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Friday, September 2, 2016



  SOON    SOME    SAY 
   My only worry is that the aliens will be republicans. They will feel no remorse dumping all their waste from their 10 year flight directly into our oceans. 
The aliens will tell us, "China does it too so what the heck and Japan has radiated the Pacific from the leaking Fukushima Nuclear Plant. " Aliens will pop the top of every “capped” underwater well and let the oil leak out in order to kill the oceans and all watersheds eventually.
These alien republicans will package us, E coli anti depressants and all, as  wholesome wholesale human meat to  the ET sausage company back on the home planet. “Fresh from Earth! Anus-free boneless liberal nuggets.!”
They will line their ships with all the worlds gold and silver and tell us, “It’s not about working hard, but working smart.”
Human mothers will all be crowded together in giant warehouses to produce milk for the home planet, while babies will live in a small cages and be grown like veal.
The old and feeble will be pushed off cliffs. Enforced submission will be called “respect”. The Pagan statue known as the statue of Liberty will be blown up and the District of Columbia will be called the District of Walmart. All media will be illegal except copies of the Alien Overlords book and movie called, “How we created everything and we hear your every thought.”

All tractors will be destroyed and earthlings will only be allowed to eat insects unless of course, we are being fattened up to be anus-free, boneless liberal nuggets.

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