the Universe. Yeh…The male source can be a flying chuckwalla. Dragons and gargoyles are ancient symbols; let’s make chuckwallas the new symbol, Zephyr the Flying Chuckwalla. Flying in from another constellation…yeh, that's the ticket. A chuckwalla kind of looks like what a dragon and gargoyle spawn would look like. It’s magic!
You have to be inspired to do magic, I insist, and I found a religion from the past from Poland called Zadruga where I confirmed my belief. The less you do magic the better it works for most of us: those of us who use the Folk Magic.
                    Primarily Zephyr is the bringer of the west wind and I made him the Life Bringer. The male aspect and balance with Zemyna, a drop of yang in the overwhelming presence of yin but all that is needed.
                  31   THE PEOPLE OF THE SHORT CORN
 The Hopis live in cliff dwellings in northern Arizona, as many people know, and despite the harsh conditions they are able to sustain themselves with crops. Allegedly they have been surviving in the same spot for 10,000 years.
The story of the lost white brother is certainly a curiosity and white dominated technocracy could easily fall if computer systems were put out with an EMG burst, and it could very well land in the laps of the Hopis to spiritually lead the remnants. The Great Spirit WILL return.

Could the Indians, pagans all, have had such a bad life? Hopis have a strong sense of monogamy so STD’s weren’t common, and so I try to imagine what my life would be like if I was born an Inca or a Hopi. Get up early in the morning, mutual pleasure assured, go running and breathe in air not polluted by automobiles and listen to the birds and animals and not loudmouths on their cellphones. Stop at some eastward facing cliff to stretch and greet the sun. Run back to the corn field to chase away birds or raccoons, check for earworm infestations and squeeze them out (or eat them?).  Get the bison shoulder bone tool to scrape out the weeds, greet your friends out in the field, because many were involved with growing the food they all shared. They all had skin in the game; it's how a community is built.
                              32  Baltic Paganism
Ruling elites have never liked the pagans and as Soviet communists became aware of Lithuanian pagans who were starting to outwardly practice their nature loving religion back in the 50’s, they were arrested, and sent to the Gulag. Paganism has always been this kind of threat, despite the basic earth loving nature.
 The simple folk religion of Romuva is harmless, respectful and exemplary and the Lithuanians have mixed it with Catholicism in a complementary way. Romuvans may find I place most of the accent on the feminine aspect of their religion but I think that’s where the roots of it lie. 
As it turned out, Baltic Pagans are the ones carrying most of the ancient folk religion and the original goddess inspired truths that I had been seeking.
Ruling elites have never liked the pagans and as Soviet communists became aware of Lithuanian pagans who were starting to outwardly practice their nature loving religion back in the 50’s, they were arrested, and sent to the Gulag. Paganism has always been this kind of threat, despite the basic earth loving nature of it.
 SECTION 5   COMMUNITY PRODUCT AND SERVICE EXCHANGE                                     
  33   THE LOUDMOUTH HUCKSTER                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  34   THE EARTH MOVEMENT                                                                                               
          35    ENGINEERING YOUR CHAKRAS                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
 36     THE DAWN OF CIVILIZATION                                                                                         
 37     CONVERSATIONS WITH CONSERVATIVE CONSERVATIONISTS                                                                                                                       38    ALIENS WILL CONTACT US SOON SOME SAY                                    
39       MARXISM IN AMERICA                                           
  40         WHO ARE THE WHITE PEOPLE?                                                                                                                                                                                      
                    33 THE LOUDMOUTH HUCKSTER
                   I know what the GOP of 2017 is going to do, they are going to liquidate assets of the government and put everything under private ownership.
                The Lefties continue to fade as they blend into the establishment of the city slicker liberals and their neo-liberal agenda. Meanwhile a dark green resistance has quietly risen unnoticed. A seed saving, forest hugging demographic that has gone unnoticed.
                 Quite accidently, the king of the loudmouth hucksters is now our  chief executive.   The cult of white male supremacists has found a new champion, an outrageous caricature of a human they had never considered before.
                                  34  THE EARTH MOVEMENT
.” There’s a certain understanding that all plastic is an abomination. The production of plastic has created billions of tons of toxic waste and no one can seem to stop it or slow down the demand for petroleum based products.  The Pacific Island garbage patch is the, we told you, of environmentalist alarmists. Dioxins are working their way around our aquifers and dangerous mixing of chemicals are worming their way down to the underground water supply.
 Being green meant more than planting a tree. It meant being prepared for the battle with the elitist industrial tyrants who are bent on wasting our earth. You seemed stunned when you realized they don’t care, but they don’t and don’t think you care enough to stop them.
I firmly believe there can be prosperity and sustainability. We have to work with our ecosystems and economically align ourselves as bioregions. More markets less borders. For instance, Florida could replace citrus with cattle because grass grows here naturally all year long. 
Are we going to continue to be the head nodding milieu, sycophants to developers and resource exploiters?  We struggle with our expenses while they rob the future and yet they sit in the catbird seat.
As green awareness mainstreamed in the 90’s, everyone planted a tree. Maybe stopped using plastic bags at the supermarket not to mention using less water when you brushed your teeth. You walk more and drive less and now you get the cigars with the wood tips instead of the plastic ones.
These are all needed efforts but we can bust a gut recycling and saving energy but the production of many of our products is where waste and pollution is the biggest problem. My friend ’John Doe’ told me about a Ford plant he worked at for 30 years and he enumerated to me about the various toxic wastes they dumped  right into the nearby Hudson River, with a wheelbarrow. Ill-gotten gains may be an overused term but it needs to be said. 
            Our goal should be to prevent doomsday, not stall it, or as Blink-182 says "let this train wreck burn more slowly." The Coming Credit Collapse will clear the path for the final industrial and military destruction of what's left, that's any good. Bankruptcies and resource depletion will be our grandchildren’s birthright instead of happiness. They will be a pool of workers to pay off bank, insurance, automaker and city government bankruptcies. Workers of the 21st century will be a herd of toilers for the business giants’ industrial tyrants and government pensioners.
                Predatory Capitalism will falter and collapse; swallowed whole by the debts of banks, insurance companies, and governments. Unfortunately in that scenario, tyranny would fill the social vacuum. Techno goons imposing martial law as World War 3 breaks out.             
Will Americans continue to use billions of tons of dangerous chemicals that run off into our waterways? Half the fish in the world may have mercury in them, how did we get to this state? Coal burning pollutes the air.  How can the people feed themselves in the future when corporate interests drain the oceans of fish?
                Microscopic and carcinogenic dioxin is created when chemicals meet in the corporate toilet bowl otherwise known as our underground water.
Steep price hikes or shortages? The petroleum markets exhibit the vicissitudes of all markets of the future. The dirt cheap price of gas till 1973 was due to the deliberate manipulation of the energy markets by the oil barons. All competing forms of energy were overwhelmed, underbid and eliminated from the market. One example is how General Motors bought up trolley lines back in the 40's and 50's, only to close them down and tear up the tracks so they would never be used again. My little hometown had electric trolleys but they were paved over.
                I'm reminded of the Petroleum Plot the other morning when I went jogging. There was no air movement and it was humid. A neighbor started their car and drove by and the exhaust cloud hugged the ground longer than usual and the stinking smell of exhaust was very distinct as it hugged the ground. Multiply this by millions of cars for the past 60 years. Even if cars aren't contributing to global warming, they are still polluting.  We allow toxic filth because we just don’t quite care enough.
 Recessions, depressions, bank failures, insurance fraud and overcharging--and soon life insurance companies will go under if just one of many geological disasters cyclically occur. Maybe not a nuclear winter, but some other disaster that will shock people into submission.                                                                                                                      35   Engineering your Chakras
                 Polenta was trendy some years back, right? I cut rounded slices and cooked them in the bacon fat with cut up spam and red onions. At the end I turned up the heat, added maple syrup, stirred and stirred and turned it off.  To save on cleaning dirty dishes and all the water and soap it wastes, I will even eat my muscle building meal right out of the pan.  Eating small. Bam done, while the roommate doesn’t even have his sweet potatoes peeled.
            Foodies move in and suddenly there are 75 herbs in the cabinet. Where's my Everglades seasoning and Sea Salt? The only two I need. Metrosexual hipsters move in and suddenly there are 75 body products in the bathroom. Where's my Preparation H in this crass morass of excess? 
                 There's this pressure to recycle but once again it's the little guy required to do things large companies seem exempt from
                 The winter of 88-89 found me unemployed but loving it.  My little daughter was 2 and we walked and strolled around in a 1955 Taylor.  I wrote in my garden diaries that my interests in birds forests plants and oceans was intensifying and nature seemed more fascinating.  I'd always been a solitary hiker but it must have been around then that I drifted away from most people. The world and all it contained seemed far too interesting to spend too much time listening to the braggarts and One Uppers that dominated American Society.  
                 Culture Change is like Climate Change.  Do we really want to leave behind root cellars and clotheslines and stride into the world of too many products and computerized everything? Culture Change could have a bigger effect on life on this planet then climate change could.
                           36  The Dawn of Civilization
War may help the Gross National Product and war is lucrative for people with stocks in weapon manufacturing companies, but it doesn’t work in real life anymore. Try as they might to make mass murder acceptable and patriotic, deep in our collective American hearts we know it’s wrong. 50 to 75 years from now, people paying taxes for disabled Iraq War vets may finally see the foolishness of war and the many hidden costs as we wonder  why Andrew Jackson is on the $20.

By being an American; liberty should always be in ascendance over religion. Clergy networking with a tyrant, “Let us convert your huddled masses yearning to be free,” the clergy  told divinely appointed royalty,  “and tell them that they will spend an eternity with god—the creator.”  This is how they cope with inhumane working conditions and brutal dictatorships.” The clergyman confided to the King, “YOU get cheap labor and we get converts. Everybody wins!” insisted the Machiavellian Master of Medieval Machinations. Give them false hope and they will cling to it their entire miserable lives.
                 The problem here is that, wages stay unnaturally low because Mexicans seem willing to work for less than minimum if it’s under the table.  How can someone like me with a really small business charge the 25 an hour I need to charge? I need to pay for expenses and make my sweating, arthritis and skin cancer worthwhile.  Us single owner business operators are decrying the swarming of cheap labor and I have lost my two biggest accounts because of this undervalued labor and so have many other sole proprietors.  30 % of my income is gone, undercut by white guys with clipboards and their south of the border lackeys.             Though I am in favor of Amnesty and Sanctuary for all immigrants.
All Muslims are terrorists say the incoming white Nationalists. All atheists are going to hell is the general belief in America.  That world no longer exists, the rest of the world knows it but we don’t. The happy face indentured servitude to oligarchy makes our chains and bars invisible. The swearing of oaths on the bible is quite unconstitutional. My love for the United States should be quite obvious in this book, but I seem traitorous to the flag waving milieu.
Let’s take Pat Tillman, the NFL star who went to Iraq to fight.  He was a handsome, rugged guy who turned out to be the ultimate hero by saving his platoon without regard for his own life. Wow! It was suggested he was so angry at Arabs he wanted to tear them limb from limb and eat their intestines. Hero, patriot, superstar, ……atheist? Apparently so, a thoughtful young man, he had the diverse character America produces in abundance because of our freedoms. A Posthumous superstar but then a  movie about Pat Tillman has come out to explain what a big lie the military told. A publicity scam, maybe even pre-meditated friendly fire to create this super hero. Besides, the only good atheist is a dead atheist.
We have created a global nanny state where the United States is armed to protect our corporate totalitarian sycophants under the shield of humanitarianism.  
  We can stride into the future together or be absorbed by the grind of politics and war, atrocity and reprisal and always be in conflict with “the other side”.  Or we can grow up.   

So my generation grew up with disgust at how women were not equal. So we saw this world of racism and sexism and collectively the disgust level was so high that things were changed. Why wouldn’t a black guy be hired? Why not pay the woman the same as a man? Whazzup with that? We didn’t get it. Will there ever be a disgust level with war that will help us change is the question I ask today? 
Not the primitive wildness we have forgotten but the civilized authoritarian despotism of manipulative men and the sycophant chumps that ring their bell.
 We can stride into the future together or be absorbed by the grind of politics and war, atrocity and reprisal and always be in conflict with “the other side”.  Or we can grow up.  
                      Most of us are post gender and post-race and post class anyways. The themes to most American movies, the good guy wins in the end, have all been pyrrhic victories. They won’t be real victories till we encode liberty, embed equality, ostracize criminality and vanquish cruelty. Let’s give ourselves the chance for a new start, with the rejection of violence and the ushering in of The Dawn of Civilization. 
     Knowing they’ve been debeaked and not allowed to run free. To understand our meat factories and continue to eat the same amount of meat is to endorse animal cruelty. Jeremy Rifkin suggested in the 70’s that everyone should cut their meat consumption in half. If that simple suggestion had been followed, the Amazon would not have been clear cut as it was.
                  I propose that conservatives and libertarians abandon their venom spewing extremes and take a stand for conserving, preserving and restoring Mother Nature and the best of the last.   Republicans hope that you all stop going to the National Forests so this way they can buy it and strip them clean, they’re no damn good I'm tellin’ ya
                Liberals stewarded laws to reduce and slow down air and water pollution by the greedy corporations and thusly, the Liberals modernized themselves. The land and air should belong to the people, not a waste bucket for the Protestant profiteers, even Richard Nixon knew that.  
             Liberals stewarded laws to reduce and slow down air and water pollution by the greedy corporations and thusly, the Liberals modernized themselves. The land and air should belong to the people, not a waste bucket for the Protestant profiteers, even Richard Nixon knew that.      

                         38  Alien CONTACT  IS  SOON

These alien republicans will package us, E coli and all, as wholesome wholesale human meat to the ET sausage company back on the home planet. “Fresh from Earth! Anus-free boneless liberal nuggets!”
They will line their ships with all the worlds’ gold and silver and tell us, “It’s not about working hard, but working smart.”
The old and feeble will be pushed off cliffs. Enforced submission will be called “respect”. The Pagan statue known as the Statue of Liberty will be blown up and the District of Columbia will be called the District of Walmart. All media will be illegal except copies of the Alien Overlords book and movie called, “How we created everything and we hear your every thought.”
                  39   MARXISM IN AMERICA
                   You have to weigh in and make your influence felt, otherwise, you are accepting the tyranny that will fill the vacuum when good people do nothing. Never mind Freddy Kruger and the Halloween movies, the proven failure of socialism is trotted out to put fear in the gelatinous lump called the American electorate, the goober nation. Barack Maobama is turning America into Communists right under our noses! 
                   I have a dream where America will not be a place where my five little children are merely a herd of toilers to pay off the pension funds of those who worked in the weapons or chemical industry.
                          In 2001, weapon manufacturers rubbed their hands in glee after 9-11, and our patriotism was put on display as we were determined to go kill those damn sand monkeys.. Unlike Pope Paul who forgave his shooter Ali Ajca and visited him in jail, and unlike the Amish who forgave the shooter who went into a schoolhouse and killed five of their children, the Machiavellian influence of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove led to many thousands dying that forgiveness would have avoided. You were duped. These are holy wars, the crusades, and our integrity has been greatly diminished throughout the world. ‘Anything war can do peace can do better. ‘
         40    WHO ARE THE WHITE PEOPLE?

   “The founding revolutionaries excoriated and eviscerated religions creepy grasp on the VITAL ENERGY OF DEMOCRACY in the United States.”

                    "Are you a white supremacist?" is the question that popped up in the break room. In the mind of the White Nationalist he is thinking that 'he is ‘a white MALE supremacist' which is different, so he says no, I’m not. {This is one way so-called conservatives avoid answering direct questions and lie in your face.}

                 One prism of understanding the Constitution is when you can comprehend why we don't put the Ten Commandments on court building walls as fervent Christians desire. The founding revolutionaries excoriated and eviscerated religions creepy grasp on the VITAL ENERGY OF DEMOCRACY in the United States, that’a why..
                The best way to keep Sharia Law out of this country is to keep Biblical Law out of our laws. Take “in God We Trust” off our money. Stop forcing politicians to use the Bible for oath swearing and we are not one nation under god.  We are many united as one.   

                   My thing is that we aren't colors or genders or nationalities. Instead think of all of us as workers citizen’s voters and children.  So before this foray into the white people controversy, I want it known I love everybody. Well not really. There's a meme that goes "somebody out there loves you. Not me, but somebody must."
Meanwhile, what about that Halloween costume? Maybe my child can be a Fish Monger or a Fish Mongers wife. They can rinse some Bacalhau (dried salted Cod), and carry it around since it’s said Portuguese people are able to tolerate the smell of rotting fish better than other cultures. The ocean is in their genes.
        There was friendliness and trade between the natives and the roughneck pioneers at first.  The founding revolutionaries were familiar with native freedoms. It was the ‘elitist clergy’ who actively promoted the slaughter of the Red Man to all who would listen from their pulpits of hate. The slick talking, rubber jawed, city slicker preachers had a convenient target for focusing the rage of the Peasant in the New World. The Native Americans were seen as far too pagan to be managed and assimilated and, being extremely earth centered, they could never really be Christians. 
                 A book from 1928 called Lady Chatterley’s Lover, describes post WW1 England. The ruling class has power because they are the most qualified to lead, they tell themselves. He who has the gold makes the rules, that’s the new golden rule. The coal miners in the town drag their feet home every day after 12 hours in unearthly, horrible conditions. The local oligarch , the owner of the mine, looks on their parade of gloom with pity, and repeats that he has “been given the burden of keeping the rabble in line.” Maybe he could give them a free ham for chritsmas and the pitiful masses would be thankful, not realizing the actual criminal class the Oligarchy is. They are criminals as far as the theft of a livable income and keeping people in chronic poverty goes. Keeping entire towns impoverished, what kind of assholes do this? Take a look at these extreme capitalists, they have many WASPS among their ranks.
            The white WASP elite needs to feel the sting of the workers discontent and they will from the inevitable workers revolution.  Like in the South during the Civil War, how did less than 2% of the population convince the other 98% that secession and war was necessary?
In 1789, when the bill of rights had not been formally ratified, southern racists were having a tantrum and would not sign on as part of the 'United States' unless they could keep their slaves. Northerners thought this unfair since they had to pay their employees.
            The founding documents created by ALL the founding revolutionaries were designed specifically to exclude God from the governments’ covenants with the people’
     SECTION A BRACING DOSE OF                           HERESY                                                                                                                    
41           THIS IS THE FOLK MAGIC                                                                                                                                                          
42                                     DRUDDITÉ   MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                                                                                                                              
 43               ELDER FUTHARK I PRESUME                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  44             NEW MOON SUNRISE                                                                             
45              PURIFYING FLAME                                                                                                     
  46           THE HOLY RAMPAGE OF CONQUEST                                                                                                                                                                                                              
47                    IN THE MEANTIME WE HAVE THE CONSTITUTION                                                                                                                                                                                   
 48                   SOUL VIEW SACRED RITE    
                                         41   This  is  the  Folk  Magic  
Enough of Paganism survived till 1776 to light the lamp of Liberty when our founding revolutionaries envisioned a country free from religious coercion.                                           A Pagan, sure: a progressive….proudly!  I love this country too and I do not appreciate any demeaning by tea baggers suggesting that the many people who protest what is going on are not patriots, but commie socialists. I insist that Lady Liberty inspired our Founding Founders and all our freedoms are derived from the Pagan lifestyle of Darna or Dharma and the peaceful co-operation between male and female. All the freedoms we enjoy in the United States are more easily embraced by Pagans and not the patriarchal pustillades of the Abrahamic religions. The country created by Washington Jefferson Hamilton Madison Adams and others is under attack by those who think god is arming them for battle to “take back” the United States.   There is no taking back that which there never was.
A green living person will wonder why there is not a bigger emphasis on ecosystem stewardship in Paganism.
            Pagan is as Pagan does. With Progressive Paganisms freewheeling eclecticism, we create our own path. Mine is a well-worn post road that can’t seem to stop ruminating about pre- 1800 America and pre-“civilization.”   How did enough of Paganism survive till 1776 to light the lamp of Liberty when our founding revolutionaries envisioned a country free from religious coercion?
          42       Druddité   Mission   Statement  
Feel free to adopt any of the following A to Z  absolutes of my Druddité religion to adapt to the peaceful spiritual life you are creating.  Obtain the confidence that you can believe anything you damn well please and you won’t be damned.
People die and they see a muse or a random spirit and then come back to life and say they saw god.
Ocean levels   120,000 YA were lower than today when we evolved into Homo sapiens Sapiens .  Or Hetero Sapiens as Michelle Bachman would say. Then over the next 40,000 years, temperatures were a couple of degrees colder and the ice sheets became huge if you believe ice core research.
R) I got this notion that America was founded with freedoms that are not compatible with Christianity.  Theocrats have been trying to create a theocracy here since 1620.   
No offense of course to people who think this is a Christian nation. It's a country that is here for all to believe what we want, and do what we will as long as we don't infringe others freedoms.  Do as thou wilt and harm none. Out of many --- one.
                     43     Elder Futhark , I presume  
     "The Christian slowly turned and there appeared to be Mary, the mother of Jesus. The golden threads of her gown glowed and she addressed them.
      “Baptist, what IS IT with you people? Catholics are not Christians I see here on your blog.”
                  44   NEW MOON SUNRISE 
The goddesses Diana and Venus are the same?  Preposterous, but I'm finding evidence that this may be true.  A Pagan Heresy?  
I'm trying to find how to connect our everyday lives with authentic ancient magic and that is what prompted this chapter. The Folk Magic and Oxoheartsvoken, the love magic.  I'm happy to not force or coerce myself into any sort of spiritual or magical experience, so I had never quite understood about all the ceremony in Witchcraft and Wicca, which is more purposeful and ritualistic than I would prefer.
My inspiration says that Venus is the maiden aspect of Diana and the synchronic tally of three references all hit me this morning along with three references to Hecate.     Hecate, I had dismissed because it seems the witches claim her as their personal female goddess but I am thinking she is for all of us. She always sounded like a feminine goddess or a Greek goddess and never caught my attention, then suddenly one morning, I'm trying to research the New Moon and Hecate appears in three different places with that extreme synchronicity that happens now and then.  She is the crone aspect of Diana is what I discovered.  She is the ancient crone and she is also the firstborn.  We stand with Hecate at the crossroads today, whither shall we go? 

                 The Grand Storyteller, that old school bible  entertainment, abolishes all Pagan Literature. I’m really not getting it. Then there's Allah reciting the whole html for the Koran to Mohammed,   Who said? Mohammed? Using your logical science head, why would even need to have a god to create the universe?  Couldn’t the universe be the constant reality? It’s always been here, and god is sort of a Johnny Come Lately in the galactic order of things. "Yeh, I was in Vietnam," Said the truck driver. "Saw women gutted like deer."  Never got out of Germany.                              
A little electromagnetic protection from the Suns many dangerous rays and we were on our way on our little blue boat called Earth.  A comet covered with space slime made a fiery entrance into the planets orbit and the space particles triggered the growth of new species as it came into contact with underwater geothermal vents. The bacteria down at “The Vents” wuz hangin out, drinkin gin and juice, just-a waitin for the chicks to show up. It was epic. 
              A rising tide of enlightenment will eventually drown the meanness, prejudice, bigotry and hate of the greatest generation. It will sink to the bottom of the fetid cesspool of ignorance and the hateful authoritarian Despots that they bow down to will go back to the shadows.

 46 The Purifying Flame of Life    
            The problem here is that, wages stay unnaturally low because Mexicans seem willing to work for less than minimum if it’s under the table.  How can someone like me with a really small business charge the 25 an hour I need to charge? I need to pay for expenses and make my sweating, arthritis and skin cancer worthwhile.  Us single owner business operators are decrying the swarming of cheap labor and I have lost my two biggest accounts because of this undervalued labor and so have many other sole proprietors. { 30 % of my income is gone, undercut by white guys with clipboards and their south of the border lackeys. }   
  They were not famous so there was no reason to tell their story---the story of most of us.  They had to do something with all that gold, so they built a bunch of big churches over pagan holy sites.  This may be their undoing because these sites will be the seeds of apostasy.
All Muslims are terrorists say the incoming white Nationalists. All atheists are going to hell is another ridiculous assertion in America.  The acceptance of revolutionary theories have barely been around for 100 years. That world no longer exists, the rest of the world knows it but we don’t.
The swearing of oaths on the bible is quite unconstitutional. My love for the United States should be quite obvious in this book, but I seem traitorous to the flag waving milieu that I think are shallow Patriots.
Let’s take Pat Tillman, the NFL star who went to Iraq to fight.  He was a handsome, rugged guy who turned out to be the ultimate hero by saving his platoon without regard for his own life.
Wow! It turns out he didn’t really want to eat enemies intestines. But this rumor suggested he was so angry at Arabs he wanted to tear them limb from limb and eat their intestines. Hero, patriot, superstar, ……atheist? Apparently so, a thoughtful young man, he had the diverse character America produces in abundance because of our freedoms. A Posthumous superstar but then a movie about Pat Tillman has come out to explain what a big lie the military told. A publicity scam, maybe even pre-meditated friendly fire to create this super hero. Besides, the only good atheist is a dead atheist.
Really, a registry for innocent Muslims while we are undecided about a registry for people convicted of animal cruelty?
We have created a global nanny state where the United States has a need to protect our corporate totalitarian sycophants under the shield of humanitarianism.   (Bangs head on desk)
What other animal tells itself it is immortal. Heaven or hell, religion tells us it will be one or the other for all of eternity. For one stinking lifetime on this…planet….the butt hole of the universe. I don’t think so!
The angels and muses and Goddesses had picked Joseph the Carpenter to marry her, being a gentle man of great integrity, he became a kind and gentle role model for the forthcoming holy son, but it took a few years until she was ready.   It's been theorized that Mary, Joseph and Jesus frequented a liberal Jewish Temple near Alexandria Egypt, after they had moved there. Being half divinity, you can easily imagine the half man, half god Jesus, as a precocious child. By 12 years old, it was known that he was arguing circles around the dogmatic religious leaders.
                  The Old Testament god is some sort of an illusionist that needed anger management classes back in the day.  The Magi (magicians) told Mary and Joseph that Jesus as the blessed son must write a New Testament for all the people, a true covenant of peace and tranquility. Mary and Joseph agreed to teach the child named Jesus about many faiths.  Jesus was to change Gods status. The Ancient Goddesses had begun to fight back.
           “Flee to Egypt,” the Magi insisted. "Take him somewhere peaceful, teach him the mysteries, and eventually, have him initiated by a teleste."   This temple in Egypt they supposedly went to, had tunnels underneath it and initiation ceremonies in the style of the Pagan Mystery Schools. 
                Mary was always there to temper Jesus' enthusiastic youthful extremes, "go feed the donkey before you get us in trouble!" she would say as she shushed him away from time to time.
                  The actual trinity.  Mother Son and Wife.  Not Father Son and Holy Ghost. Sheesh. What the hell? A ghost? Mother Mary became worried in time as Jesus was riling up the Jewish fuddy duddys who were controlling society with the schizophrenic nonsense of the Old Testament god. Good old Jehovah, like the liar at the truck stop telling a tall tale, Gnostics believe the author of the Old Testament, the christian and jewish god Jehovah, is actually a fallen angel called Lucifer. 
               Mary then confided in Mary Magdalene, that she is a goddess having a life on Earth, and Jesus is a divine preacher who was going to bring equality to all people if his mission succeeded. Teach people how to become healers and peace makers.  Mary Magdalene was in on this, the greatest story never told.
               Jesus brazenly rode into the big city, amidst cheers from his followers, and was going to publicize the formation of his organization of healers. The Pauline’s ran away with Jesus' concepts around 40 years after his death, and distorted or destroyed what they didn't like, and Jesus’ Christianity was never the same.  Then came the slow turning of the patriarchal screw as years went by and censorship was common; blasphemy and heresy being the kiss of death for many.
            Triumphantly, after 1600 years, Pagans are now finally free to express ourselves without fear of harassment, imprisonment, or being burned as a witch thanks to the Goddess inspired Bill of Rights.
Jesus was a heretic, a pagan if you will, and I can only hope He returns to reveal the truth.  In the meantime we have the Constitution.
48 soul view secret rite
 "1……Encode Liberty ….2……Embed equality…3…. invalidate injustice …..4… Ostracize criminality  ….5….humble the mighty …6  …, vanquish cruelty ….    7…cultivate opportunity and …..8…..sleep on the couch as needed.
           Perun, Thor, Priapus, Pan, Odin and countless other Gods would be a better boss of the Universe than the angry desert gods of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
           There's your Satan folks, hidden from view, yet right out in the open.  Some male god went KABLooey, and everything was created at once?  Creating Day and night and 400 billion suns!  What rubbish! What nonsense! You believe the loudmouth truck driver at the Waffle House?  Same thing.
             I kept uncovering different truths, and books practically opened themselves up on the table for me, and it was the beginning of computer and internet use by me in my home.  The typewriter and White Out of the past were thankfully abandoned. Research was coming at me like a waterfall, and so I went into the cave behind the waterfall and began writing and uncovering ancient secrets … because that's my quest. 
                    First was the name:  Druddité.  Druid and Luddite combined. Bang!  Druddité.  Becomes Druddism and Druddmoot and Druddoccitan (secret green cult language. ) Who is the actual deity of the Earth? Yes, a Mother Nature archetype named Zemyna. She took me to such a deep level of synchronicity; it was like an open tab to the Universe for a while.  
                         I have my creation myth about Venus being the soul seeder, which is probably the most preposterous truth I am trying to convey. She is the first Goddess that stayed materialized on earth, and she experienced having children and walked through the death experience.  She was the soul seed in the Tree of Life.
The Goddess Mary was born more than 100,000 years later and was the first Goddess to experience an entire human life from birth to death, though she ascended bodily into heaven. Such is the nature of my heresy. I completely dismiss the Adam and Eve story which is embedded in our culture, normalized despite the preposterous nature of it.
          Buddhism is more about the mind than about nature, and Asatru, the Viking religion in northern Europe, was a little far-fetched with the snake that could end the world,  I prefer using runes for divination. Thors hammer rocks of course but I can’t get completely behind all of it.
            Native Americans have a lot to offer concerning peace and nature but would never fully accept me.  Masons are an esoteric, thoughtful charitable group but they have too many barriers to the Truths. African paganism is exuberant and mysterious but not my cup of tea. Finally I had found something I could really believe in and get behind. A religion and a life I created for myself  

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