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Thursday, October 20, 2011


                During Occupy Orlando, I experienced representative democracy in a form that Thomas Jefferson would recognize.  I saw peaceful assembly as envisioned by the "despicable rabble" of   1765 as they gathered around their Liberty Trees to protest undue corporate influence. 
       Small business was thriving in the colonies but British corporate conglomerates encouraged the Crown to tax, tariff and parasitize the rapidly growing small business community. Eventually, John Hancock would be considered a smuggler and Sam Adams was a fugitive the Redcoats intended to hang as a traitor.

       The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court has declared corporations as persons and this act is  similar to the Stamp Tax of 1765 as a final straw.  No one is objecting to wealth, but disgust at the grandiose gluttonous greed unleashed in the last 30 years.  Occupiers love capitalism and completely understand how it has been hijacked by rapacious resource extraction and the monopoly money debt system. 
       Along with the growing rise of corporatism there is the undue influence and stealth coup of the Republican False Witness Party. I saw every American demographic represented at Occupy Orlando BUT, the moral high ground hypocrites are out in full force, dissimulators trying to misrepresent peaceful protest.  I met bright   people  with  good jobs that have come on  hard times due  to the gangrenous greed of our banking system or corrupt health care &an d misdiagnosis. 
     I          have
 paid 60,000 dollars of interes t on my house and the bank has made more than all the contractors put together with this usurious interest. How much more do they need? How did they earn it? 
       The only reason corporations make jobs is because the entire structure of Main Street Small Business was crushed after WW2. Unions had brought dignity to the American worker bringing us out of our Third World conditions,  but the misnamed Greatest Generation were willing dupes to profiteers who clear cut southern forests to ignite the cheap housing boom of the 50's, and bought stocks in companies such as GM who dumped toxins into rivers and poured industrial  solvents down wells. Many who are sitting pretty today were beneficiaries of the high wages of the government subsidized weapons industry, or investments with companies whose toxic sites need a taxpayer cleanup. We have an EPA because large companies will not do the right thing, ever.

       I realize that union wages priced many American goods beyond the reach of most people in the world by the 70's. Corporations then fled to look for the most obedient and servile labor force they could find. 
       One result of the occupy movement will be foreign workers demanding better pay and safe working conditions with unions, because the unions have not outlived their usefulness. Wal Mart heirs have $80,000,000,000 in the bank and could afford an across the board three dollars an hour raise for all non-salaried workers. With or without a union this would be an instant stimulus package and the many industrious, underpaid, unhappy Wal Mart workers would agree.
       In 1788 the new government of the United States had many bills and loans to be paid. Many of our states' rights issues were studied and discussed and a limited federal government was agreed upon. To provide a common defense was understood by George Washington to mean we would not be a meddlesome component in the world's conflicts. "Government can be a handy servant, but a terrible Master." 
       I agree with the Tea Party and their opinions on government over reach, Departments of Education and Energy are state issues and these departments can be eliminated. We disagree on defense cuts.    
       In 1788 most tax revenue was generated from tariffs. A 25% tariff on all products from China would embolden workers there, in their fight for higher wages, as we demand that China end slave labor and worksite tyranny and   focus on environmental abuses and pollution.
       If our government won't do it, the civic groups we belong to will do it. During the Orlando General Assembly the motion to list corporations to boycott was tabled to decide whether ethical safe companies should be promoted instead. The General assembly's are a pure form of representational democracy as any person could have input into decisions. To read the disparaging comments of those trying to malign the Occupy Movement is to see ignorance on display. Our civic groups are the high thread count in the fabric of freedom and our voices around the world will be heard.
       People sitting pretty today very likely have gained this security from investments in polluting industries, their portfolios swelling from profits in companies like Kimberly Clark who cut down 150 foot ancient spruces to make tissue paper. Unseen is the environmental devastation as hillsides erode.  Those mocking protestors may also be part of the corporate cabal of lawyer politicians who profit greatly from government projects. Many don't realize that 40% of Congress are lawyers and it is them that have created the law debilitated nightmare we have today.  This lackey system of sycophants will do the best they can to halt liberty from emerging.
       Little known is that the Revolutionary Sons of Liberty were roughnecks and gang members. Paul Revere eventually became a renowned silversmith but was known as just another wharf rat to the British sympathizers known as Tories. Sam Adams organized these gangs. Groomed for the clergy, he chose another path and was considered by the governor a troublesome pest and "leader of this group of Mohawks."  In fact the clergy seemed conspicuously absent during the actual revolutionary struggle but were always usurping political power with their bogus 'great awakenings'.
       The first revolution was accomplished by the 99%. A Black Native American, Crispus Attucks, was the first casualty during the Boston Massacre.  Atheists were not discriminated against as they are today and many independent voices influenced events. One of the little people was an important advisor to George Washington. In fact, Washington D.C. and its breathtaking architecture was designed by a flamboyant gay dude.  You are being sold a pack of lies and you really need to look hard for the truth. 
     Occupy Wall Street may not resemble the window smashing, effigy hanging,  cannon hauling, tavern singing patriots of 1776 but in some ways  the pursuit of Liberty and Justice for all is exactly similar. The second American Revolution  will include women this time giving us the energy needed to defeat  coercive authority. Or as The platform of the Progressive Party in 1912 said in their mission statement, their stated goal was to defeat "the unholy alliance between business and government." TheBull Moose Party was led by Theodore Roosevelt and though they didn't win, T.R. was carved into Mount Rushmore for a reason. Trust buster extraordinaire.

Thomas Paine from his poem Liberty Tree. "Unmindful of names or distinction they came, for freemen like brothers agree, with one spirit endow'd , they one friendship pursued, a   their   temple was  Liberty Tree. "     

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