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Tuesday, February 26, 2019



            Liberals re-invented themselves in the 50’s within the formerly racist Democratic Party, and THE Conservatives of the 30's-50's morphed into an even stuffier, more extreme, fuddy-duddy  Republican Party. The GOP had become marginalized and invalidated by the effectiveness of FDR’s programs.
           What I've done with this story here is to take every reference to capitalism out of my book "The Earth Movement."   Punching each other in the face while they run the three legged race, politicians have allowed problems to get worse. Root canals and rotors are more expensive than cleaning and pads. 
       We need a radical re-examination of the entire economic world order. A System Failure has occurred. 
                  The 'Devil finds work for idle hands' is a good credo for brainless lackeys, but not for people who are curious and inquisitive. Not for people who understand the Constitution either. 
         My motto is “It’s not about the quantity of your work, it’s about the quality of your breaks,” much to the consternation of the bosses in my life.
           Type A authoritarian personalities are always in the accomplishment mode, and that's fine, but they shouldn't be chastising those us who pursue art, music, gardening, poetry, poor eating habits, and other "unproductive" distractions and diversions.   
         These Type A overachievers are working to exhaustion so their kids can go to college, as they continually tell everyone they meet for the next twenty years.    
         Then these children work to exhaustion their entire adult lives, so THEIR kids can go to college and on and on for time immemorial.  
This cycle of accomplishment is the 

            Hamster wheel of Capitalism.  Are you winning the race?

         These bragging parents don't consider the bigger picture that would have ALL parents working together to decrease the cost of college for everyone, (most of it being usurious bank interest anyways.)   You lose to the lobbyists again because they are busy making corruption legal.

Wealth is all-important to these Type A overachievers, and they will spend decades kicking and clawing for every dollar, year after year, "so they can retire comfortably".  Sometimes they are even too busy to notice the "carpe diem” refrigerator magnet.
People deny themselves the many simple joys we can experience during this one lifetime. They squeeze their fun into a ten-day Bourgie Bonanza in some foreign locale. Meanwhile, stay busy, succeed, achieve, you can do it, easy does it but do it. The new work ethic is to multitask like a juggler.
To not savor the small things in life is to do the worst type of damage you can to your spirit.   What part of you can't take it with you don't you get? The human population has doubled while the animal population has been halved in my lifetime. People watch educationl shows about the wonders of nature as significant ecosystem breakdown occurs. A fever pitch of awareness but an abscense of action.
Our life should be about diversions and experiencing as many physical and cerebral pursuits that we can.  Have gratitude and savor the simpler pursuits. In addition, Love. For some Love is the only religion. 
Do we need a planet filled with genetically engineered plants and plastic trash? No. Our guts tell us no, even if we can't quite articulate it.  

      Big restorations and reclamations of major ecosystems needs to get started, and the most polluting industries that are reducing the worlds resource base, should be taxed heavily to give cleaner competitors a better chance.    

Dirty energy is like candy and it’s too easy to just steal from the earth and sell it, as the evil capitalists are doing. 
Global warming means the eventual carbon tax, which the new neo-liberal world order bureaucracy is mandating.  Don’t bother with this incredibly cumbersome and unwieldy bureaucratic tax burden that a carbon tax would be.    Plant trees and put polluters out of business. Boycott them till they die. We don't need another world bureaucracy, we need to stop feeding the cancer known as capitalism.
  Taxing accumulated wealth and boycotting greedy corporations is the minimum the voter / citizen / workers around the world need to do.   Big Business has given themselves too much in the last 100 years, and Capitalism is going to be put in restraints to prevent the continued carpetbagging of the world.  
            I am heartened to finally see a major political figure promote the idea of a tax for those with 50 million dollars or more in property. Not forever only until we eliminate the national debt and create a superstructure of infrastructure.

             The extraction insanity continues unabated, and then there is China who is strategically cornering the world markets of precious metals and the workers of the world do nothing. That’s your metal dude The metals belong to all!! 
              Everybody gets upset when Mao boils some teachers, but say nothing when trillions of dollars of US property is owned by China in their steady world conquest of weak, stupid nations.
            It’s not socialism to ration resources, it’s common sense. China doesn’t own what’s in the ground, the people do. Stop subsidizing bankrupt governments. They don't own the diamonds and or gas and oil in the Arctic. We do, we all do.
People thought he meant communism.   He wasn't. He was discussing the Predator Class
                       The final slaughter of Nature and Human rights, of Family, & Community.

            In millenniums past, there had been climate change with its giant, mile-thick glaciers grinding their way slowly southwards. When the ice age was over, plants migrated northwards as the ice melted into millions of streams and  canyons and valleys and lakes. 
          Bird populations are critical during climate changes, because the birds  carry seeds to new locations during these geological disturbances such as the last Ice Age Maximum.  
Those small songbirds will be carrying endemic and rare seeds northward to new locations in North America. the smaller birds feast on the small seeds of many wildflowers across this land. Their lives are important.
 Endangered pollinators need shrubs, trees and wildflowers planted in as many places as possible to stabilize their populations.
 Aldo Leopold insisted back in the forties that every nut and bolt of nature must be preserved, so we know what we have.   We still have a chance to do that in the Appalachians. A brilliant Civilian Conservations Corps project created the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Pest insects are known for their rapid birth cycles and there will be increasing problems with insect imbalance in the years to come. Birds are dwindling in numbers and they need to generally move further northward in their migrations, and it is a crucial time for communities to save land and plant native plants. Plant wildflowers for pollinators, plant for the birds. 
As the climate changing occurs, the fragile songbirds get into all those micro niches where the rare things are and carry these rare and endemic species hundreds of miles, quite accidentally on their claws, feathers, and in their droppings. 
   The birds are one of the more sophisticated components of our Biosphere; eating the seeds, carrying fish eggs in their talons, chunks of moss and ferns clinging to them and dropped by those same bird claws. 

Birds are critical, and we need their populations to increase dramatically over the next 20 years but their silent slaughter continues and scapegoats like cats are being blamed, when loss of habitat is 90% of the problem.  
A new national infrastructure plan needs to address food and shelter issues for birds.

 Children are finally learning about ecological niches and the fascinating animal world in school while Fundamentalist Snowflakes say this "Green Cult agenda" is invading our school curriculums, brainwashing kids into worshiping Nature.           
         The canary in the coalmine is migrating 
                   north with climate change. 

          Look no further and nurture a seed within yourself, and grow where you are.   Take a sabbatical from how things are supposed to be, and spend 2019/20 growing a movement, an Earth Movement. Grow a green canopy over the crumbling façade of this illusion of prosperity created by Industrial Capitalism.
      We cannot accept stripped down ecosystems and fragmented forests, Steppes and Plains anymore and it is time to stop this extraction insanity.  We are facing Environmentalisms Last Stand with most people, unfortunately, having a general fealty to the Industrial Machine, borne of corporate brainwashing.
The thieves, maligners and destroyers of nature are conversely the greatest heroes of capitalism. Worst of all they neglected to invest in people, and this is what you feel in your gut. This is what is wrong; your earth is rapidly being degraded beyond repair, and there have never been so many poor, unhappy working people in the world. 
The workers revolution and the death of capitalism is inevitable and I hope I am here to see it.  The workers revolution will finally succeed for one reason---women. Women will make all the difference now that they are no longer marginalized as they had always been. Right, fellas?

Capitalism fails and flails as the façade of Manifest Destiny and Colonialism crumble away.   
We have 75% less habitat than we did at the end of WW2 for migrating pollinators to deal with during this change of climate and doubling of the human population.  
This is real. The Stock Market and money is not quite as real.  Will the stock market be here in 10,000 years? This is an important question because Nature still needs to be here when the prosperity of Wall Street is long forgotten, and there are no, ifs ands or buts about it.       
                The environment is quite real, 
                   God, maybe not so much.     

           We have the seeds for a New Enlightenment, but nothing will grow if we do not sow a wiser, equitable and more sustainable course. The next question is how do we spread abundance to all?  Should it be Capitalism, with its waste and competition? Should it be Socialism with the government coming to our apple orchards to count and confiscate our products for the good of all?  It is neither, and we know that.   We need to discuss how we can open markets for real, and re-invent the family farm for all the people in the world.
To take a rare seed to its fruiting stage is a great gift for all.  This is what I mean by creating abundance. We know many medicines are derived from the folk medicine, and our food has been sourced from a vast, adaptive ethnobotany of many indigenous peoples.  Yet we let all that die! 
Millions of farming communities around the world are being torn apart to feed this devouring Hexxus of Capitalism.   Corporations own a disproportionate part of the world as many starve. I mean, am I not making sense?
            Nutrients in the soil are being depleted, and have been since the European Invasion began, quadruplling with advancements in sod-busters. 
          Don’t get me wrong about Capitalism because Communism is completely inequitable also and I often refer to it as a chalkboard Utopia, and it is a proven environmental disaster in communist countries. I promote the idea that the carbuncle ravaged mind of Carl Marx is no longer relevant.
“One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas I’ll never know.”  Marx

Who said Marxists have no sense of humor? The Democranks and Republicants have our opinions properly stifled, but the next wave of effective political action will be a Progressive initiative that will reform capitalism into a system that the world can work with forever.  
At first, I thought of calling our new system Democratic Capitalism. However, that wasn’t good enough and not true so I eventually settled on Market Socialism which is a refinement of Democratic Socialism and a fairly well-known concept. Market Socialism immediately goes to the core of America: where we get our supplies. Who cares about our war machine really?  T***p invades Venezuela. We spent 5 trillion dollars in the war without end in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Slash that military budget in half and let the whiny white people leave salty stains of their tears on the Statue of Liberty. A new culture and economic system have begun to rise up and its healthy greenery will grow a canopy over the dying, destructive, death-dealing, war loving culture of Manifest Destiny and it’s evil twin Colonialism. 
This final, demented phase of Capitalism has arrived. Unimagined, even by Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Oligarchy. is on its way with their rose-colored greed glasses.  
In their world, the rich should own everything, for our own good of course.  An authoritarian world order with one corporation supplying all products is the goal of the Olijerks.
                  The star of the Progressive Era was Teddy Roosevelt, progressive conservative,  and he was often at odds with big business.  A true conservative historically has been mistrustful of the Bigs.  Big banks, big companies, and big religions (actually an anti-Catholic bias by wasps.).
        He was one of the few in power brave enough to confront Big Business and the predatory monopolies head on.  He saw what grappling beasts the giant corporations could be, and how Mom and Pop Market Socialism and our traditional rural culture were suffering from corporate bullying in the market place. He was also enough of a conservationist to have started the National Parks system AND the National Estuary Program. A rare bird indeed.
  Sadly, even if government taxes and interference were reduced, as the conservatives want,  greedy corporations would quickly jump in and increase their chewing and sucking of our lifeblood with market control and dramatic price increases. 
There is a need to reduce the influence of corporations AND government equally in our culture. Most regulation has only stifled the small business entrepreneurs while making the vulture capitalists corruption legal and profitable. Primarily people like president Stupid Bigly.
        Of course if clear-cutting were banned in the United States there would be inflation. Can’t we make toothpicks from recycled material?  Of course we can and will again once Logging companies stop getting tax breaks when they should be paying to a lot to harvest old trees.still clear cut because it is cheaper to cut down a 200 foot tree than it is to recycle old pallets and wooden construction waste.  That’s a real shame and an indictment about capitalisms excess and waste.
        People have been brainwashed to accept a minimum wage that creeps up while insurances and services and many products, that are coincidentally not included in inflation statistics, increase their costs at a far greater rate than the inflation rate would indicate. 80% of us struggle with the cost of this modern life that has been forced on us by the violent paradigm of Capitalism. 
The war economy and the nature-destroying economy, are not a perfect fit for the workers, citizens’. voters and children of the working class.  Paltry pay affects too many families, but raising the pay of the lowest paid of the world, would be good for all,  in that lifting up all boats kind of way. Call it float up economics as opposed to trickle down.             Some say the only way forward is to smash capitalism, but I am inclined to think that we create a new economy for us instead and capitalism will eventually be abandoned and rust out in the field like an old tractor. We'll see what we have left after the national debt is paid and the New Infrastructure Plan is in place and completely funded.
People have been brainwashed to accept a minimum wage that creeps up while insurances, most services and many products   increase their costs at a far greater rate than the inflation rate would indicate. 
50% of us struggle with the cost of this modern life that has been forced on us by the violent paradigm of Capitalism with their war economy and nature destroying economy.
 Paltry pay affects too many families, but raising the pay of the lowest paid of the world would be good for all in that lifting up all boats kind of way. Call it float up economics as opposed to trickle down. Some say the only way forward is to smash capitalism, but I am inclined to think that we create a new economy for us instead.
              (  #bernwallstreetbern )  Every American product becomes more competitive when wages go up in the poorest parts of the world, and conversely, these same people will be able to afford our products, with better wages.  Float up Economics, let wages go up and create inflation. We can’t lose. Tax the funny money of the wealthy and turn their fake paper profits into housing and food for people. 
Promote good pay and safe working conditions around the world and a new economy will emerge. There might be inflation for us, but the end result is a more competitive market for our exports eventually.  Imagine better wages for all when CEO pay and shareholder benefits are reined in as a result of higher wages and safer working conditions and a 35 hour week. 

What I’m saying is that many people have become rich by providing goods for unnaturally low prices. This makes it appear that Industrial Predatory Capitalism has really worked great, but a Predatory Capitalist system collapse will be discussed in terms of trillions of dollars. Let's use  it for infrastructure before it sinks into a giant black hole when Capitalism shits its drawers.
We are living under an Illusion of Prosperity, but the curtain of deceit is being pulled back and exposing the swindles. I say tax them gold hoarding bastards ( how about 10% on all accumulated wealth over 10 million dollars. ) A luxury tax a la Monopoly until the national debt is paid, how about that as a budget balancer? 
It would pit bankers against the rest of the rich. The rich will pay off the seven billion in interest on the national debt with this tax.  The rich can also put the money back in social security that they used for two ridiculous wars and Ronnie Ray guns military buildup, which initially ballooned the deficit into the stratosphere.
                Many recognize what has been lost and it is not a social decay as much as the loss of the vibrant small businesses that had always been the backbone of the United States.
          The Klondike Capitalism of the early 1800’s was an explosion of small business. and the Mom and Pop Market Socialism up to World War 2 was vibrant, alive and diverse, and this is what has been destroyed by predatory capitalism.
        Big Business (Wall Street) has sucked the life out of Main Street and I think the whole Predatory Capitalist system is dysfunctional, anti-family and anti-liberty.    Do we revolt or reform? No, our answer to paracidicidal price gouging and usury is to take on second or third jobs. Too busy, too busy, and there is no time for spiritual renewal or healing and certainly no time for protest or revolution No time to slow down the destruction of the planet. Capitalism has no brakes and a bridge abutment is just ahead.
      We appreciate our teachers and police and fire fighters very much, and feel they are underpaid while many in government are overpaid. We don't think much about lawyers that make ten times as much any ten blue-collar workers.   This demographic of lawyers continue to gouge the public, yet are only 1% of the general population but somehow 35 % of our congressional representatives! 

Lawyers and attorneys fill our Congress and Legislatures dis-proportionally, and  the slickest of this band of weasels become long-term politicians. Skeevy hacks who were on a 7-week vacation during Convention time in 2016.
   How do lawyers earn 200 dollars an hour? Honestly? Do you think they earn it or do they steal it? It's a scam but we allow it. The gardener, maid, plumber, electrician, and everyone else put together at the lawyers home to maintain the lawyer's luxurious lifestyle, do not make as much as that one lawyer, with all their blue-collar incomes combined.  
I charged a client for 6 months of work maintaining the small garden of a historical home for $250, realizing a few of the people in that office-building make that much PER HOUR!  Priests and Lawyers, the handmaidens of greed.
This is a smash and grab robbery of the middle class in their pursuit of proper legal and Constitutional representation. Industrious productive Americans are getting cheated by Predatory Capitalism and their lawyerly vermin.
        White-collar criminal enterprises need to be taxed into extinction and small business will fill the gap. Never mind whale wars, here comes the Human Rights Wars.
Agitate reform.  Protect workers who start unions in troubled, corrupt nations. Protect women that are being brutalized on the street or in the workplace anywhere in the world. Let’s make it a manly thing to be protective of all women and children.  Half the world’s population doesn’t  feel safe in this world of male dominated dog eat dog capitalism. Work towards every child in the world having a home and something to eat. That should be the goal of every billionaire. Shame on you rich half-men.

Agrarian Anarchy is the antithesis of parasitical capitalism and Agrarian Anarchy asks the question, “What is better, 250 farmers, truckers, small store owners and others making 40,000 dollars a year or one “export executive” making 10 million dollars a year? 
That one executive is somehow as valuable as an entire small community who actually produces the goods? This is truly whacked and the reason they need to keep citizens sidetracked and brainwashed with repetition of the narrattive they wish to convey.
         The American ancient forests were ignominiously sliced and sold like cheap luncheon meat as Canada’s Boreal Forest is today. Around the world, habitat is being lost with virtually no public outcry
 Capitalism is destroying the opportunity for thousands of future generations to have a sustainable economy, to have natural flowing brooks and streams and Salmon spawning up rivers and explains the economics of resource depletion.      
        The longer we allow the Predatory Capitalists to maintain their ferocious pace of resource depletion, the more difficult it will be to try and achieve a sustainable prosperity in the future.  The Illusion of Prosperity is a phrase I’d like to popularize, because today’s prosperity is due, at least partially, from stealing resources from a potentially a sustainable future.
      This prosperity creates an illusion that the Industrial Revolution and “progress” are responsible for this affluence. However, there's the hidden cost of exhausting land, compromising water quality, polluting the air, and stealing from other countries and continents by depleting their natural resources not to mention a billion underpaid workers making your products all you little Lord Fauntleroys out there..
             Cod Populations are down 90%  in the Atlantic, and so now we eat Pacific Cod and the majority of people are unaware of the Cod’s precarious survival level. If we had kept fish populations at a constantly abundant level with the market socialist system of small family fishing fleets and every community having fresh fish to 500 foot ships catching millions of fish at once.
            The family businesses that existed 100 years ago  wouldn't need all these dang scientists studying how to get the North Atlantic Cod to repopulate.  Too much collateral damage with Capitalism and We are paying today for the cheap fish of yesterday, and current research costs money that we don’t have adding to all future costs.
          Scientists study water issues and what are the favorable conditions that would make the Cod breed abundantly again? They are desperate to keep them from extinction along with many other savory seafood in a disasterous decline.
         We suffer with low supply in the present for the profits of the past, and there are many more resources being depleted like this.  There are those hidden costs again, research to bring species back from the edge of extinction. America’s primary form of capitalism serves CEO’S and stockholders and there is little or no respect for the diversity of life in the ocean or any of the other world habitats.  
          This is why I don’t feel the least bit bad about suggesting a 10% property tax for all the rich people in the world.
            Is it so much to want to keep toxins out of water supplies? Topsoil strippers and watershed manipulators for profit,  have run a jagged edge along Mother Natures throat and I wonder how this kind of agriculture can be described as anything but bad farming bleeding out our soil fertility.  It is Capitalism: profiteering, land speculation, and political manipulation at the very least. Then conservatives complain when money is spent on cleanup or preservation. 

         The Great Spirit that had ruled this continent previously is returning, and is growing a green canopy over the dark heart of Capitalism and putting its Christian apologists out to pasture.  Liberty is the vanguard of freedom, not the bible.

                Predatory Capitalism will falter and swallowed whole by the future debts of banks, insurance companies, empty pension funds and the National Debt . This will be followed by stocks and investments circling the drain.  Unfortunately, in that scenario, tyranny would fill the social vacuum. Techno-goons imposing martial law as World War Three 3 breaks out. A virulent, pernicious, avaricious and evil strain of greed has subsumed our country.           
           A rising tide of enlightenment will eventually drown the meanness, prejudice, bigotry and hate of the grossly misnamed greatest generation. They will disappear into the fetid cesspool of ignorance they created.  The myopic Boomers  will fight to keep their dragons hoards which will be safe if they support taxing the “grossly,  grandiosely and grotesquely rich.” (1)

(        1)   Richard Hofstadter  

             The slow atrophy of our inventive and magical culture began.  Rigor Mortis was settling into the body politic.
          Democrats today are completely mired in identity politics and the internecine infighting that is inevitable with over-educated Bourgie over thinkers. America needs to become blue collar again and Alexandria the idiot slayer will hopefully inspire more 'regular folks' to gain office so we can finally drain the swamp that is filled with lawyers and lobbyists and their revolving door of corruption.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Party Like It’s 1699

Party Like it’s 1699

“Your season draws nigh, as the north wind blows.”

                                         Chasing them down to take a picture seemed gauche and distasteful,
                                                so I went back to town and bought a quilt
          Above is an Amish buggy I was trying to take a discreet picture of. Its way off in the distance and I was starting to feel like paparazzi trying to get a good picture. I tried to take a picture of one of these buggies while driving, but you know how that goes.
    I’m visiting the city of New Holland, Pennsylvania in an attempt to parachute into Amish Country to check them out for myself. A song came to mind, "Never was heard, a discouraging word and the skies were not cloudy all day."
        A parade route was filled with lawn chairs reserving their spot for the harvest festival to begin that next Wednesday. Clever front yard mini-landscapes, and some very hip, thrift shop owners.

         I Noted some really good vibes just outside of town too,   Amish children playing and locals respectfully going around the horse and buggies of the Amish. While wary of strangers, they seemed unaffected by technology, happy in their ways, purposeful in their tasks.  Quick too, their horses were really hoofing it and they didn't cause any traffic problems.
        I'm a little skeptical about the "technologically impaired" aspect of the Amish when I see rubber tires and such and I wonder what kind of Smithing was needed to make their bicycles. I know for a fact that carriage wheels are handmade and the carriages are made locally, but I was wondering about the part in the weird al song "Amish Paradise" that goes... 
              'I take a look at my wife and realize she's very plain
                      But that's just perfect for an Amish like me,
                     You know I shun fancy things like electricity."
       Now if I was the typical tourist I would cynically note that the best way to find the Amish was to follow the horse poop in the roads. However, their patriarchal system aside, I have some real respect for them now after having taken a closer look.
          Around the time of the vengeful hysteria of 9-11, when Saudi hijackers created a war in Iraq,  America was out for blood. A flag-waving Muslim hating minority vowed revenge. but at the same time there was a mass shooting at an Amish schoolhouse.  Shocking the country, they forgave the shooter.  I thought, wow America … the bloodthirsty tyrants of mass destruction, here’s how real christians act. What part of ‘turn the other cheek’ don’t you understand? Why did the Amish lack the bloodthirsty, vengeful hysteria of George Bush's America?
Big rocks and small yards

         I walked a good deal around New Holland and there were no scuffles or people rushing or upset ...(except a bicycle riding Amish dude trying to make the green light, who gave the skank eye to a boneheaded tourist that got in his way as the light turned yellow). ‘An Amish with a ‘tude’ is not unheard of’, and they most certainly know about Weird Als “Amish Paradise.”
New Holland Pa.
         They talk with outsiders and they are not deaf, dumb and blind. A friendly merchant, a grain salesperson, a potato wholesaler, or the driver taking 500 pumpkins to Florida. The working people all talk with each other, the Amish know a good deal more than they are given credit for. Remember they don’t watch TV and conversations is where they learn the most about the outside. Different sects have various strictures and freedoms with the strictest of them living in less accessible hinterlands.
       I found it amusing that they hung their clothes to the electric pole by the street. All kinda laundry drying outside and fields full of
       Do you kind of get that they are actually Anarchists and  Preppers and SUrvivalists?  They follow the rules that they have to, such as stop lights, but have cut off all ties with the US government. They think Satan is the tapeworm eating America and they plan to outlast Satan.  
      They are a country within a country, like the Basques in Spain or the Kurds in the middle east but not wanderers like the Tinkers or Gypsies. The Amish are a community that allows their young to decide their future by living among the outsiders during the wild oats phase. Would the common sense of their youth translate into a desirable future within the community? You may have watched the TV series about the Amish and found them cautious and thoughtful   when the rules are broken.

         During this period, they will be deciding on having an adulthood that is filled with non-stop chores during the daylight hours, or they may choose a life among the capitalist Americans and the vicissitudes of the market and the inherent cruelty of capitalism.  Not having a job to do is unheard of in their world.  Alone in the world like Moby with no real community.   
Note lawn chairs saving a space for the parade on the right

When this capitalism crap shits the bed, guess who won't even notice

       So I’m in one of the large thrift shops and I see a partial quilt that I really liked and I talk to the lady whose mom was an Amish. She showed me something her mother made and it was quite nice, and then we looked at this piece that caught my eye. 1903 1904 and women's names. The corner of a quilt where they quilters signed their names. Cut from a corner of an 8x8 foot quilt? Fascinating stitching and colors.
       With the ladies 100 years dead, I thought I had gotten myself a bit of an antique, but it was also time to listen.  She said the price is negotiable and I was going to say 25, but it was obviously worth more than that, so I said thirty and I had it. In the meanwhile, I love when people volunteer information I’m looking for, and I followed the banter between the co-owners and I learned a lot more than if I asked stupid questions.
       As I went to leave to go to Hershey Gardens , I stopped at a farmstand.  Finally an Amish in full regalia I could talk to. I didn’t know if they were brainwashed zombies like christians and Islamos  so I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to get seed potatoes from the Amish which on my itinerary from the git-go, but there was nothing sprouted, all perfectly beautiful Kennebecs.  
        I keep eating them and six weeks later only five had sprouted. “This is when we plant them in Florida," I told her. It can get cold and slow the growth down some years, and we harvest in April, mostly from containers.

         Luckily no customers came along for a bit and she told me about how they specialize. Different people have different talents and tools and she hinted on how their barter system works.
         My planning was extensive for my trip, even growing a mustache-less semi-beard despite having a Mediterranean face that has no sideburns. Here I look like a stern Amish smiling his fool head off belying the frown lines
        So whatever it was, this Amish maiden was so real and open and fun to talk to, I’m thinking, you know, these people are probably pretty cool in actuality.  Use your head and don’t mess with them with stupid 'get er done' redneck miasma. Instead, bond with people about agriculture. Considering we eat three times a day, a thousand times a year, an important part of the revolution is food. 
      If you treat them like fish at the Atlanta Seaquarium like the typical ugly American tourist, don’t expect any warmth or confidentiality. Talk about the guy that cuts the silage at the end of the growing season, or discuss tricks of the trade regarding tomatoes and potatoes. Not, why do you hang your laundry in the front yard, like a city slicker libtard would?
      The energy hog we call the dryer, gives most people an automatically bigger carbon footprint than any of the Amish.  Do you think the Amish were worried about Hurricane Florence damaging gasoline refineries? We shouldn’t be either, and now ask yourself how many pipelines do you need to supply your community with gasoline. 
       It’s not just smoke in the air, but the entire mining and processing of fossil fuels that has compromised our ecosystems. Thousands of pipelines crisscrossing the country (that will be abandoned when we switch to safer technologies) that have created a silent slaughter of billions of animals who were unable to migrate, unable to find food. Traditional wetlands for millions of years wiped out in several generations of short-sighted sycophants of capitalism. Carpetbagging trumps, looting someone else's resources.
      I see Deplorables in line with a mountain of pork chops at the register and this is somehow more civilized than an Amish root cellar?  That’s right, I didn’t see many fat Amish. I can also see the Amish understanding Bioregions(#3) far better than some city slicker libral could.
      Now imagine this type of independence coupled with a less superstitious and strict religion of the earth. Hunter-gatherers, harvest gleaners, taking 50 cent Amish squash and selling it for a dollar in Florida. Wholesale Vermont Maple Syrup and making pints to sell, a whole new independent crop of survivalist hucksters will emerge and it will be a good thing.  People living in their cars, camping not homeless. Maybe make our own internet, and corporations and governments can be told to take a hike. Talk to the hand Fascism.  Banishment for all POS businessmen as the Amish banish those they want to ban.
      Horse and buggy isn’t the answer to your beguiling question, but real, actual energy independence is what we’ll be doing in our spiraling autonomous communities when gasoline gets to about $4.50 a gallon, then all the alternatives will come on line. Production of slower vehicles and an infrastructure project for safer traveling will boost the economy. The frantic fracking of the last ten years was to keep the Petroleum  Plot
      The people of New Holland and the nearby Amish community seem to do parallel play pretty well.  Amish carriages never seemed to hold up traffic and they also seemed intent to get things done that Saturday. Trucks with bales of hay going thru Main St and harvests with gales of surplus in the country that wastes 30% of the food they buy.
      Why does capitalism seem like an incompatible marriage of humanity and money? People flummoxed they can’t have unlimited cheap fuel but every gallon that goes in your tank, takes from somebody in the future. Capitalism stinks and Market Socialism is the answer.  

The Amish knew this a long time ago. They will survive. They won't even notice an economic collapse and it seems only cockroaches are tougher than the Amish.