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Monday, December 2, 2013

Jesus and Mary>>>Behind the Music

  Question       What was Mother Mary like? As a person? Was she a leader or was she humble? Please tell me anything you can about her.

thanks* 1 hour ago -  4 days left to answer. 

                  First off, the "virgin" Marys' mother Anne was like 60 years old or something, and one day Anne was gnashing her teeth over her barren womb and an angel heard her. "Go forth with vigor old woman, and thou shalt be blessed." The grandmother of Jesus walked away puzzled.

               So alas, she left without hope; and sorrow in her heart. How badly she had wanted a child, and despite the miracle of the Angel, it seemed like a cruel joke at first. But, shortly after an eating frenzy of goat cheese and pickles, .......SHE REALIZED SHE WAS PREGNANT.   ''How can this be?'', her husband asked, and so she told him about the angel, which of course explained everything. Except how a 60 year old woman got pregnant. It's in the Bible.
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         Jesus' Mother Mary is one of the 9 goddesses in my religion, and the first to be born as a human. She is a Goddess conceived from the spiritual melding of Mary and the barren womb of her mother, St Anne. The spiritual melding of Marys spirit in Annes womb, and male chromosomes from an ancient male god. There's like, only 7 in the entire Universe, unlike Earth Mother Goddesses of which there are over 450. Averaging one every 50 light years or so.
        The angels and muses and Goddesses, then picked Joseph the Carpenter to marry her. Joseph, being a gentle man of great integrity, became a  gentle role model for the forthcoming holy son, and soon she was pregnant with her first child.  The Goddess Mary and the human Joseph created a half -human son named Jesus. This is the first heresy, but more plausible compared to the time tested, biggest lie of all time that states that God got the virgin pregnant.

             Jesus was born of the goddess Mary, and his birth was foretold in the stars, it was to be such a great event. Expert pagan astronomers, called the magi, were able to locate the child and bring offerings. The Magi discussed the various pagan religions and Mystery Schools of Egypt, where Mary and Joseph had planned to move to. Good farming out near the delta, and there were some nice liberal synagogues and a well to do population that would buy Josephs furniture. As a humorous aside, in Josephs shop there was a plaque that read, "In God we Trust...All others pay cash."
             The Magi and Jesus' parents agreed that the Old Testament god of the Old Testament is an angry gasbag trickster deity who seemed to demand an inordinate amount  of fealty and worship, oddly reminiscent of insecure old men. The Old Testament god needed some anger management classes back in the day.  Or the scholars who made it all up were lying out their ass. Or were making up stories 

                     The blessed son must write a New Testament the Magi told them.    Mary and Joseph agreed to teach the child named Jesus about many faiths. 
Jesus was to change Gods status. The Ancient Goddesses had begun to fight back. 
      “Flee to Egypt,” the magi insisted. "Take him somewhere peaceful, teach him the mysteries, and eventually, have him initiated by a teleste."  A Teleste is a teacher and initiator from the Mystery Schools. The Mystery Schools were a highly regarded form of education. 

         Forms of Buddhism had reached the homes of the Magi From India and China; and, although Egypt was marginalized politically by the time of Marys Pregnancy, it was still a spiritual place. Mary and Joseph inherited a middle class structure, Jesus being in the same line as King David they say. Mary knew the Temple in Jerusalem was very strict and overly dogmatic and was glad to get out of town and away from their influence.
         The Magi made this three month journey from out near the Ukraine or something, some say almost from India. We three kings of Orient Are, etc. That also means theoretically, Jesus as the divine teen, may have made some extensive voyages to the Magi's homeland, as speculated by some. The real life of Jesus was hidden by compilers of the Bible, a whole different set of insecure, power seeking men. 

          It's been theorized that Mary, Joseph and Jesus frequented a liberal Jewish Temple near Alexandria Egypt, when they lived there. Being half divinity, you can easily imagine the half man, half god Jesus, as a precocious child. By 12 years old, it was known that he was arguing circles around the dogmatic religious leaders.
The temple in Egypt they allegedly went to, had tunnels underneath it, and initiation ceremonies in the style of the Pagan Mystery Schools. You know, where they go deeper underground in tighter and smaller tunnels and eventually they are reborn at some secret underground site once they are fully disoriented by the dark. That fake death thing the Masons do. The River of Styx was an important part of the symbolism, an underground stream to symbolically carry them into a more spiritual life and a heavenly death. Some of these temples actually did have streams in them.   
  Presumably, as the family traveled back to Palestine as Jesus got older, the Blessed Son created controversy wherever he went. He questioned the hypocritical  leaders and Mary was always there to temper Jesus' enthusiastic youthful extremes, "go feed the donkey before you get us in trouble!" she would say as she shushed him away from time to time. 
The goal of the Goddesses was to have Jesus start a holy organization of adepts and healers, to get the world away from violence, and move towards social justice for all.  An Empire of Compassion, not Conquest. More parties, less piety. Not well known is that slaves and women held prominent roles in early Christianity, but the Paulines thwarted that egalitarian attitude less than a century after Jesus' death.

           His mission was to unify mankind without the hierarchy of patriarchal, religious groups, while at the same time, not to personally fall victim to the brutality of the bloodthirsty Pagan Roman soldiers.     

           Pagan slaughter began with the Levites, 2800 years previous to Jesus' era; and they ambitiously tore down pagan temples, stole pagan gold, and even burned, not only innocent pagan children, but their own daughters as well, as per the bible, "if they playeth the whore".  Heresy #2 is that the Old Testament 'god', was some sort of aberration in the universe. Someone who had 3-D holographic capabilities reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz.  Or maybe he was a criminal god from another part of the galaxy.   

 The Holy family eventually settled and lived in Egypt for   at least 10 years, and went back to Israel with the Essenes, while maintaining their connections in Egypt.  It wasn't that far after all. 
 Back in Palestine, the Essenes were the only Jewish sect to truly follow the commandment "thou shalt not kill." They were vegetarians and eschewed blood sacrifices.  No doubt, the Pharisees & Sadducees had serious conflicts with the Essenes.

          As Jesus got into his 20's, he joined the Masons and Mary's home became a lodge of sorts, and friends of Jesus admired this wise, foresightful mother of his.  In time, Mary Magdalene, a follower of Isis and a friends daughter from Egypt, became enamored with Jesus and his miracles, and as it became time for his ministry, she wrote a song called "I Don't Know How to Love Him" and sang it to Mother Mary trying to figure out the wazzup with this miracle shizz.  A friend's daughter from Egypt, Mary Magdalene, was a pagan priestess, a Teleste, and some theorize she educated Jesus shortly before he began his ministry. Teaching him some of the deeper ancient mysteries.

           Mother Mary then confided to Mary Magdalene, that she is a goddess having a life on Earth, and Jesus is a divine preacher who was going to bring equality to all people if his mission succeeded. Teach people how to become healers and peace makers.  Mary Magdalene was in on this, the greatest story never told. Heresy #3.

           "Go forth with vigor child," Mary said to the Magdalene" and remember; no woman shall ever own Jesus. I have taught him as best as I can about the world, but he needeth the affection a lover could bring, in order to experience the most sacred mystery."
              Mary Magdalene was an Isis trained Priestess and she had some dough and helped fund his ministry. Magic was in the air.  Heresy #4 is the notion that there is a Mary Jesus Mary thing going on here. The actual trinity.  Mother Son and Wife.  Father Son and the Holy Ghost is such an obvious Patriarchal Deception.
              Mother Mary became worried in time as Jesus was riling up the Jewish fuddy duddys who were controlling society with the schizophrenic nonsense of the Old Testament god, as I explained. 

             Good old Jehovah,  like the liar at the truck stop telling a tall tale,  Gnostics believe the author of the Old Testament, the christian and jewish god Jehovah, is actually a fallen angel called  Lucifer.  There are many Christians, those who Love Jesus, who do not read the Old Testament which they consider a pack of lies.
              Only the Essene community provided the environment a peaceful half man, half god like Jesus would feel comfortable in. As it is today in 2013, religious leaders back then were also moral high ground hypocrites, and frequently complicit with dictators, tyrants and Fascists.   
            Jesus began his ministry and He kept pushing the envelope with how much the local authorities could tolerate. Jesus went into the main temple one day, and went bonkers in the market place. After observing the greed of bankers,  he flipped all their tables over.  An anti-social act most of us wouldn't even consider. Mary knew the time for a major confrontation had come, but would Lucifer thwart him? Mary advised and prepared him best she could, Lucifer then tempting him on his 40 day fast in the desert.  Other trials occurred, tempering Jesus fortitude.
            Jesus brazenly rode into the big city, amidst cheers from his followers, and was going to publicize the formation of his organization of healers. People didn't believe the stories that had been circulating about Jesus the Pagan Preacher, and he had some rockin' miracles he was going to perform. A Miracle Man they said. Mary had a bad feeling though, and notified Joseph of Arimathea who went to Pontius Pilate to try and keep Jesus out of trouble.
       Joseph explained to Pontius Pilate, that the best thing Pilate could do, was to let Jesus do his thing.   Just leave him be, the people will forget, Joseph told Pilate, 'Jesus' heretical outlook would weaken the psychological strangle hold the Pharisees had over the population, enabling the Romans, Joseph of Arimethea pointed out.
       Then an angry mob began forming-Pharisee dittoheads with pitchforks- and demanded that Jesus the Isis loving pagan needed to be crucified.  The religious leadership  needed to make sure this strange; miracle performing man would not infect proper society and expose the moral high ground posturing of the Pharisees and Sadducees, who were the forerunners of todays Republican Party.

           "Things are going terribly wrong."  Mary said, and pleaded with Joseph to go back to Pilate to help.
"What happened to his magic?" Joseph of Aramithea asked, as things went bad for Jesus.
            "I don't know, that danged Lucifer    must have a trap spell on him or something." Mary said. 
          Pilate did the best he could, stalling any way he could, and washing his hands of the hysterical crowd outside, They were wound up in a frenzy of hate, like the false accusers at the Salem witch trials, more of a madness than hysteria. Crucify Him the crowd yelled.
Pilate hired guards, that he confidentially instructed to crucify Jesus, without breaking any bones if possible.  Jesus went up three hours before sundown, which gave him a chance of surviving, when he would be taken down at sundown as per the holy law. He was still alive, people speculate, when he was taken down, though he had lost far too much blood and muscles were completely severed. He was left for dead, spirited away to the cave, the Essene healers helped him recover from his severe injuries and 3 days later Mary Magdalene mistook him for the gardener. #4 .
Or maybe he died, or maybe Jesus and his homies had pulled off a "Jackass" type of stunt.   Jesus fulfilled the prophecy that the new  king would ride triumphant on a donkey and other prophecies were fulfilled during his ministry. Alternative historians ask; did he fulfill prophecy on purpose, so he would seem to be divine?  There seems to be no single truth, so I have woven this tale from tiny bone fragments of DNA Truthiness
                     The Marys' wept as Jesus was in great pain on the cross. All they had worked for would be ruined by the hysterical, sycophantic chumps of the evil Pharisees.   Decades after his death, did he escape to the far east,  and come back and settle in France? 
                     The Paulines ran away with Jesus' concepts eventually, and distorted or destroyed what they didn't like, and it was never the same.  It was easy to burn one book to rid the world of heresy. Then came the  slow turning of the patriarchal screw as years went by and censorship was common;  The Gnostic verses, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Thomas, and everything good, got cut from the new testament by the male dominated compilers of the Bible,  during the 4th Century.  Constantine was able to unite all the various sects during that time around 325 A.D.

         Invariably, they came up with something to use against women and pagans, then gave this Bible, the censored New Testament, along with the bi-polar madness of the Old Testament, to the Christian men. “Here is a small prize; The History of the World.” Manifest Destiny was born.
           History was written by the winners, the warriors, the dogmatic ideologues and the TYPE A fart knockers. These braying sycophants worship the crumbling façade of Manifest Destiny, and continue to perpetuate this predatory capitalist, earth destroying philosophy today. Not much more than a political Party, they banned Paganism and promoted this corrupt form of Christianity .
          Pagans are among history’s losers; hung, banished, burned, conquered and otherwise, in 21st century parlance, have been badly losing a hostile takeover bid.
                Today,  21st century paganism is progressive and positive
in its thoughts and actions, and they are embracing some of  the most thoughtful and  kind precepts; free of coercion, while tuning back into the earth.  
                 Eurocentric, women and pagan hating pinheads, codified brutality and repression in the vague wasteland of words called the Bible.
                  Jesus was a heretic, a pagan if you will, and I can only hope He returns to reveal the truth.

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