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Sunday, October 9, 2011


      THE LAMP
When the greedy can mock the compassionate,
when the slovenly moral can hurt the innocent,
when the ones you love destroy your dreams;
it becomes time to concede the hint.

Whether reform becomes revolution,
And the separation of church and hate;
Calls to us to secure our means, let us cling to freedom, and bring change to the state.

Falsely accused the righteous will plead,
The veiled will scream and clamor for justice.
The gift of life falls from our grip,
Game over friends, it’s the end of bliss.

Poetry is power, the Egyptian understands and,
The camel concedes the passage is small.
The gods cry and the goddesses cringe
Now hoping we will stand tall

Pele erupts to bury the deceit and
Cities look up to see the flames.
Even the blind will  see the light and
History cannot record all our names.

Thank you muse and inspire me now,
To reach the souls who have gone dead and cold.
While the evil conspire to deceive the lame, Clarity of vision is ours to hold.

We stand together to exorcise and train,
While Libertas holds the lamp aloft to see.
Temerity we seek with hope to claim;
A life worth living for all to be.

The otherside embraces and awaits our return
And with shield and sword we discard our name.
Swirling the whirlwind we ride tonight,
V for victory and PEACE for all to claim

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