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Saturday, August 11, 2012


           Fetid Cesspool 

         The spirit of 1776 has been crushed and  replaced with the culture of the warrior elite. The War Culture, the tree cutting and ecosystem destroying culture, has been on a rampage against nature these last 100 years. 

         The profits of previous decades have given us this weapon saturated world we have today, and nuke waste is still waiting for its 10,000 year storage bins. There will need to be a multi-billion, if not trillion, dollar effort to decommission the nuclear power plants that created temporary, cheap electricity.  
         U.S.Veterans feel they are patriots because they risked their lives in Europe and Asia and wherever else. I hate to say it but, George Washington might not agree with the patriotism angle. Bomb bomb bombing Iraq isn‘t the same kind of effort he made at Valley Forge. 
        I am referring to George Washington and his famous quote about "avoiding foreign entanglements," when he became President. Remember, the Constitution says the military would "provide for the common defense." And thats it!. How did we get this 600 billion dollar totalitarian war machine? Call it what you will, but it was once known as Liberal Totalitarianism. Managing the world (for its own good)

       I'm not against the military, except when they are not "providing for the common defense." Which is like, always. In 2004 the Louisiana National Guard was fighting in Iraq and unable to help during the after math of Hurricane Katrina as one example. A simple solution is to tell the military that next years budget will be 500 billion, start cutting NOW!
           President Washington would also discover that the “unprecedented” post war prosperity of the fifties and sixties was fueled by rapacious plundering, such as the many Forests that were clear cut to ignite the suburban housing boom. "White flight."
          The government subsidized nuclear power industry, and other weapon manufacturing jobs, gave people great pay back in those "greatest generation" days, but now we have a trillion dollar toxic cleanup no one wants to talk about. Cheap energy wasn't the goal, plutonium was for bomb making.
           Just something to think about as you work for minimum wage at McDonalds or WalMart as your conservative Uncle touts his "values system". Then you start realizing the Muslims aren't the problem.
        Tons of dangerous chemicals at military sites and biohazards  at weapons of mass destruction assembly sites need to be taken care of. The Greatest Generation got cheap electricity in the 50’s, 60’s & 70's, but left the problem of storing nuclear waste to generations unborn. That is a values system? Judeo Christian ethics?
The Greatest Generation allowed this with their inaction
      A rising tide of enlightenment will eventually drown the meanness, prejudice, bigotry and hate of this grossly misnamed greatest generation. They will disappear into the fetid cesspool of ignorance they created. The Corporate Authoritarian Despots (c.a.d.'s), that they bow down to, will no longer control our economy, once Progressives get motivated.   But mark my words, one day it will be realized the greatest generation was actually the worst generation.

        This older generation has been brainwashed to worship all coercive authority. Boomers work ceaselessly to keep their heads above water or are deeply into the greed machine, and their stock investments in polluting corporations keep them docile. The youth are looking ahead, but don’t understand some of the old American traditions.   Around the world, millions of us are transcending generation, race, gender, and class barriers; are unafraid to discuss the taboos. We are uniting without a coercive hierarchy.

The clotted nothingness of todays liberalism and the venomous spewings of   conservatives actually represent only small slices of the American Pie; and unfortunately, the only two that have a voice in the mainstream media. L ike Lewis Black says, "The Democratic Party is the party of no ideas, and the Republican Party is the party of bad ideas."

          Let’s give ourselves the chance for a new start, with the rejection of violence and discrimination, and the ushering in of The Dawn of Civilization.
 What about the independent viewpoint? The independents have no steadfast, limiting ideology. We develop our own viewpoints and philosophies. We are tired of coercive governments and corrupt corporations. We are in the Tea Party and we are in Occupy Wall Street.
        We believe Churches serve quasi-governmental functions, as do the Cub Scouts, the Rotary, Homeowners associations and Garden Clubs. Government should be our solid edge and border maintaining our Constitution, and all these civic groups are a high thread count in the fabric of freedom. 

A storm is brewing

Josiah Quincy in 1773. 'I see the clouds which now rise thick and fast upon our horizon. The thunder rolls and the lightning plays, and to that God who rides the whirlwind and directs the storm, I commit my country." 

        What God is this then that he called upon? Thor, Perun, Boreas or others?  As Quincy warmed up the crowd,  local businessmen were  walking over to the wharfs to destroy the 300 chests of tea sitting on British ships in the harbor.
         The real Tea Party was about small business striking a blow against Britains corporate control of the colonies commerce. Small business entrepreneurs and their apprentices, along with member of Bostons north and south side gangs were the instigators in the acquisition of liberty. They were the motivating force of the Revolutionary War.
Poor people I have known are hard workers-THEY lie.  

         Jesus never said anything like,  “thy life sucks and then thouest dies”. The bible writers censored many of Jesus’ actual sermons while Christians, Caliphates and the Romans burned down the Library of Alexandria which contained hundreds of thousands of scrolls that were the single copies of writings; traditions, philosophies and myths of the ancient days. 
       There is a reason the bible became a popular book. All the other ones were destroyed! Even in 1913, Hopi children were kidnapped and taken far away to be taught the bible, to separate them from the Old Ways. Why, in 2013, are witches being killed in Africa, and now India recently? Exodus 22:18? It all derives from the pulpits of hate, the uninspired clergy George Tennent referred to in the 1730',s  during the bogus "Great Awakening." I research so you don't have to. I research to prove David Barton and glennbeck wrong.


The American Revolution truly started with the 'despicable rabble' of Boston Towne; the rock throwing, stamp collector confronting, effigy hangin, bar room debating restive roughnecks. (See Liberty Tree on this blog)Small business owners along with their young apprentices and stout  hearted, Independent thinking individuals took the actions needed to ignite the public at large. This country was created by people who finally outsmarted the christians politically
Remember it was only 50 years previous to our revolution that it finally became illegal to kill witches and Quakers, and enlightenment was spreading fast and true freedoms were within reach, and by 1776, most thinking people were no longer swayed by the religious bugaboo that kept people frozen in fear of an angry god.

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest and her story is at the heart of the Eluesian mysteries. As Masons, our founding fathers had secret ceremonies  invoking the oracle at Delphi. Delphi was a place where the intellectually nimble debated, and its well was considered the navel of the world . The umbilical cord of liberty. The Axis Mundi.
 The Founding Revolutionaries of the United States created Washington D.C. much like a giant mason lodge and the Capitol building like a Goddess  temple. Please note the picture below is Ben Franklin with Demeter or Minerva- Greek and Roman names for the goddess of the harvest. Above Ben and Minerva is the apotheosis of George Washington, surrounded by 13 goddesses and muses. Keep in mind this is in an important building in D.C. seen by millions.
Apotheosis of George Washington(upper right corner)
What of the people most known for their stone work; the architects of Chartres Cathedral and most other ancient structures made of stone? The Free men masons became the freemasons . Ritual was added as time went by, and tweaked by the idle rich with nothing better to do. That’s my Cliff Notes version of the Masons.  I am not a Mason nor do I wish to join. But mason bashing by xians needs to be stopped.

         Critics of our founding fathers say they were an elite ruling class. I tell these people that the evolution of personal liberty ‘had to begin somewhere and it had to begin somehow’.  How could justice and equality suddenly arrive full blown out of nowhere? Give these dudes some credit. It would be like complaining that Alexander Graham Bell should have invented a message machine too.   
         Thomas Jefferson,  Benjamin Franklin,  Thomas Paine, AND Sam Adams along with many other progressive independent thinkers, were the primary progenitors of American independence.  On the night of Paul Reveres ride, he emerged from a Masonic hall to get on his horse to warn his neighbors, or was it a Masonic meeting in a tavern? In Paris, Benjamin Franklin talked to Thomas Paine, convincing him to come back to the colonies in 1774 while gathered in a Masonic Hall.

         And yes, I see quotes about how George Washington called upon God in some of his famous statements implying the Christian God. I’m here to tell you my friend that George was inaugurated with his Mason apron on, okay?  He was paying lip service to the pesky clergy of his day with gratuitous quotes about god.
        Most Masons basically believe in a God,  a great architect of the Universe. Primarily, they believe in the duality of male and female in their higher degrees and understand a lot of Egyptian mysticism. Isis  and Minerva and Liberty and muses such as Clio are among their gods and goddesses,or were.
George Washingtons beliefs had far more in common with the Native Pagan Indians than they did with some Puritan or Calvinist tightass ideal. If our 1776  ancestors talked about god they were mostly paying lip service to the pontificating buzz killers. It is not your imagination that dogmatic authoritarian despots have embedded themselves in the American government as they prepare their treacherous coup and continue to divide the nation. Stay alert Patriots.

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