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Thursday, June 22, 2017


  “The founding revolutionaries excoriated and eviscerated religions creepy grasp on the VITAL ENERGY OF DEMOCRACY, when they started the United States.”

a)  It all started with a Halloween costume
b)  The Vital Energy of Democracy
c)   There is no Religion in the Marketplace
d)   Markets not Borders
e)   Dog Whistles
 f)   Who are the White People?
g)   Guns and Gun Clubs

           Here we go, we're buckled in and the ride into the future has started. You can go numb and pretend nothing is happening, or participate in the fun we are going to have making history and invalidating injustice.
           If the Constitution of the United States were embedded in all our hearts, this secret world of surveillance and spying would not exist. These unconstitutional foreign wars wouldn't have wasted safety net and infrastructure money. This is right wing authoritarianism run amok and capitalist opportunists gone wild. Chicken Hawk chicken shits.
             Regime change in Libya was abhorrent in my view, and it's why I could not find any enthusiasm for Hillary. I’m Bernie or Bust, and my opinion of Hilary was that she couldn’t even attract a disinterested cynicism and was in favor of a war of any sort, and there was also a clotted nothingness to her. 
              Then there was the corporate invasion of Iraq which proceeded for 13 years with virtually no anti-war effort, once the wars began. Then in 2009, if Obama wound down the wars quickly after becoming president, it would have been all about what a coward he was.  This is how the GOP works, even after 13 years, members of the GOP say we should still be in Iraq. Hedging their bets, getting nothing done.
           President Obama somehow got his footing in the quicksand of Republican incontinence, and he salvaged George Bush’s wars, acting more like a republican than a republican. I called him the best republican president since Eisenhower. This is why Obama is sometimes called George Bush the Third for "engaging terrorists on the battlefield instead of in the homeland."   
            Some white people seemed obsessed with cleanliness and order, especially order. As my Facebook bio says, "White people have become sociologically inbred with their faith in authoritarian excess."  Unless it's a test range for bombs and weapons, then hell, the messier the better. Show them who's boss.

          As a youth, I would often note "Columbus didn't discover anything," and I would say,” the Indians were already here." People responded with, “ you know the first civilized people." This benighted donut shop punditry is turning out to be far more dangerous than supposed.
          There haven’t been many people as deeply and severely critical of white people as me in many of my past essays, and conversations with people about it. Therefore, I am going to tackle the white supremacy problem and prepare for disagreements from all sides because these are the volatile and polarizing issues we can't talk about. Conniving hucksters on both sides pushing their agenda while Independents attempt to find a consensus.  

          Trust me; there are scarier aspects to this whole alt right problem that people don't even see yet. First of all, what has happened in 2017 is white MALE supremacy. I want to help us all understand how to read between the lines with these people who speak in riddles and dog whistles.
         "Are you a white supremacist?" is the question that popped up in the break room one day. In the mind of the White Nationalist he is thinking that he is a white MALE supremacist, which is different, so he says no. This is one way they avoid answering direct questions, and this is how they lie in your face. 
               Who are these white people, and how do you talk to them and refute their walls of fallacious arguments?  This evolving coup is 35 years in the making even 55 years going back to the JBS. John Birch Society. Christian militants in the early 80's announced their plans to "put as many  Apocalypticists as possible in the military and police." 
                        Back then, I would point out to people that intending to create Armageddon was Treason. "Aw they're not serious." So, there I was, "the sky is falling" again.
                        Fox News is the ultimate KKKool-aid and brainwashing tool for too many white people. GOP politicians are probably the most despicable demographic going, but, on the other side, cultural appropriation is becoming a very hot topic along with all the gender issues that the city slicker liberals have gotten themselves mired in.
                      I am at my wit's end trying to understand what I can and can’t do with this extreme City Slicker Liberal agenda. There are so many things I can't talk about any more. 
                        I know the American Constitution has all the freedoms that I love, but I am also the last person who wants to insult someone about their culture.   
                         Political correctness needs me to identify with “my” cultural group instead of considering myself a… global citizen?   One problem is that I've been appropriating Yoga for over 45 years now. I am in shock that I have been insulting people by appropriating their culture! 
                      Do I follow “white” customs only now? Am I white enough though, to do an Irish jig? Am I white enough to drink tea at Tea Time without insulting someone?  Did you know "paddy" is a slur against Irish people! It never ends, all these slurs and insults. Political correctness is like six million band aids when just a bit of surgery is what is needed. Honesty surgery to the body politic.
                      Would my southern Mediterranean self be insulting the pasty white northerners from England and Ireland if I appropriate their customs?  Am I the right kind of white? Is there a wrong kind of white? Holy shit, I'm getting confused! 
                   What if my DNA profile shows I’m from Egypt or India? Quite a few people thought my dad looked like Anwar Sadat and I look like my dad. The point I am going to try to make is that some of us are going to use whatever we damn well please from whatever culture we want to. "Life is tough, get a helmet" Dennis Leary.  
                    My favorite religious practice that I have found inspirational is a Pagan religion from Lithuania. It’s called Romuva today, but this ancient folk religion has always been there as folk tradition, and importantly, Lithuania was the last European country to be christianized. 
                  On their forums though, I find out that they don’t want to know you, if you are not Lithuanian. I can't be authentic in their eyes, you know? Same thing with  Native Americans and Nordic Pagans. They want to see blood.
                      Natives and Nordics often believe they are reincarnated within their family clan. But eternal skeptic that I am, if I say to someone that reincarnation couldn't possibly occur within a family or clan, people get miffed, they don't want to hear it. So it begs the question, what if I was Lithuanian in a previous life? 
                        Every body has a private club I suppose, I just haven't found mine yet.

                        THE VITAL ENERGY OF DEMOCRACY
         One prism of understanding the American Constitution is when you can comprehend why we don't put the Ten Commandments on court building walls, as fervent christians (read that white christians) want. As I said before, the founding revolutionaries excoriated and eviscerated religions creepy grasp on the VITAL ENERGY OF DEMOCRACY in the United States. 
             The Founding Documents is where the actual spirit of Liberty was born. The Founding Revolutionaries were most decidedly in favor of the separation of church and state and Liberty was the Vanguard of the Revolution, not the bible. Jefferson showed his scorn by way of making a Jesus Bible that deleted all the miracles. 

           The one constant that all the founding revolutionaries believed, was that religion was too often a corrupting influence on government, and they were determined to keep the clergy at arm’s length in this new country called The United States. Freedom of religion was to protect you from ANY coercive majority religion. The forced conversions of islam and christianity was foremost in their thoughts with the Ottoman Empire and Inquisition in the news in the late 1700's.
          It could be Quakers or Hindus 500 years from now, no religion, period, insisted the Founding Revolutionaries. This was truly on their minds as the documents were drawn up. No invisible ruler in the United States.
Careful Joe, could be a bomb in that collar

Capitalism has failed the world and depleted it's resource base.

Not looking for free, just fair.

          I don't want police cars to say In God we Trust. I don’t want them to say In Allah we Trust either a hundred years from now, if you get what I’m saying. When our gracious islamic brothers and sisters want to kneel and pray 5 times a day at work or in the public commons, I have every right to object to this practice. I think banning prayer in the common spaces would be covered by the Ninth Amendment. Your constitutional rights end where mine begin. 
             I do not want to see "In Allah, We Trust" on the dollar bill. Hey, I can pray five times a day too, and I guarantee you, it is disconcerting to hear my freedom of religion because I pray to my Metal Gods at full volume.  
             The best way to keep Sharia Law out of this country is to keep Biblical Law out of our Laws and Statutes and Ordinances. Take “In God We Trust” off our money, for crying out loud. Stop forcing politicians to use the Bible, for Christs sake, for oath swearing, are you kidding me? We are not one nation under god.  We are many united as one.  Sharia Law can only gain a foothold only if  knucklehead repuglicans insist on Biblical Law. Leave shit alone! You Lost to the Secular Enlightenment.

               My thing is that we aren't colors, genders, or nationalities. Instead, think of all of us as workers, voterscitizens, and children.  
          Before this foray into the white people controversies, I want it known I love everybody. Well, not really. There's a meme that goes "somebody out there loves you. Not me, but somebody must."  
           Vanishing cultures around the world say, "Hey we had a fine system here before Columbus came along; didn't need y'all." Tens of millions of Native Americans died from smallpox and other diseases even before Virginia was invaded in 1609 by the British. They died from diseases left behind by Columbus and subsequent barbarian European hordes in the early 1500's. 
              Colonialism by rich white people proceeded once the European Commons was absconded with, and then Industrial Capitalism came along and disrupted virtually every culture in the world. Most white people were tyrannized by a local despot such as a Prince or Duke that parasitized off their industrious labor. Poor people inventing things, and the already rich making the profits.
              On the other hand, all these white nationalist websites insist white people invented everything. They destroyed old traditions and sustainable resources is more like it. A violent totalitarian Paradigm, force fed to the "uncivilized" in the world. 

            Europe was Pagan and White and Africa was Pagan and black. Nearby, Mecca was a great Pagan meeting place for polytheists of all colors to commingle, and there was no religion in that marketplace because Pagans didn't have wars over the gods and goddesses. 
        Religious people say the Pagans were corrupt and lawless during that period in Mecca before Mohammad.  Read that as, having fun.  Remember that Islam and Christianity basically started in the same neighborhood. These were crazy brown people getting all violent with the heat 'n shit that became established near Jerusalem  Mecca and Constantinople, THEN invaded White Pagan Europe and Black Pagan Africa. 

             Back to this cultural appropriation nonsense. Culture is as important as climate and the two will clash, collide and confront. So I ask myself, what is my culture? I find out I cannot have Dreads, hunt seals, or be a Buddhist monk or any of the 6,000 other things that non-whites do.  
         We cannot appropriate the customs of other cultures willy-nilly, say neo-liberal totalitarians, or we risk being publicly chastised and ostracized, it seems. The Liberal PC crowd is brainwashing its minions saying white people have to like only white people stuff, or be prepared to be corrected. Don't insult other cultures by copying their traditions, is the basis of the scolding. 
           Trying to run through the swamp here, just keep going. Don't get bogged down.

          I have been attracted to Northern European Pagan traditions, but have lived in the warmer part of the United States for half my life, in USDA zone nine(Soon zone 10 with global warming). Therefore, my email is  (I don't check my email much, but I'll get back to you sooner or later.) 
          My thing is about bringing these northern European traditions down south and translate them into zone 9 kind of stuff. White traditions, I reckon, but I can't say white, you know what I mean? This is where the white nationalists say gotcha and point out the double standard and this puts independents in a weak debating situation when crossing swords with online Nazis. 
             How about we assume we are all equal? Liberty and justice fr all, right? Liberals aren't prepared for a level playing field, they are fighting for their constituency, the dependent and needy. Like the mafia, they get their cut. 
             I am trying to speak for Independent people, the #independentmajorityparty . 
           Traditions that white (read that not christian) Pagans had before the brown christians and brown islamics invaded Europe is what I am trying to discover.  The indigenous Europeans got invaded the same way North America got invaded, but historians won't point that out to you. Pagans were slaughtered, their sacred places buried or destroyed by these invading brown hordes. These lunatic brown barbarians. 
           Then there was the kind prophet from the Essene People nearly 2,000 years ago. He was an anomaly at the time, preaching about peace and freedom and being good to our neighbors and shit, and this is why Jesus became a viral celebrity after his death or disappearance.⇎  People were digging it and hidden by historians is the nature of Jesus' early followers.
           Back then the people were sick of all the coercion and the bullshit rules they had to live by with Judaic Law and Pagan Roman rules. This more spiritual form of faith inspired by this kind Prophet became popular and is most often considered closer to Buddhism than the Old Testament.                     Patriarchal forms of Christianity kept wedging themselves into the circle of truths discussed by Jesus and eventually stole the vitalness of his energy. Esteemed by women and slaves who were the early christians. The downtrodden in society.
           In years to come, the Gnostics believed in only Jesus and they felt that the old testament god was an imposter. A Poser.  It became a  battle between the Gnostics and the Patriarchal Paulines, but the Gnostics got snitched out and outmaneuvered by the Paulines. The Gnostics were the ones thrown to the Lions because the Paulines outed them to authorities. Christians killing their own. 

            Here is where it gets dicey for me. I would like to ask, what in the heck IS white culture? We know we can’t say it. Can’t have a White television channel, that's ra’ist, right?  So I want to say I am extolling the best of what white culture could possibly be, but that’s racist once again. What is white culture anyhow? How is it everyone else has a culture and I don't. For that matter, I'm not a vet, or a biker, or a Rotarian, or affiliated with any group.
           It seems that we can no longer even talk about white culture because the discussion of it is racist. This is what the regular working folks are puzzled and pissed about. Everybody else exulting and exalting their particular cultures while white people have to shut the hell up because white culture represses all cultures. 😒
             Conservatives think black lives matter has charged the whole atmosphere with racial division when it is the white system that is sad and sick with the gangrenous pus of discrimination and division and exclusion, the wounds that never heal.  
          Academia’s politically correct city slicker liberal says, if we "do things from other cultures, we are stealing from them" and that's how this newly concocted horror came to be. “Cultural Appropriation.” However, they never explain what white culture is. The Culture Police need to tell me the right way to do things, so you know, email me, you over credentialed eggheads.↭
           From bullfighting in Spain, to Greek pottery, to Laplanders and their Reindeer, these are just a couple of the corners of European culture. But wait, my ancestors were from the Azores, and that is a whole 'nother corner of the world, out in the Atlantic. 
         Recent discoveries of pre-Portugeese artifacts has me asking who had these boats to travel that far so long ago? The Phoenicians, the Polynesians? Mali in Africa reportedly had an 800 ship Navy that sailed far and wide before Columbus. 
           Don’t know when the original settlers got there, but the Azores are 900 miles out into the ocean, away from Europe. As part of Portugal, it's European, I reckon, and the Portuguese moved there in the 1500's. 
            My kin have been fishing and farming in the Azores for untold generations, and I am going to guess my poor ass peasant ancestors did not profit from the Portuguese Slave trade. Going back even further, it turns out that Jewish people civilized Portugal about 1500 years ago and gave them a written language, and this was part of the evolution of Portuguese culture. This begs the question, are Jewish customs okay for me to use? Can I dress my child up as a Talmud Scholar on Halloween? Would Jewish people be offended? 
Jesus loves all the little hands of the world

           Portugal has seen many migrations of Greek and Egyptian sailors the last 3000 years when it was known as Iberia.  Iberians are supposedly from India and genetic testing is confirming these suspicions. Portugal is actually closer to Mali in Africa than Norway in Europe. The Azores is closer to New Jersey than Greece.
                I am presumably white, yet the first Mexican to play American Major League Baseball, shared my last name, Mel Almada. Mexicans are brown right, derived from Spain? Spain is closer to Switzerland than The Azores. Therefore people from Spain cannot appropriate culture from Switzerland but I can, because Portuguese people are allegedly white and Spaniards are brown? What? They're not Hispanic? I'm getting confused. 
           Hispanic people can celebrate Cinco de Mayo with it's cultural link to Mexico, but French and Portuguese people cannot since that is cultural appropriation? We need some explanations here. I see this shit on Facebook, everybody yelling at each other and getting nowhere.
           But that's what Liberals do. It can be called enlightened despotism, doing things for your own good. This is how Democrats absorb every good radical impetus into it's managed maw. Calm down radicals, we got this, say the Democrats. They have been feckless, ineffectual do nothings who can't stand up to Neo-con bullying. Two decades of clotted nothingness. 
This is why it has to be third party or bust. ⥁

           South of the Azores are the Madeira Islands that are primarily composed of black people. Further south than that are the Canary Islands whose people were slaughtered into extinction by the Spanish who were freaked out by the very strange people they encountered there and were compelled to kill them all.  WTF! Canary Island customs and language was never preserved because of the ferocity of the Spaniards attack. 
               Spaniards were even more freaked out that the Canary Islanders were Brown people and not Black people seeing how far south they were. How could that be? It’s been speculated that the Catalans and Basques and other genetically isolated populations were scattered cultural remnants of Atlantis and were allegedly related to the mysterious Canary Islanders.
              Back to the beginning then. What can I dress my child up as for Halloween with all this noise about cultural appropriation?  All these insulted demographics. First, it seems people speaking for American Native Indians are the very most offended by cultural appropriation on  Halloween. We are warned Indian Princess is now out as a costume for Halloween unless you are 1/16th Native American. Or is it 1/8th? So many rules.
I evolved, so can you.

           Even if the people who cluster-fucked Custer are heroes of mine, I cannot honor their customs? Or do whatever I want with their celebrations and ceremonies? Am I allowed to use dream catchers or play drums like Native Americans with their boom boom boom dynamics that I like?   
            I can’t call myself Two Crows because I don’t have the genetic heritage? I fully understand that names of great respect are given to people who deserve it, and White Eagle is one such name. 
           When I used to live 15 miles from the O'odham People,  I named my roommate Eagle that Walks with his 30/20 vision, and I was Four Eyes. You know, who cares.
            One of the funniest notions from the politically correct cultural appropriation police, as I mentioned, is that even Yoga is now cultural appropriation! That's the one that made me realize that they are completely full of shit and my eyes were finally fully opened to this Brainwashing. The traditional stance of Liberals is managed Liberty. They rule us magnanimously “for our own good.” They help the poor for their own good. 
             They will save the environment for the good of the planet, but what they are actually doing is creating six-figure jobs for them and all their friends and a world regulatory body.  You send money to preserve habitat and more than half of it goes to an elite white lollygagger and their do-gooder foundation.  Liberals want to create a carbon tax and a sprawling world bureaucracy so their compatriots all have six-figure jobs and their kids will have six-figure jobs as Liberal institutions grow like coral colonies under the guise of saving everything. 
           The problem is that we have reached the end of the line with managed liberty, enlightened despotism, and cronyism. We actually want anarchy, which is the absence of coercion.
             But yoga is cultural appropriation?  I don’t know what my Azorean ancestors did to stretch in the morning, but maybe the exercises were very much like Qi Gong or Yoga in their movements. Unfortunately, I will never know what exercises I am allowed to do because all the records of Azorean exercise have disappeared.  No exercise tradition handed down. 😟I am clearly not Chinese so my cheesy reinterpretations of Qi Gong mixed with Yoga are clearly insulting on so many levels. I add light weights and call it Yogaerobics. Life sucks. Get a helmet.
              Meanwhile, what about that Halloween costume? Maybe my child can dress up as a Fish Monger or a Fish Mongers Wife since my children are Portuguese and French. They can rinse some Bacalhau (dried salted Cod), and carry it around since it’s said Portuguese people are able to tolerate the smell of rotting fish better than any other culture. "And what are you little boy?" 
             Then across the planet, what happens if some Saudi Arabian mother tells her child at Halloween time that he is not allowed to be a fishmonger since that would be a cultural appropriation from white people. 
                In India, there a child pleading to his parents. “It is NOT cultural appropriation for me to dress in the style of the ‘Rockabilly culture’. Mother… I INSIST …it is my choice. Please listen to this and tell me you don’t feel the energy. I love Rockabilly!"     
IT’S ALL RIDICULOUS AND WE KNOW IT. Not Rockabilly but all this tight ass whining.

              I have lived in the south now for 33 of my 63 years but my heart belongs to New England. With our neighbor New York, we can secede from this train wreck of moral hypocrisy and Fox News brainwashing, and survive with our trading partner Pacifica. And hey Siberia, you don't need Russia. Let's be allies.  
          (California/Oregon/Washington/Vancouver would be Pacifica). Quebec secedes from Canada and the second Republic of Vermont would be two other countries New England America could be allied with. 
                 I am imagining The Republic of New America with Pacifica, New England, Quebec, and Vermont. What would it be like? Innovations, creativity, ingenuity, live free or die. That's right, secession. But secession created the bloodbath called the Civil War and surely the aforementioned surveillance apparatus would discover the plot. 

         The word is that Newt Gingrich is going to have a new Un-American Activities Committee and there will be money for his goons to investigate private citizens, but hypocritically, none for the Meals on Wheels program.  
        The NSA can screen every email that discusses “secession” and you will find yourself under investigation. The white van with the tinted windows down the street listening to what you are talking about. The FBI doing a background check on your son, taking pictures with their glasses cam. "Has he ever said anything bad about America?"
             But right-wing deplorables go yeehaw whenever someone talks about Texas secession so it would seem to me that we could talk about an anarchic secession all we want with our First Amendment protections. I wouldn't change the American Constitution for New America. 
           Vermont (The Republic of Vermont 1777-1791) has an active secessionist movement currently. In Canada, the very large province of Quebec has voted on separating from Canada but so far they are remaining as part of the biggest country in the world.  
                Lord knows the current situation in the United States is dire. The countries largest demographic, dumb white people, have opened the floodgates to all kinds of kooks and deplorables and your well educated white nationalists.  After beating back white male authoritarianism for 50 years, it has come alive again like an alien popping out of our chest or something, with the electoral victory of Stupid Bigly. 
                2008 was one of Americas most difficult years as we were mired in the abyss of the two ill-conceived, unconstitutional wars and billion dollar businesses failing as the housing market crashed.   

             Don’t even mention reducing the military to anybody. Our foreign policy is about the 1,000-year-old Holy War between Islam and Christianity, and I am stunned people are oblivious to that fact.  A new Counter-Revolution needs to happen against this religious right wing anti-communist kookism that has ran world affairs since World War 2. 

                     Regular folks created Rockabilly and its enthusiasm took over the world, along with surf music a few years later. We want to sing and dance and play rock and roll in the garage, nobody gives a shit about white supremacy and immigrants. Fuck your god and fuck your racism.  This unconstitutional intrusion of being under god and in god we trust, needs to be dealt with. Elvis, Charley Parker and Buddy Holly is our triple god. Poor people gonna do it again.
           We are going to have a revolution in music to get the white people back on track. Rock and Roll was created by the fusion of black boogie-woogie and white hillbilly music and created the greatest art form the world has ever known. That’s right Rockabilly fathered rock and roll and they boogied all night long.
                      "I knew if I had the chance that I could make those people dance and maybe they'd be happy for a while"  The mission is to go into the heart of rural culture and de-program these bewildered hillbillies and the flummoxed flatlanders that voted for Stupid Bigly.  I’m starting a Hillbilly band for the purpose of dancing but also commonality and consensus. Community Democracy inspired by the Black Panthers.

         White liberals overcompensating with their white guilt will tell you black people invented rock and roll. It’s even racist to suggest otherwise. Rock and roll was invented when all the sub-genres of music came together, but particularly boogie woogie and hillbilly music. 
           Some people say Rocket 88 by Ike Turner is considered the very first rock and roll song in 1952. Some say rock around the clock in '54 was first, among others. However, I suggest the Delmore Brothers song "Hillbilly Boogie” in 1946.  This is when hillbilly and boogie-woogie were fused together and the song was about playing the boogie-woogie on the guitar, instead of the piano. That would make rock and roll 70 years old. 
           Bluegrass, Blues, Western Swing, Boogie Woogie and Hillbilly music were streams that fed the river that became known as Rock and Roll. "If you don't want my Peaches, Honey, don’t shake my tree". 

          All the streams for social justice and workers rights are currently flowing into one river. If it isn't directed it will flood everything with confusion as it does today.
           Anti-fascist movements are over 100 years old and people need to know that, with all the GOP fear-mongering about "violent liberals". 
          One of the first labor strikes was in 1834 by children demanding an 11-hour limit to the workday. Okay? Since then, workers fought and died to work a 40-hour week because nobody should be slaves. Newt Gingrich however, would have poor children work in their schools as janitors while the rich kids go to Sea Camp. Dignity for the worker voter citizen has not been embedded in our culture but it will be soon bcause that is how a workers revolution will work.  
               The 2 billion working poor in the world are suffering so the Donald tRumps of the world can have gold toilets. We have had about enough of their shit and the long-awaited worldwide worker's revolution is about to begin. The only problem is white workers who have been voting against themselves during this Reagan Era of Greed. 
          White male supremacy operatives have wormed their way into our political, law enforcing, and educational systems with right-wing brainwashing. This is why an outreach is needed and why I am starting a Hillbilly band. Why we all need to reach into their fox ‘hole den and pull them out into the sunlight.
               Other white people have maliciously maligned hillbillies and many of these mountain people were actually industrious and fun-loving redneck survivalists.  They were Americana, you know, Rt 66 and everything uniquely American such as blues and rockabilly died as the Interstate Highways favored large corporations. 
            So today, because of all the fights for equality in the last 50 years, we are theoretically all on an equal footing. Unfortunately, cops are still racist, and the whole system is still toxic. It's sad to realize this, but the worst problem is white intolerance of Mexicans, witches, handicapped people, and just about every demographic going. I always thought they were the snowflakes since nearly everything makes them uncomfortable. What the hell is wrong with these people? Bricks in the wall of their refutable racism.

            One strategy by White Nationalists since 1960 was to make sure felons became unable to vote, and there are now 3 million black felons finding it difficult to get work and unable to vote. This is one of the reasons why Driving while Black can be a fatal enterprise. Then the honkies say welfare is what broke up black families. 
                  Many of us have been shocked that so much racism still exists. My old relatives are dead, my Unitarian brothers and sisters embrace all, even crazy me. My children are post-everything and I have learned a lot from them. My 20 customers are all jovial, nature loving people and we never discuss politics. So I am surrounded by kind loving people and don't hear bigotry anymore because I am about sick of nasty white people and won't go where they are. 
           I saw in my grandmother a person who was bigoted against blacks then finally realized, "every group of people has its good and bad."  She even had a lawn jockey once upon a time. It seems that nearly everyone saw the absurdity of being racist in my lifetime and we were living liberty and justice for all from here on out. I don’t hear any racism anymore, honestly. I did hear the “he’s the wrong color” meaning white discrimination at Wal Mart the other day. I let those kind odd comments hang in the air like the rotten fruit they are.
               The white enclaves known as the Fox News echo chamber continues to delude the trump humping bumpkins, the cock holsters of gangrenous greed and authoritarian excess.
If he could be honest

                Thomas Jefferson is one of my 23 gods.  Thank God, Biblical Law is not constitutional, or we would not have any freedoms at all. This is what the warriors for Christ do not seem to understand. Biblical Law and Sharia Law are kissing cousins and they would be the death of me, for heresy and blasphemy.  Christian "Patriots" will be thanking God for atheists when Sharia Law finds they hit a stone wall anywhere they try to establish Sharia Law in the United States. Because the atheists were there fighting for the Constitution. real patriots fighting for us right here in this country. Thank you for your service.
                 Thanks to the Founding Revolutionaries, we are given a shield to protect us from coercive religious authority, because otherwise, heretics would be in prison and gay witches would be dragged to the center of town and burned for entertainment. That really hurts you know, to be burned alive. Or scraped to death with clamshells like Pagan scholar Hypatia was by a christian mob.
             The influence of Paganism is everywhere, and yet this word stirs up the ancient hatred, a brainwashing and induced delirium that has been going on for many hundreds of years, by the most fraudulent, illegitimate authority in history.  I keep wondering when the right wing kooks are going to discover the millions of Pagans and Pagan tolerant and Pagan curious people there are in our country.  You know booga booga, demons and all that shit.
             The founding revolutionaries subverted religions insidious grip on power. Christians would still be burning the Witches, I am sure, and this inspired the Bill of Rights so religion could be marginalized once and for all. On the internet, I find the witch demographic as the friendliest by far, and the most gracious and wise group of people that I have ever encountered.  
             You watch by the end of 2017 there will be a major government official who will antagonize this freedom loving demographic. Trumpoons will add Pagans to their Gay, Islamic, and Mexican list of people to harass and we will then realize we haven’t advanced much since the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 or the Zoot Suit riots of 1943.
            There was friendliness and trade between the natives and the roughneck pioneers at first.  The founding revolutionaries were familiar with native freedoms. From their pulpits of hate, the ‘elitist clergy’ actively promoted the slaughter of the Red Man to all would listen. The slick talking, rubber jawed, city slicker preachers had a convenient target for focusing the rage of the  Pioneer peasants in the New World. The Native Americans were seen as far too pagan to be managed and assimilated and being extremely earth-centered, they could never really be Christians so the idea was to kill them all and let god sort them out. 
         Washington Jefferson Adams Madison and their ilque were the actual greatest generation. The complacency and blind obedience of the misnamed greatest generation gave the world 20,000 nuclear weapons. It gave us a surveillance nation contrary to the bill of rights. Normandy survivors worked in weapons plants that have filled the world with weapons and gave them a great retirement. It's ironic they gave everything they could to fight fascism during WW2 but allow it today with the neo-con republickin' coup of our government leading the way.
         Subservience and fealty to corporate greed have destroyed unions but greatly benefited stockholders. Meanwhile, our young people (parent of 5 here) can far better articulate why racism is wrong and why sexism is incomprehensible. Millenials will not allow "war without end" that Boomers have allowed. They mistrust the pedophiles (catholics) and the demagogues (baptists) that claim to be christians. They have far more expansive vocabularies than high school graduates of 1940 that memorized Shakespeare but accepted "colored bathrooms". 

            There is no comparison in my mind between these nasty retirees I meet who have replaced "feelings" with fear and submission to authority.  Men are taught to crush their feelings and rumble inside with restrained emotion. When I was 20, I remember being oddly proud that I hadn't cried since I was ten years old. 
            There has never been a generation that has allowed so much bad policy to prevail or accumulated so much wealth. Myopic vision of short-sighted opportunists has left us with radioactive waste, plastic filled oceans and mercury-tainted fish leading us to the brink of environmental collapse.               Sorry bro, but I've taken it upon myself to defend Millennials when I see them maligned at the expense of the close minded dupes, lackeys and sell outs of the older generations.
        “A psychotic pall so widespread, it was assumed to be normal” John Trudell

                                      DOG WHISTLES      
    Hillbilly is a word for white people.  Metal is another word for white people.  Didn’t know that, did you?  Boogie Woogie still stirs my soul, and Hillbilly and Metal music know how to build up momentum.  I like what I like when I like it and it does not mean I am a racist if I like white music or make a white playlist.   I'm still trying to figure out what the hell is white culture anyways. 
           Then sure, Barack Obama. The problem there,  is that his white half was sensationalized as communist, and then ignored.  During my adult life, white people are often on the ropes about how they are not racists and white men are constantly accused of being sexist along with being racist.   
             Liberal city slicker whites fall over themselves overcompensating on the equality issue, gushing over non-white everything. What is white culture anyways? I mean really. European? Japanese people are pretty white aren't they, but crazy white people put them in camps during WW2 and the media convinced regular folks that the Japanese couldn't be trusted. The fight for freedom, remember?
             Not many people have been as critical of the whites as I have and WASPy greed masters have been my primary target for many years. Their Capitalism is Americas worst nightmare and I've always called it Predatory Capitalism.  
                  I want to delve into white issues because I see some perspectives that can get us to a higher level, but it is nearly impossible to talk about white people issues without somebody blowing a gasket. I've heard mostly negative things about white people for decades and it does get tiring. I wish people could accept each other.  Tolerance is not enough. One world one people.  Unity without hierarchy. Workers, citizens, and voters “I don’t want to spend my life being a color.” Michael Jackson.

             Now, in the 21st century, our modern sensibilities are not able to comprehend how women were not allowed to vote until 1920. People are finally able to embrace women equally as men, as we should embrace the Goddess as well as the God. Whatever.  
                 Lately, however, I have been visiting these alt right websites and they are as angry as ever and they have a desire to marginalize women and they praise the  homebodies. I mean, haven't these people been in the working world? I deal with female property managers and Administrators and teachers and writers. It's a different world now. Women even are welcome on boats these days. Those aren't demons, we call them germs now.
              In 1789, just before the bill of rights had been formally ratified, southern racists were having a tantrum and would not sign on as part of the 'United States' unless they could keep their slaves. Northerners thought this unfair since they had to pay their employees. Labor was dear in that, as yet un-pillaged North America. 
                  During the Civil War, the 1% of the southern population that owned slaves, convinced the poor whites to fight for them. I can't help but think of this lackey attitude when I see some 'rebel's' flag fluttering behind them as they drive by. Brainwashed bigoted chumps. No offense. I roll my eyes when a "Smoke truck" sends black smoke into the air.
             In 1789, northern economies were primarily community-based and agrarian. You could buy, sell, repair and trade nearly everything that you needed to run the family farms right in your home town.  Household Industry involved 80% of the population. Before factories, people made products at home and the Industrial North had yet to arrive. The steam engine hadn't even been invented yet or the cotton gin, so to a Northerner, slavery was an unsavory and unfortunate reality that needed to change.
             Unitarian ministers were prominent in the safe house underground railway movement and the last person arrested for heresy in 1848 was a Unitarian. Always there fighting for social justice. Onwards to 1960 when only 10% of the black population in Mississippi was registered to vote, prompting the need for civil rights legislation in a country founded on freedom. Constant, incoming tides of coercion from white male supremacists who continue to do harm. A persistent stain in the fabric of democracy.
              In 2008, a liberal hating lunatic burst into a Unitarian Universalist church with a gun killing two and injuring seven. The shooter, Adkisson, stated that he had targeted the church because of its "liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country." 
                      Racists are traitors to Liberty. 
      Freedom and Compassion got married and their first child was named Liberty. 
              In 1895, children were working in factories and Protestant CEO's took great delight in hiring the Catholic wave of immigrants from 1875 to 1895, and recreated European feudalism in the cities of America. Back to the right kind of white, only the ruling class considered themselves privileged and they hated Catholics.  
              Two kinds of white people? Privileged whites and working whites. The ruling class and the working class. I have Facebook friends who are quite antagonistic to whites and I want to say, hey don’t raise your babies to be racist. They learn that shit, it’s not in the genes. 
          Greedy oppressors and yeah,  we know all that. I saw in my youth how white people participated in the marginalization of handicapped people, and keeping blacks out and making the Browns pick fruit with no opportunities to further themselves or become citizens. The Yellow Peril is another embarrassing chapter of white privilege in a previous era. With Enlightenment at hand, we have become post-race and post-gender and participation in prejudice is a thing of the past. I had thought. Workers voters citizens and children, remember?
              As a teen, there was a disturbing amount of bigotry abounding, mostly in school ans church, with my Uncle Joe being the most prominent with his antagonism of Black people.  
             Time waits for no man and it got to be the 70's and   most went on a success track, I rejected the white-collar world and the sphere of college edumacated idiots.
             I was content to work a second shift janitorial job because the steady paycheck gave me enough money to do what I really wanted to do. Ride my bicycle, join book clubs and visit book stores. I went through some nice guitars and took jazz guitar lessons.
               At work, my friend Dewitt would say 'you got?' or 'I got' and we'd take a nice long break when the work was nearly done. One great time was when we said forget the work and we all watched the entire Young / Ali fight with much discussion when it was done. Young won, but judges felt Ali needed to be beaten decisively to have the crown taken from him. Everybody loves Ali but he lost we decided.
                In the 80's bigotry was viewed as favorably as a canker sore or really bad breath, and in the (non-white collar) working world, the need to survive was a common struggle with all colors and all genders and we all helped each other best we could and listened to each others stories.  The working world, not the white shirted parasite class.
            Go to bourgeois(white) locales and the Ivegotmine upper middle-class whites will be uncomfortable with a black dude walking around with a "kill all the cops" T-shirt. Because white people suck his facebook friends yell in caps. So are we doomed to this atrocity and reprisal hamster wheel? 
             Try to conceptualize that the ruling whites are also standoffish with me and my hillbilly truck, my nasty face hair, and my Union cap confounds the confederate, flag waving racists that remain. The North won bitches, we are the UNITED States and no you can't have slaves and if you need to be beaten again it will happen.  
          What I'm trying to say is don't be my Uncle Joe and perpetuate mistrust of other people. whatever your race is. My diatribe about Brown people was to illustrate the ridiculousness of color issues. I get into some interesting conversations wearing my Union cap. The South will rise again they say, and I say 'and do what exactly?' #unitywithouthierarchy

         Was it my ancestral whites fishing and farming on the Azore Islands during the American Civil War that were the slave masters? You check on this, but the sources of prejudice from white people come primarily from White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. WASPS. As the much discriminated Irish and Italians found out, you must participate in the system, you will no longer be targeted. They created the mafia to supply the liquor White wasp people needed to perpetuate their atrocities.  
                              DONUT  SHOP PUNDITS 
            They needed a smooth talking anti worker, anti- environmentalist who makes white people feel good, to run for president. Someone the 'white guy with a clipboard' demographic can embrace. Someone the cranky old white people in the Donut Shop can quote.  
           Conversely, the black and brown donald trumps have raised their children to hate 'the man' and 'whitey' when a large percentage of white people are like, what the hell? Race can't be an issue anymore, anywhere, and racism needs to be addressed and the white nationalists are talking out their ass of hate. The good white people are emerging after 35 years of sleepwalking through this military, corporate, and right wing religious coup of America. The aberrant tumor that made corruption legal.
              Time for all of us to unite as workers/voters/and citizens. Out of many, ONE. "Is anybody in there? Nod if you can hear me" 
                Stupid Bigly is walking into a fascist police state 35 years in the making, so I find the dumptrump movement a waste of energy.  El-Rushbo has paved the way with Alex Jones and others right behind him. Roger Ailes has been our Joseph Goebbels but the difference is this.  25 years of brainwashing is already in place by Ailes alone.  Ailes was his program director and, Limpbaugh endlessly repeated phrases such as 'the rich are the job creators', ad nauseum. A lie that became gospel to his truth-impaired fans,  believable because of the relentlessness of the repetition. 
             Then at Fox News, Roger Ailes’ motto was to brainwash the nation with a white male supremacy agenda without them knowing it.  Three guidelines for brainwashing are repetition, repetition, repetition. 'The lies became truth and Fox News Director Ailes created an army of Herman Goering’s wannabes, sitting in their living room with their gun in their lap, waiting for the liberal bloodbath they are prepared to participate in. How many times has Rush-bo or his callers said "lock and load?" Hundreds of times in the 6 years I listened.
              With an enemy of public education, Devos in the cabinet, Blackwater has now gotten in the inner circle of the White House.  Why would this be, other than anticipating the rise of an elitist Himmler style attack force?  
  A Right Wing International Cadre of Lawless Marauders
            A mercenary army that is already embedded in police departments and the military and is KKK inclined the 3% Warriors for Christ, at the least. Fence keepers and Soldiers of Odin and 984 other hate groups.
              This is what I mean when I say most people have no idea the danger that white nationalists pose. Importantly it’s a white Male supremacy agenda and not a master race thing that includes women. "You are going to bear a child for Hitler and the master race." Instead of a regional conflict, we are looking at a worldwide explosion of war as Putin and Trump divide up the world as slow moving, long term planning China is completely taken by surprise and marginalized.  
            They will do it to "contain China". Therefore, you wake up one day and you can’t get online with your laptop or phone. You turn on the TV and chief executive Stupid Bigly is on every channel explaining the crisis. "China did a very very dumb thing by bombing our refineries with neutron bombs.”  In actuality, Oil and gas companies had sabotaged loosely capped wells and weak pipelines creating environmental havoc then blamed it all on China. 
           We need to be prepared for the unexpected advancement of the right wing coup that has been in place the last 35 years. Personally, I think the golden age of humor, actually #theorangeageofhumor has arrived, as I call it on Facebook.  Lately I have been more pessimistic and I need a song to give me hope.

             Grassroots solidarity will finally blossom with the inspiration of Independent Bernie Sanders and it will be either The Final Slaughter or the worldwide workers union depending on how the battles go.  Stand up or stand down?         The nation is certain to be in an uproar if things go really badly. It’s a big ship to turn around but I see a Nixon-Agnew type of exit for our chief executive and the vice chief executive.

                        WHO ARE THE WHITE PEOPLE?
          I research so you don’t have to IS my motto. The search starts with who are the white people?  At first,  I follered the Caucasian People to the Caucasus Mountains they are supposedly derived from. It’s out near Armenia or something. Well, they migrated to Romania and then eventually over the entirety of Europe. 
              Then I found out another branch of the Caucasian People went to India for a couple thousand years and then they came back and took a more Northerly Route than the first Caucasians. I believe these people are the ones referred to as Aryans. This was as the last ice age ebbed and unconventional wisdom has Europe settled much earlier than Conventional Wisdom states. By 14,000 BC the ice age was ebbing and nothing but grass filled meadows were in every valley. 
                 Now I read people from India are closer to Caucasoid than any other genera.  Lithuania to India saw many white people migrating back and forth and there is a secret there I am trying to uncover in the ancient past. One peculiarity is the the Lithuanian language has similarities with Sanskrit is the most prominent archaeological clue.
              There are 25,000-year-old stone houses scattered across Europe and vivid, artistically rendered cave paintings. H.G. Wells discussing the cave painters or Reindeer Men as he called them.
              “They had vivid perceptions, an acute sense of animal form; they had the real artist’s impulse to render. These races of Reindeer Men were in undisturbed possession of Western Europe for a period of at least ten times as long as their interval between ourselves and the beginning of the Christian Era, AND THROUGH ALL THAT IMMENSE TIME THEY WERE FREE TO DEVELOP AND VARY THEIR LIFE TO IT’S UTMOST POSSIBILITIES.”  
          But we are taught that the first "civilized" people were the brown people from the desert filled with crazy religions, remember? Mesopotamia and the cradle of civilization was drilled into our heads in school but the indigenous White People of Europe were the Reindeer People, and possibly descendants of the Grimaldi People of West Africa. 
           Maybe the original Denisovans, or the Neanderthal, but people seem confused when I tell them that it was the brown people and their Holy Rampage of Conquest that disrupted and destroyed the indigenous white people along with the indigenous black people of Africa, and everyone's triple gods and goddesses. Christians are interlopers in Europe and Islamics have been coercing Africans for a thousand years.

            Imagine it’s thousands of years ago and you are a teen with a sense of adventure living in Georgia, south of Russia. Maybe 5000 years ago. You and your posse go off in the spring intending to come back by winter.  You visit the ancient ruins of Atlantis at the north end of the Black Sea. As you approach northern Italy’s mountains you head back after being blocked by the Alps. Then you come across a remnant tribe of Grimaldi People.  The Grimaldi people had migrated from Africa and arrived in Europe 50,000 YA via the Straights of Gibraltar. Yes, black people were among the first Europeans.  
           The ancient cave painters and reindeer hunters had moved east and north, assimilated Neanderthal man, and then met the migrating Caucasians 10,000 years later              as they migrated a little further north in Europe. 
              You spend a night as the guest of the Grimaldi Village and note the children riding the amazing posteriors of the First Homo Sapiens sapiens of Europe.    Then you and the boys stay and forget the way home. So now, ask yourself where did these two sets of people come from? It appears that the first religions and the first cave paintings  occurred in Africa around 60 thousand years ago and a northerly migration out of Africa was also occurring as the Ice Age ebbed away. 
                    In addition, there was an eastern African migration that the Proto- Nubian People had around 100,000 years ago. It is as if there was an evolution of spirit somehow around 120,000 years ago, as Homo sapiens became our final form, Homo sapiens sapiens. H. sapiens sapiens around the world had evolved and ancient prototypes became extinct over the next 100,000  years. Except for Yetis and Bigfoot and the Allegheny Cabbage monster.
             This is where my freedom of religion comes in. I take different threads of very ancient history and try to weave a sensible carpet that suits our purpose. In my religion (from a very ancient secret source), the Goddess Venus arrives on earth on a clamshell, I would guess around 120,000 years ago.  The water levels of the Red Sea were at their lowest point when she arrived as a previous Ice Age was in place.     
                   The humans found it natural to co-operate and share the bounty of fruits and vegetables. Then they traded salt and gemstones, eventually discovering gold and silver. Figs, Jerky, and Palm nuts too. People were not inclined to kill each other like in the movies, but to have a nice day and a quiet night.  
                     So where did white people come from? How about the so-called Yellow People?  Supposedly derived from Denisovans (a separate human species) from Siberia.  Then you realize that for all the folderol about race and wars, we all come from a similar place not really all that long ago geologically speaking. 
                 Evolution is real and not a theory. Where did the Chihuahua come from you ask? That’s right, in less than 20,000 years the wolf became the Chihuahua because of evolution. Humans are also malleable that way. 
               Look at pandas; they all rather look the same. Squirrels, Camels,  and Elephants are indistinct from each other. Squids haven't changed much in 600 million years.
Whereas, cats have genetic variety, and bovines evolved into many different looking ones. I'm saying  some creatures never change or evolve while  others are prone to evolutionary adjustments. 
             Then look at the people in line at 7-11. The pasty white rich people, the drunken painters, the black roofers, Mexican landscapers, nurses and secretaries of every color are in line and I am part of the working class   struggle of the industrious working poor.    

             One question I had was, are there two distinct two white races? They are elite whites and worker whites, but are they the same color? If you look  at who owned the factories where children worked or who owned the plantations or who dumped toxins into watersheds or who stand to make billions off the Keystone Pipeline or who owns the City of London, it has always been the WASP, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. They are the masterminds of world domination.
          They give all Europeans a bad reputation with their cold, bleached egomania. My people from the Azores fished and farmed for centuries before coming to America as did many other Europeans running from the religious kooks.  They were simple forest folk that became Hillbillies when they came to America.                                                                          The black/white schism had me wondering what would be a way to unify all people.
             In Africa, going back to a tribe 60,000 years ago, and to the Reindeer People who were the indigenous Europeans 15 to 40 thousand years ago, these Pagans lived with their triple gods and goddesses and people of Europe and Africa had very similar lifestyles for thousands of years.  Tens of thousands of years. As I explained, the Grimaldi People were the first black people to inhabit Europe and those descendants of Pygmies assimilated with the people they met as they drifted eastward and it's why Mediterranean whites are shorter than northern whites. 
                What happened was that the so-called civilized people of the Middle Eastern area created capitalism with their overproduction of wheat and began invading the lands of the indigenous Europeans and indigenous Africans. These brown people invaded the villages of black and white tribes as they moved northwards, westwards, and southwards. Thousands of years later, Islam and Christianity (those crazy desert people) usurped peaceful pagans with violent, forced conversion and leaving millions of slaughtered pagans in their wake. Black and white alike. Unity without hierarchy----heed the call. We will be too powerful if we work together.
                 Compare the 13 goals for a witch, to let's say, the 10 commandments where the whiny god of Canaan exhibits his jealousy of other gods, and is quite prepared to torture you with fire for eternity if you get on his bad side. Then there is islam where a husband is allowed to beat or kill his female property. Can you see why both of these bloodthirsty religions have demonized Paganism and Witchcraft over these many years? We are the competition and an injury to one is an injury to all.
                They needed a scapegoat. There are no demons in the craft as far as I can tell and I’ve been studying and practicing Paganism for years.  Racism is the new kid on the block compared to Pagan Hatred.                                              The Holy Rampage of Conquest by Islam and Christianity over the Indigenous African people and the Indigenous European tribes is a slaughter your ancestors want you to address. 
                   The Brown invaders became the white usurpers as Pagan cultures were conquered demonized and assimilated as they moved North and West. When these ruling whites got to America, the Native Americans were considered Pagans---plain and simple, and these, upper class ruling whites, were delighted as Baptist Preachers promoted their  genocide. By 1920 the spirit of the Native Americans was broken and they disappeared into movies.
             A book from 1928 called Lady Chatterley’s Lover, describes post-WW1 England. The ruling class has power because they are the most qualified to lead, they told themselves, and don't forget that he who has the gold makes the rules and that is the actual golden rule. 
          In the book I mentioned, the coal miners in the town drag their feet home every day after 12 hours of slavery in unearthly, horrible conditions. The local oligarch, the owner of the mine, looks on their parade of gloom with pity, and repeats that he has “been given the burden of keeping the rabble in line.” 
          Maybe he could give them a free ham for chritsmas and the pitiful masses would be thankful, not realizing the actual criminal class that the Oligarchy is, and the theft of their labor and their lives must never be forgotten and I hope your hear their call.
           Oligarchs are mobsters and criminals when they keep people in chronic poverty. Keeping entire towns impoverished, what kind of asshole does this? Look at these extreme capitalists; they have many WASPS among their ranks. These are the white people that the people of color should be upset with. These are the ones with the control problems. These are the ones to tax to rebuild an entirely new infrastructure.

                The people of the single god theory and their political machinations began burning and banning the meek a long time ago. Hell, they even "burned their own daughters if they playeth the whore" as it says in their book, the Old Testament.  Christians crawled into the exoskeleton of the dying Roman world and became the "Holy" Roman Empire.  
           They banned the Meek in 395 AD and began a thousand year campaign to eradicate the meek and their thousands of gods and goddesses.  A long bloody struggle, it was, till they finally conquered the Lithuanians who were the last remaining Pagans in Europe.  This was in 1384 when the 15-year-old prince of Lithuania married the 12-year-old christian princess of Poland. Sacred fires were kept burning till the last one was extinguished in 1434, it's ashes thrown in the river, just in case.
              They named buildings, rivers, and towns after their saints and they stuck the heads of dead Meek people on poles to convince other Meek people to give up their kind and fun loving cultures. 
             Meanwhile, a little south of the holy empire, the last prophet and the people of the scimitar began THEIR holy rampage of conquest. They considered themselves great warriors but they married little girls and beheaded many of the Meek and we say "yeah right dude, real manly". The ancient stories of the Meek were burned at the library of Alexandria so all traces of them would disappear. This was something Rabbi's, Caliphs, and Bishops could agree on.
           The cross and scimitar invaded the indigenous cultures of the Meek of Africa and the Meek of Europe and took their gold as forced conversion became the order of the day. Their great holy leaders surveyed the world years later, and found that the Meek had finally been subdued, the blood and money cults of Abraham were victorious, and the Meek were subsumed. 
           Today the Meek have begun to make their voices heard. "There is no god" and "there are many gods and goddesses" the Pagans and Atheists declare. These are the new people of the word. The many words of the internet to double check all these con men. 
          Their great goddess holds the lamp of liberty aloft to light the way and the great journey of the Meek has begun, guided by the words of the first true covenant of the people called the mutrfukon United States Constitution, bitches. Every day gets a little brighter as the dawn of civilization approaches and the Meek (today they are known as Pagans and Atheists and Independent thinkers) are cautiously are coming out of hiding to reclaim the cultures of the world. This is the basis of black and white unity. Fuck those Brown People.
                The white WASP elite needs to feel the sting of the workers discontent from the inevitable worker's revolution.  Like in the south during the Civil War, how did less than 2% of the population convince the other 98% that secession and war was necessary?  600,000 deaths for bullshit. Cold-hearted elite, the slave owners, sent the working white people to their gruesome deaths. 
                 Nasty white WASPS opened factories fashioned after slave ships and Catholics such as the Irish and Italian were scorned and abused. In todays America every European country has assimilated itself into the industrial greed machine and the white collar parasite economy perched atop the actual economy. 
                 Maligned no longer, the Meek and their peace loving allies are poised to rule the earth. Ecosystem Stewardship is the word to replace resource gobbling for gold. When the dumb white demographic catches on, we will have another Progressive Revolution and a new attitude regarding wealth. When they realize all wages would go up if we put the 1% in jail. Just for fun. A little profiling, charge them with a felony and tear up their corporate charter.

                      GUNS AND GUN CLUBS
          Unitarian Universalists have no exclusionary ethos like the way hyper-patriarchal Christianity and Islam does. Unitarian Universalists are the kindest people you will ever want to meet. We had a lifelong Muslim visit our UU church and talk with us. Everybody in the congregation is fine with Islamic people worshipping down the street because UU's want to get to know you, not your religious beliefs. UU's embrace all.
            Bring something to the table, some conversation, some volunteer work, that is what the UU’s are about and what freedom of religion is all about. UU's are the American Freedom of Religion ideal.
              Well, we were not impressed with our Muslim visitor as our liberal Reverend asked questions and we listened as the Muslim preacher articulated his Stone Age opinion of women’s equality. The enlightened, liberal Muslim opinion about gay people is that it is up to Allah to judge you. “We cannot judge you. “ Then Allah burns gay people in Hell of course. 

            Catholics and Protestants have been willing to fight for decades in bloody wars in the past, but civil authority has constrained their violent excess in the last century. A Secular framework in the United States has penned in biblical law finally, and has kept it from being implemented.  They are like Wack-A Mole, taking over state legislatures and drunk on needing power. We have to do the same with Islam. Ban them both, get it?  The 9th amendment is about precedent. Use it.

          In God we trust? Added in 1956 by Congress to replace "out of many, one" as our national motto. What in the Hell for? In God we trust, all others pay cash? Trust God to do what exactly? I know Magic and the Law of Attraction has affected my life, I can claim, but with God, maybe not so much. What really chafes my goiter is how swearing oaths on the bible has been normalized. For crying out loud, use the Constitution. Rule #1 is not to endorse ANY religion. So help me god is such a load of crap too.
                    I have no patience for christian nonsense and their coercive proselytizing and I  can see Islam using Christian favoring Legal Precedence to shoehorn Sharia Law into our legal system some day.  We don't need it. We don’t need any religious law, period! So dig this.                                    The best way to keep sharia law from getting embedded, is to continue slapping down attempts by christians to embed THEIR stone age biblical law into our secular legal system.
         The founding documents created by ALL the founding revolutionaries were designed specifically to exclude God from the governments 'covenant with the people’.  To assure life and liberty, and to ensure the pursuit of happiness and the freedom to not have to deal with zealotry in the town commons. 
          If your religion thinks the American ideals concerning liberty and freedom are a bad idea, then maybe consider a different country to go to if you are a refugee.   
               Liberty will always be in ascendance over religion in this country thanks to the founding revolutionaries who built a time-tested framework of morality, without any god interfering.   Most of us are accepting of all who cross our path out here in the working world and in the streets of America and in the kind community churches.  Seriously, though, keep your religion in your pants and don’t wave it around in public. Most of us know how to get along. 
           The intractable dilemma then is not just religion, but how to deal with the gun issue. Wait, what? Let's drive straight into that wall called the second amendment, no one survives. It's all or nothing gun rights advocates claim. Once you outlaw semi-automatics, it's a foot in the door for taking all guns. As the Obama pointed out, there was not one attempt by executive order to take any guns, and more guns have been sold in the last 8 years than has been sold in any previous 8-year period. We have the proverbial guns coming out of our ass.
            Keeping religion away from the Commons makes simple constitutional sense. We have to go back to what the founding revolutionaries believed when they made a constitution for the ages.  They asked themselves, how do we deal with crazy white people and their guns and god? 
           In years to come, many billions of Passenger Pigeons were shot out of the sky and the breed became extinct in 1913. Buffalo's were slaughtered by the millions until only 1,000 were left. We had freedom, but too many guns, too much hate, it seems. Racists seemed to love killing things. It's no surprise people that hate and cheat are the meanest demographic.
War Always War. Tuba cannons from WW1

            Rebels they were back in 1776.  The Founding Revolutionaries were Rebels with a winning record. They were mostly farmers and small business owners jacked up on Liberty and Freedom and they were disturbed by the increasing British coercion in their communities.  Most of them didn't even go to church, even though preachers warned them germs were demons and there was an angry god waiting to baste them with his special angry marinade and burn them in Hell-Fire. Toilet Paper was still a gleam in the eye of civilization, though Bibles were often used as toilet paper back in the pioneer days. 

         Farmers with 'old fowling pieces’ were able to rout out the soldiers of the largest empire the world had ever known.  The Minutemen some were called. The Sons of Liberty. The Loyal Nine originally. These were not people coming home from church.
        Raw Revolution it was, and I try to remind people that all those portraits of Revolutionary Heroes were done towards the end of their life when they were old and famous.  Ben Franklin was very old at the time of the Revolutionary War and was the elder statesman, but most were in their thirties when stirrings of the revolution began in 1765. 
          They had guns. They had them out in the open; you knew who had a gun and who didn't since you had to carry gunpowder and other items, not to mention the size of the gun was obvious.  Guns were a welcome sight, you never knew if a rabid animal needed to be dispatched, or some horse thieves needed force to meet force.  "Go back and tell your boys they ain't welcome here no more." 

               Your citizen militias were groups of people who set out to protect each other with their guns or whatever; neighbors looked out for each other in many different ways.  People who had each other’s back. 
                 What does a well-regulated militia mean anyhow? Groups of people protecting their community? Their neighborhood?  Their state?
                  When the British Empire brought in governors to replace locally elected officials no one went home and got their gun so they could shoot up the place. Lunatics didn't have guns in most cases.
            The founding revolutionaries used boycotts and hooliganism to make their frustrations known, and saved their guns for war. When British soldiers began going into people’s homes demanding to be housed and fed (and looking for guns), the American Colonists began plotting their overthrow.  
             As Liberty grew in the minds in the Colonies, the misguided Great Britain thought their average, every day, enlightened despotism would subdue the rabble. Not this time. No timid third worlders here. This was America, many united as one.
             Gun sales were way up in the pre-revolutionary days of 1775-6. Theoretically, no one could individually stand up to a band of soldiers demanding lodging, but the presence of a well-regulated militia made the Redcoats think twice before coming into a town
              When news came that Henry Knox and his teamsters from Boston had hauled 80 cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston Harbor, the people of Olde Boston Towne were inspired. Be a fair fight if I get the boot in first they said going to the house for their gun.
              Ships couldn’t get out of that harbor quick enough with the surprise cannon attack, and ships in retreat were ordered to abandon Boston and go north to Salem to make a new capital. The despicable rabble with their old fowling pieces and stolen cannons had made the Crown blink. 
              So given all this revolutionary mischief, what is the core of the second amendment? It was to allow people to gather civilly and provide protection for their community.  You knew who had a gun, and very importantly, you knew where to go for help. 
             Black Panthers Bobby Seale and Huey Newton could have been an engineer and a lawyer respectfully if they had put their nose to the grindstone and finished their pursuit of degrees. They became revolutionaries instead. The Panthers were caricatured as gun crazy rioters, but Huey Newton knew every gun law and could find precedent for every defiant gesture he made at the law book library. I  have yet to see a purer use of the second amendment considering what the Black Panthers did. Their motivation was the protection of the community and "Seize the Time" by Bobby Seale captures that moment in history.
            They were truly a civilian militia and their club was a gathering place. They knew what kind of weapons could be carried into which situations.  They created a sense of community and it is not about individuals with guns, it was about policing the police. They were like those upset with the British in 1765-75 who gathered under Elm Trees to organize actions. This is what Freedom of Assembly is about. 
            I think the missing aspect of our argument regarding guns or no guns or licensed guns is this: Gun Clubs and Rifle Clubs.  The crux of the argument against the government knowing who all the gun owners are, is that the government can confiscate weapons in a civil emergency.  This can't happen with gun and rifle clubs.   
              I am of the school of living with no guns anywhere. I much prefer the America I thought was visibly gun free.  I grew up in a transitional farm community/suburb and no one had guns. The farmers didn't seem to have guns. There were many children on our street and we never saw guns, from parents or otherwise. People weren't packing on their way to the A&P; it was part of what was envisioned as a peaceful time. You could send your kids to go to the movies downtown with the trolley and feel safe about it. Whoever you were in whatever neighborhood you were in. 
               In the boomer era, we were about dirt bombs, bicycles, sleds, and swimsuits. It never occurred to us that we could go to school and be shot up and massacred. Blown up in a nuclear war perhaps, but the outside world, in general, was not to be feared. What an unimaginable horror it is to explain mass shootings to little children these days. How can we bring sanity back to this country?
             The idea that crazed, badly medicated loonies can go into all our peaceful places and shoot everyone up is no longer acceptable. What next … Wet and Wild? The top floor of the Empire State Building? Terrorists find it impossible to use planes and now have turned to mass transit. The 30 Bus, Brussels, and elsewhere.  Add Nice and the 83 deaths to the long list of lunacy now. Today London.
             How  do we protect ourselves in public places? We create a network of well-regulated militias.  Gun Clubs. I even think the second amendment includes having an armory. A community armory. To keep government goons from raiding gun clubs and armories, an exclusion zone can be created. Club members only. Don't forget that ninth amendment. Gun Clubs can't be involved with neighborhood watch or you will end up with 10,000 mini dictatorships in this country. 
          Certain weapons can and should be banned, because how is the right to keep and bear arms legitimate otherwise? Why can't we have wisdom with this?   If we can create speed limits then we can make a few kinds of guns illegal. If we can ban hand grenades for fishing, we can keeps guns out of the hands of loonies.
             Today we allow weapons that gun lovers, home protectors, and hunters do not really need and most of us don't want to live in a Wild West movie. What we have now is a nation full of people all giving each other the skank eye because trust has gone out the window with all these weapons and white anger.
              Guns were legitimate 200 years ago, as people   needed to protect their property and themselves on occasion. They had to protect their crops from destructive animals and to keep from being raided by cattle rustlers and worse.  
            The unacknowledged part of the second amendment is that we want to be able to rout out oppressive government and criminals.  Many go pashaw, the government is far too powerful and you couldn't acquire enough guns to fight the government. They can just bring in tanks. 
           Keep in mind that it once took 80 cannons and old fowling pieces to rout our foes, 242 years ago.  Britannia ruled the world, but the 13 colonies thought the freedom was worth fighting for.
          Thomas Jefferson's secret was that we needed to protect ourselves from the assholes that usually end up in  government. They were abundant in his time as well. Thomas Jefferson had a vision of someone like Stupid Bigly declaring martial law and they jerry rigged a covenanant and a constitution that has lasted an unusually long time. This is why I poo poo rewriting the constitution. 
             This is why Jefferson wanted us to have an antidote to encroaching fascism in any form and the founding revolutionaries wanted to be rid of ALL coercive authority. They were Libertarian Anarchists, like it or not. They set up a government that they thought would lead to freedom for all. "authority is derived from the free consent of the people." stated a pre-revolutionary era document called the Fundamental Orders.
           So let's run with the redneck wingnut scenario of 2016. A false flag national crisis occurs and Barack Obama sends five black helicopters to your house.  “Martial Law has been declared” the internet screams and your computer goes dead and President Obama has made himself Dictator for Life. 
           You run outside to panic and 20 soldiers jump out of the black helicopters and run towards you. This is what is imagined by neighbors and other people in this Trump town I live in. Now what do they think. I'll send you some postcards from Trumptown.
            At what point should you protect yourself as the national crisis unfolds?  What did Thomas Jefferson have in mind? Play it cool. Maybe they aren’t after you and were going to raid the organic okra farm next door. Always play it cool.
             A well-regulated militia is one that makes sure all of its members pass proper training and do not own any banned guns.   A community… remember… with people helping each other. An armory with safety deposit boxes where people have the option to keep their weapons.  State Police can be authorized to handle complaints at the Gun Clubs and local police can have secondary jurisdiction. The Armories are registered but members names are private. Right there is how we make a well-regulated militia legal and citizens rights maintained. A group of armed people who are there to help, a militia can be another aspect of creating community. 
          Keep in mind I hope the goal is eventually no weapons. Not like the movie “Time Machine” where everyone is a happy but docile sheep, who volunteer to be eaten.   Come on, we shouldn’t feel like we are living in a war zone and I do as I walk the dog imagining all the kooks and ammosexuals in my neighborhood.  Many people don’t like guns and I have never felt as unsafe as I feel every day in 2017.   

          If there were trained militia at The Pulse where 49 were killed, would people know who was a good guy or a bad guy? Would this situation I am proposing, create mayhem instead of order? How in the world can we keep guns from kooks and terrorists? This Omar  with his AR-15 and handgun was an angry homophobe who was born in New York.   I still don't see him as a terrorist and he may have gotten his gay hate from christian AND islamic influences. 
          I think the gun issue is going to confront the Big Pharma issue. You and I know people who “don’t like their new medication” and many have trouble adjusting their medications and most believe our nation has been over prescribed in the first place. America takes 60% of the world's prescription drugs and many suggest it’s excessively medicated people who perpetuate the mass killings.

            Back to the question for Middle Eastern Muslims who want to come to this country is this. Do you think Mohammed intended you all to take over the world?  It is a yes or no question. This should be easy to answer; what do we do with this Sharia Law clinging to the minds of Muslims who unashamedly treat women as less than equal? Who also think gay people are demon spawned perverts. White Nationalists are their kissing cousins.
              Quit pandering to christians forcing their biblical law whenever they can. Biblical Law has to be blocked first and foremost. This way our grandchildren can ban Islam from embedding itself in the future.That's how America works because the Founding Revolutionaries looked decades and centuries into the future and secular law is there for everyone, you knuckleheads.
        I hope I was able to expand some perspectives with this ,but to conclude, the boogie man of Sharia that the right wing is obsessively scared of, is best prevented by keeping Biblical Law out of our country. Ironic, isn’t it?  Some of us want religion out of our country altogether and we will be the ones to keep Biblical and Sharia Law from making any inroads into our embedded laws. 

     Instead of posting refutations (transitive verb. 1: to prove wrong by argument or evidence: show to be false or erroneous.) on each page, this is a blanket condemnation (the expression of very strong disapproval) for all my wonderful but bamboozled tRump supporters. Y'all don't read so here's a video. . Read your history books, the racists insist, the Civil War was about tariffs. Well no, it wasn't.
         In 1789, Ben Franklin in one of his last political efforts tried to insist the new country they was calling the Yewnited States of Murica, should outlaw slavery. Southerners bristled (getting ones dander up) at the thought of having to have to pay for labor and they pouted and fumed and nearly kept the country from forming. Got that? White Nationalism has ALWAYS  been divisive and un-American.
         Segregationists and gooberism, (v. to hate blacks and marginalize women) prevailed in southern states. Then it took 100 years to combat Jim Crow laws that unconstitutionally took rights from the freed slaves, but on the other hand, sign makers profited greatly from all the "colored only" signs that were printed. (this is caustic irony---not literal).
            To see enthusiastic support for the nastiest carpet bagger, (n.a person from the northern states who went to the South after the Civil War to profit from the Reconstruction), of all time,  DJ tRump(Stupid Bigly), how can we not see Y'all as a bunch of stupid sycophant chumps? Well not stupid, that's unkind, just easily brainwashed by your clergy and that angry prick at the donut shop. 
               Hey, I loved my flatbed truck and cowboy hat and hillbilly yard full of shit "I might need someday" and my dank playlist of southern inspired music,  Seriously though, how can you support these seriously demented assholes who will be cabinet secretaries? 
          Independents and Progressives will be reaching out to y'all to discuss some plum bodacious northern notions that are known as the Bill of Rights. It's really cool Y'all, we respect all and we don't interrupt women with mansplaining and we throw a smile and offer a handshake to everyone we meet. Lastly, it allows organizations such as unions (n. they represent the workers against corporate greed and there are scattered populations of them in the north and west) to exist to help the individual. We are the people--we are the land—.

             “A policy of containment” it was, but you didn’t enhance my pursuit of happiness with Vietnam. In fact, my last six years of school was tainted by the looming presence of the military draft.  Did my graduating class need go to Asia to kill people we had no real quarrel with in order to stop a world takeover of communism? Sounds kind of loony in retrospect doesn't it?
               We didn't get it, it seemed to be a severely dysfunctional world filled with prejudice and inequality that we had been born into.  Greatest Generation, my ass! Once I left the numbing and stultifying school system, I began to read. I joined book clubs and went to many used bookstores. I talked to Libertarian Anarchists and drove 30 miles on my bicycle to put in my volunteer hours at the food co-op. I am sure I learned more my first four years out of school than I would have learned in college.

                History is not much more than tainted perspectives of the Pagan Slayers. Had the Deep State emerged by this time? Were the Masons a secret cult? In plain view but also hidden? I developed this notion that a cult of "warrior elite" had been secretly running the world for 2500 years. 
           In a third wave of research years later,  the theories of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas rang true to me. There had been Goddess oriented societies in all the indigenous lands of the world. Prior to 500 BC European pottery, aside from Greece and Rome, did not depict warfare.  These Goddess oriented societies had streets and small homes and common areas for storage and protection. This is not the pinnacle of civilization I'm telling you.
Get the boot in first and the women are going to make the difference
        Had a bloodthirsty strain of men taken over the world's cultures? They burned and buried all traces of the ancient peaceful societies. 
            Nazeer Ahmed "In spite of its strong Crusader underpinnings, there was nothing unusual about the African slave trade until 1492. It fit a pattern that had existed for centuries wherein slaves from Europe were sold in Egypt, Central Asia, and India, while slaves from sub-Saharan Africa were sold in North Africa, Spain, and India. "
        "The slave trade declined towards the end of the 15th century because the European market was saturated. Lisbon had about ten thousand Muslim and African slaves and could use no more. "
       Let’s give ourselves the chance for a new start, with the rejection of violence and the ushering in of a new Dawn of Civilization. Demand Peace and cut the military budget in half. The United States has managed to drop bombs (for peace and freedom, thanks for your service) on 14 countries since WW2 and you’re worried about Russia.

July 13, 1863- Draft Riots begin in New York City and elsewhere as disgruntled workers and laborers, seething over the draft system that seemingly favors the rich, attacks the draft office and African American churches. The riots continue through July 16."

            I got myself a 34-star flag and am going to educate some southerners that the North won, no matter what Grannie Clampett says. We are now the UNITED states because of their effort. I am wearing my union cap in rebel strongholds and people don’t know what to make of it.                        Racists are congealing to disassemble our safety net for our children, seniors, handicapped and disabled. Now the GOP wants to cut public schools loose and send them out into space with no support. 
           The rich laugh at how the feckless and servile the middle class are, not even aware of what is going on as long as they stay in their Fox bubble.  Tell me what to believe they scream in unison.

Green and Black baby

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