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Thursday, May 25, 2017


                                       THE COMMUNITY PRODUCT AND SERVICE EXCHANGE
                  The way to get back our government and reclaim the markets is by organizing ourselves.  It would be easy to set up a structure, even a shadow government, I’ve been thinking. Eventually, what the shadow government did could replace the greed encrusted government, of the lawyers, by the lawyers and for the lawyer/politicians.
                I sense quite an immense amount of pent up energy waiting to be directed in the right direction. The thoughtful people do not like where this planet is headed. We are like rushing flood waters looking for the river called liberty and justice for all. 
                UNITY WITHOUT HIERARCHY is my simple theme and here are my simple suggestions. We got our families, then we got our possies (you know---who we run with) Neighbors on our streets would be in the range of 4 to 40 people depending on the density of the population. In all cases monthly meetings should be able to take care of all business in our direct neighborhoods. Putting communication back in our communities.
                 What would be the next step in people organizing from ground level and  grass roots?  My idea is something called the Community Product and Service Exchange and The Assembly.  
         Assemblies would have 50 to 200 hundred people.  At assemblies, people can discuss which polluting companies to boycott and how to get their Congress Critter to listen. Our civic groups are the high thread count in the fabric of Liberty. I was very inspired to see the General Assembly work at occupy Orlando in 2011. The Assembly votes on what issues to bring forth and then discusses them.
          We network and find out who has what to sell locally: products and Services. We buy and sell from each other. The next step towards anarchy is the Community Product and Service Exchange which would entail groups of 200 to 2000 people organized in what used the be known as The Grange. A larger form of unity, a union of some sort; call it the Community Product and Service Exchange. Get back to being villages again. There is a lot more detail that I will spare you.
        Organized just as the  Grange was, but now we have technology and a multitudinous selection of entertainment compared to the late 1800’s.  Potentially all crafts and trades  can fight the tide of cheap robot produced junk that is stealing all the jobs. Immigrants don't make an impact like automation has.
         The Grange became very popular but a barn dance was about all the excitement they had with those early hillbilly combos. It is a vastly larger world with limitless opportunities for the pursuit of happiness and we are not going to allow this white based obsession with surveillance and order to rule our Constitutional Democracy.
          The Grange was a fundamental set up that linked farmers and small manufacturers with the people who wanted to buy their products without the interference of the intermediary.  We have fewer farmers but much more variety with garage workshops being the key to prosperity and the corporate boardroom decision far less so in the future.

Text Box: Assembly park Main st. Sebastian Florida           My concept for the future is to go back to this type of organization but something not so “farmy”. Give small business and small farms a break finally. Federal regulation exempt if your business nets less than one hundred thousand dollars. With a flat tax of 10% for all income over $10,000.
Text Box: Equation 1 Main Street Ass    mbly Park        Then the next higher level of centralization above the Community Product and Service Exchange is the Bioregion and it's just what it sounds like. A watershed, an Estuary or mountain range or tallgrass prarie.    The Northwoods, large lakes. We identify with the people in a similar climate and sharing a little corner of the world to create consensus and action.
        I'd be in the Indian River lagoon Bioregion. From the Treasure Coast to 50 miles inland, a 155 mile river (lagoon). A fifty mile by 200 hundred mile area where citizxen volunteers would gather. The Bioregional Councils. 

                                  MARKETS NOT BORDERS
We need revolutions that enhance life for all, but the Industrial Revolution was rife with unseen costs, and the deceptively named "Green Revolution" allowed a population explosion in Asia and India WHICH CREATED a drastic downturn in the average quality of life in these countries.  In addition,   the unfortunate eschewing of worthwhile ancient traditions and disregard for the saving of precious seed that was handed down for many generations wasn't recognized by those making this drastic change in agriculture.  
 Meanwhile, in the countries with minimum wage laws, many of the jobs have left for these horrendously overpopulated Asian countries. Then the Asian dudes made the black Rhino extinct because of their need for aphrodisiacs. Guys, pull it together please.
Populations doubling in 60 years gave sweatshops plenty of warm bodies to undercut European and American clothing manufacturers and that nearly collapsed our economy.  At that point in time, it was the ruling WASP corporate hierarchy that opened these factories around the world giving the productive, happy and well paid American or European worker nothing but a bird in the face and a year of unemployment checks.   
  I guess the crazy white oligarch psychopaths  figured that America would be where all the white-collar workers would live, and we would manage all the poor folks in the global factories.  This Liberal Totalitarian plot has been revealed to us. The Conservative plot was hatched with the John Birch Society around 1960 and it’s a do nothing agenda, and hate everything  new or different, and is unnervingly unconstitutional at best. Nothing gets done when they are around.
Bioregional Councils

ST SEBASTIAN CONTROVERSY ALSO- no religion in the marketplace a grievance---they can agitate to honor one of their religions questionable saints Forget a third party Bernie, the Green Party is an as an ethical entity as you are going to find.  Progressive Independent Green and Libertarian can be four factions within the Green Party. In the spirit of consensus. We have to move forward and as I point out Bernie Sanders has spent more time in the Congress and Senate as all the other green candidates combined. The Greens are getting nowhere here in the United States and it's time to stop the bickering about sub clauses and whose offended and not seeing the forests for the trees altogether. 
Have a pre-selected cabinet to go with a Prez and Vice Prez. Jim Hightower for Agriculture Secratary.  Barbara Ehrenrecih Secratary of Labor and Martha Stewart Sec of Health. Dennis Kucinich for State and Jesse Ventura for the Justice Department. People of action and all stars in their field. Governors Arnold S.and Charlie Crist.  Neil Tyson De Grasse for Education and Cheri Honkla to take Ben Carsons place. Elon Musk to head the energy department. HUH? Launch into the future and leave 1953 in the ash heap of history where it belongs.

First, I want to lay out a small local problem in my town little town of Sebastian. It involves a gated community, the residents of Main Street, and an empty lot that would make the perfect park. Wimbrow Park was our nearby Park for years but then the Collier Creek Condominiums cut off access to the entirety of Rt 507 (Roseland Road).  The McDonald camping area, a state park, is a little further down the street along with Kashi Ranch and a very social church, the Donald McDonald State Park and the Sebastian Airport.  We have no access now to all these areas because of the Collier Creek development.   We have to drive 4 miles to Roseland and go west on 507 a couple miles. Much too far to bike or walk.
                The parks on 507 are nicely forested while our local Barber Street and Easy Street Parks are not. Therefore, the idea of mitigation hangs heavy as far as I am concerned with my proposed park. This Collier Creek gated community cut off hundreds of Sebastian residents that used to walk or bike on paths to the Roseland Road; Town, County, and state Parks.    At the time, the Collier Creek Neighborhood Association stated they couldn’t have the riff raff from North Sebastian walking through their gated community, so our access to these parks was completely cut off. The distance to walk or bike to Wimbrow Park went from less than a mile to nearly six once the Collier Creek houses were all built.
                My solution is this…where Orange St meets with Main Street there is a tiny 25 by 15 foot ‘space’.  A simple sidewalk goes through this small piece of property. 
                I want to propose the town buy the ¾-acre $40,000 property next to this space. This would connect the two spaces and I propose to call it Assembly Park.  It could be a place to gather right on Main St. for the Fleming to Main to Wimbrow neighborhood. A place to celebrate the freedom of Assembly.
                Actually, my idea is to propose a tax on residents of Collier Creek to purchase this. It should have been done in the first place. With 50 homeowners in Collier Creek, that would be $800 each and would end up costing  Sebastian nothing to buy the lot that is for sale. Either that or allow pedestrian and bike access through Collier Creek Estates. 
                  I want to propose this needed idea for a park and we can see later in the year how it worked out. Collier Creek is filled with uptight white people all safe with their pensions and investments and a tax on them would surely chafe their collective goiters.  Sometimes life is tough and you need to wear a helmet.
                  My idea has to pass City Council and seems a bit heavy handed (I’m sure there is another way to do this.)  but I know with government everything is analyzed and committefied and takes forever.  My first question is this: can municipalities sue homeowners associations? This is where we become the Citizen Assembly. The Main Street Assembly would embrace about 500 people or so who would find this park closer than the other two parks.   The west end of Main Street seems to have been cheated out on a neighborhood park.
                   Have an assembly park in every village, town and city around the world and unify the working people this way. So to review, we have our families and household and near by neighbors.  I belong to an online neighborhood group and internet concepts are ready to burst forth out there. But this group started out as a Main St/ Airport group but now comprises all the town and there are too many notifications. Lost dog. Policemans Ball, Memorial Day medal polishing ceremony and on and on. 

                The small grassy space to the left ( still looking for the picture---real time editing)is great for meeting people. The property Sebastian should buy needs to cut down Brazilian peppers and mow all growth. Then set up about six benches looking towards Orange Avenue and Main Street. A constitutionally themed park, and maybe have a plaque that talks about the freedom of assembly. My point is to think locally and act locally and this is an example of something you can do in your neighborhood. These fake patriotic republicants won't be able to hold up their facade for much longer and it will be time for Independents and Progressives to fill the vacuum of leadership. 
Bioregional Councils

ST SEBASTIAN CONTROVERSY ALSO- no religion in the marketplace a grievance---they can agitate to honor one of their religions questionable saints

 Here's how it works with my beef against the Collier Creek Condo Association. I'll ask my family and random people who talk to me when I am walking Sadie mae Walker. Then I'll go to the Parks or Environmental Boards in Sebastian and suggest the idea of creating a park and taxing the Republic of Collier Creek that absconded with our access to many acres of park lands.
           Okay the property is bought before it gets sold and 3 stone benches are placed and sturdy trees planted to hedge the park from the public. Then the battle. I can learn a bit about the constitutional view of this type of action. 
           So theoretically the issue would be brought up at a general assembly at Assembly Park. Everyone brings up  the issue at their Community Product and Service Exchange meetings. If Sebastian stalls on their response we can go to the county to put some pressure on them. This will be my main civic action for the year.
            Luckily I can have a say so with this because I was an advisor to the Tree Board starting in 1997. My first project was to videotape all of Sebastians properties. I taped about 30 of them. Then at the Tree Board we made suggestions to city council, and I am pretty sure my dog park suggestion for Keen St. and the Brazilian Pepper removal to make a Palm and Oak park without having to plant any trees. Make a parking spot, put up some swings and now there is a nice neighborhood park.
             This is what Capitalists don't understand, there is should be enough property saved for all to share in common. It's not socialism, it's common sense, and those of us whose motivation is to increase pristine ecosystems can make this effort as we change our country and the world.

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